Kaoru is to be married on her birthday, unless the Kenshin-gumi can find a fake husband for her until this man leaves. But when the man won't leave, and the secret is out. Can Kenshin protect the one he loves?


Chapter 1

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"Kenshin? Kenshin, where are you?"

"In the kitchen Kaoru-dono."

Kaoru traveled through the hallways, and got into her kitchen. Kenshin was finishing some lunch dishes.

"Sanosuke and Megumi's wedding is coming up! I can't wait for it!" She said, as she helped Kenshin dry the last of them. Kenshin nodded, and smiled his famous rurouni smile.

"I can't believe Sano had the nerves to ask her." He said. Kaoru smiled and laughed a little.

She thought often of getting married, but was too embarrassed to ask Megumi, or anyone, anything about love. (AKA: Kenshin)

Kenshin knew he loved Kaoru, but didn't know if she felt the same about him. He needed some help.

"Kenshin, Jou-chan, are you here?" Came a voice. Sanosuke came into the kitchen.

"Why are the two of you in the kitchen... alone?" He asked with a smirk on his face. Kaoru fumbled with the plate she held, as Kenshin scratched his head. Kaoru put the plate away, and left the room. Not before hitting Sanosuke on the back of his neck. (He's too tall to hit on the head)

"We weren't doing anything." Kenshin said, smiling again. Sanosuke hit his back. Making him stumble.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I need help. I can't find anything to wear for the wedding." He said.

"But this one doesn't know anything about clothes." Kenshin said. Sanosuke grabbed him and started to pull him away.

"Well, you're the closest friend of mine, that can, and will, give me advice." He said as he dragged him outside, passing Kaoru on the way out.

"I guess I'll be back, Kaoru-dono!" Kenshin said as they reached the gates. Kaoru waved, and continued sweeping. A few minutes later, a man came up to the gates.

"Excuse me, are you Kamiya Kaoru?" He asked. Kaoru set the broom against the wall, and approached the man.

"Yes I am." She said straitening out her kimono. He gave her a letter, and bowed. Kaoru closed the gates, and sat on the steps.

"To Kaoru Kamiya... WHAT?" She jumped up, and re read the letter.

"No... no, no. I can't do this. Baka dad. He did mention this to me..." She reminisced on that moment, but then shook her head violently.

"This is not the time! I need help... Megumi! I need to find her." Kaoru ran through the gates, and ran to the clinic down the road.

"Megumi? Are you here?" She called.

"Hold on Kaoru, let me finish." Megumi responded.

Kaoru sat down, and waited for Megumi to finish with her patient.

"Now, come in two weeks, and I'll give you another checkup." Megumi said. The pregnant lady nodded, and left. Leaving the two ladies alone.

"Now calmly tell me what's wrong." Megumi said as she sat down next to Kaoru. Kaoru shoved the letter in her face, and Megumi read it.

To Kaoru Kamiya,

As you probably know by now, I am ready to take charge of your life. You are to marry me when you turn twenty-one, which will be in June. Hopefully you get this letter by then. When we do get married, we will move to America, and learn about each other.

Love, Yoshimoto Kiroshi

Megumi read the letter, then put it down.

"When did anyone say you had to marry this jerk?" Megumi asked.

"My father. It was in his will. If I wasn't legally married by age twenty-one, then I am to be married to this man." She said. "My birthday is in a week." She added. Megumi set the letter down.

"Then we will have to get you married, legally or maybe fake. To get him off your back..." Megumi said. Kaoru put her head in her hands.

"But we'll have to make up fake papers, and we could get caught... Oh Megumi! I don't want to move from Japan!" She cried out. Megumi got up, and switched her open sign to closed, and then turned back to Kaoru.

"Come on. We have to talk to the others."


Kenshin was some help for Sanosuke. They got him a red suit, which was odd, but looked good on him. They were walking back to the dojo.

"Has Megumi-dono gotten her Kimono, yet?" Kenshin asked.

"Yeah, but she won't let me see it." He said.

They turned the corner, and saw the two women opening the gates.

"Oi!" Sanosuke yelled. They didn't look up. Kaoru just open the gates, and they went inside.

"I wonder why they didn't stop." Kenshin said.

"They're probably doing some girly thing." Sanosuke said as they came to the gates. Kenshin closed it after them, and they went inside.

They found the two of them, fixing tea, and gathering cups.

"Expecting people?" Sanosuke asked.

"You, Ken-san, and Yahiko." Megumi said pouring tea in the cups. Kaoru held the door open, and Megumi carried the tray out. They set it on the table, and sat down.

"Okay, I'm here!" Yahiko said, as he passed Kenshin and Sanosuke.

"Come on you two. Sit down." Megumi called.

When everyone was settled down, and had his or her teacup, Kaoru began.

"I have some bad news for everyone." She said. Everyone turned to either her or Megumi.

"She's going to have to move to America by force," Megumi started, but was interrupted.

"Nani?" Yahiko yelled.

"Jou-chan can't!" Sanosuke yelled.

"Oro?" Kenshin asked.

"Unless," Megumi started again, "she get's married in a week. Or we do a fake marriage." Megumi said.

"But who will..." Yahiko turned to Kenshin. Soon everyone was looking at Kenshin, except for Kaoru who felt miserable.

"Oro? I-Iie!" He said waving his hands in front of him.

"Oh come on Kenshin, you know you want to!" Sanosuke said elbowing him. Kenshin did the anime sweat drop, and smiled nervously.

"Yeah! Come on lover man!" Yahiko teased.

"Bu-but!" Kenshin said. Everyone seemed to be smiling evilly at him.

"It's for Kaoru-chan's sake!" Megumi said. Kenshin gave in. Kaoru looked confusingly from each person, then she looked at Megumi. Megumi smiled, her famous Kitsune smile, at her.

"Meet your fake husband! Miss Kaoru Himura!" She said. Kaoru glanced at Kenshin, and then feinted.


Preview for next Chappie!:

Kaoru turned back towards the man, and noticed all the other doors gone. She watched in horror as the fat man came closer. He finally got her, and whispered.

"Your mine!"

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