Chapter 14

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Kaoru watched silently, as Kenshin lifted his sword. She knew exactly what he was going to do, and needed to stop him before he turned into the full Battousai. She got up, and as fast as she could, ran towards him.

Saitoh crossed his arms. "Is he serious? Himura is actually going to kill that man. Well then, I can finally have a good fight. Oh what is that raccoon doing?"

Everyone watched as Kenshin brought the sword down. He would have killed him, if Kaoru hadn't of tackled him. The sword was pushed into the ground right between his legs. Kiroshi feinted.

"Is it over?" Elizabeth asked. She had covered her eyes, but didn't hear anything either.

"Kenshin... he didn't kill him!" Yahiko said happily. Elizabeth uncovered her eyes, and saw the sword in the ground. Not in Kiroshi. Everyone sighed a sigh of relief.

Kaoru opened her eyes, and looked up. Kenshin had swirls in his eyes. She wondered why he had swirls in his eyes. But then she noticed where her knee was.(Hem hem...) Blushing, she rolled off of him.

Kenshin sat up. The pain was slowly going away.He rubbed his back, and then looked over to his sword, which was in between Kiroshi's legs.

"Oro... I can't believe I almost killed him... Kaoru! Are you okay?" He asked. Kaoru smiled nodding. The rest of them came rushing over.

"Man Kenshin! That was great!" Sanosuke exclaimed. Kenshin scratched his cheek. They got up, and looked around them. The men, Sano beat up, still lay there. Elizabeth's swords were still lying on the ground. Saitoh was pulling the Sakabatou from the ground. He handed it to Kenshin. He then went back to Kiroshi.

Kiroshi had woken up, and could feel himself being pulled away.

"Wait stop!" He yelled. Saitoh stopped, and everyone looked his way.

"I just want to say Sanosuke Sagara! We could have been good together!"

There was silence. You could only hear the river, close to there, and the wind. Finally Yahiko and everyone sidestepped away from Sanosuke. Sanosuke's mouth was hanging open. Saitoh burst into fits of laughter, as he dragged Kiroshi away. Sanosuke shook his head and turned to Kenshin.

"See! I told you he was...not good!" He yelled. Kenshin scratched his cheek. Sanosuke sat down muttering to himself (on how his poor soul is scarred for life).

After that little shock, everyone calmed down.

"Is it over?" Yutaro asked.

"This one believes so." Kenshin responded.

"I say we leave before the police get here..." Yahiko suggested.

"I think that would be good too..." Elizabeth said.

The Kenshin-gumi trekked up the hill. Kenshin and Kaoru helped each other up, Sanosuke helped Yahiko, and Elizabeth and Yutaro were last.

'I wonder what's to become of me...' Elizabeth thought. Yutaro saw the look of worry, and asked,

"What's on your mind?" Elizabeth shook her head. She was at the top, and stumbled back a little. Yutaro turned and grabbed her hand. He pulled her up, and they stared at each other. Blushing, they silently followed the others.

Megumi was at the market with Tsubame. She had told her the good news. Tsubame promised not to tell anyone. She had her little basket, filled with spices, and vegetables. She was about to get Tsubame and go back to the dojo, when she saw someone coming into Tokyo.

She squinted, and saw the outline of her beloved husband. Dropping her basket, she squealed. Tsubame watched as she ran towards Sanosuke and the others.

Pushing past Kenshin, and Kaoru, she leaped onto him.Sanosuke dropped Yahiko, stumbled backwards, and fell. Almost falling down the hill. Kenshin scratched his head, asMegumi started to kiss his cheek.

"Have I been gone that long?" Sanosuke asked. She had gotten off of him, and when he looked at her. He became scared. She suddenly punched his face, and started yelling.


"Ummm...I just got here?" He asked, as he rubbed his cheek. Megumi took a deep breath.

"Err... why is she so angry?" Yahiko asked, as he was helped up. Elizabeth and Yutaro shrugged.

"Yahiko-chan!" Tsubame yelled. She happily hugged him, then turned to Yutaro, and Elizabeth. Giving them a hug also.

"NANI KA?" Sanosuke yelled. Megumi looked at him, with tears in her eyes.

"You're not happy?" She asked. Sanosuke blinked a couple times.Then smiled.A big smile.

"I'm HAPPY!" He said with a hug. Everyone looked at them.

"Okay... What happened?" Kenshin asked.

"I'm Pregnant!" Sanosuke yelled.


"Ah... I mean she's pregnant!" He said correcting himself.

"Oh really?" Kenshin asked.

"Congratulations!" Yahiko exclaimed.

"I promised not to tell you." Tsubame said. Kaoru just smiled. Megumi noticed. She got up, and patted the dirt off her kimono. She squeezed through everyone, and looked at Kaoru worriedly.

"You can't talk?" She asked. Kaoru shook her head.

"You see... Kiroshi kind of cut her throat, and--" Yutaro said, but Megumi had already gasped, and dragged her away. Kenshin looked back to everyone, and smiled.

"How about a well needed rest at the dojo?"

Megumi thoroughly cleaned Kaoru's wound, and told everyone it was probably shock that was making her not talk. So everyone, after a good bath and a nice night's worth of sleep, was outside on the porch admiring the nice autumn weather. They were just sitting and talking, when there was a knock on the gate.

"Is this someone's?"

Elizabeth looked at her two swords, Saitoh had. She looked up.

"They're mine, but I don't want them anymore." She said.

"Well then, this will be of use for something... Oh yeah Yoshimoto is in jail. Just hope you know." He said. He was about to turn, when Kenshin spoke up.

"Could you tell us anything about him? Like why he's going to jail in the first place?" He asked. Saitoh turned around.

"Are you the only people who don't know about Yoshimoto?" Everyone nodded his or her head. Saitoh walked up to them. "You wouldn't happen to have any tea? This could take awhile."

Everyone went into the dojo classroom, there was more room, and sat down.

"Well I guess I should start from the beginning. Yoshimoto's mother was a wealthy European, while his father a great Samurai. They met somehow ("not like it matters" he mumbled on the side) and had Yoshimoto...Well his real name is Tanaka Kiroshi...Anyway, when Yoshimoto turned three, his mother had died giving birth to their second kid. I don't remember her name. They moved to Japan when he was seven.

"Anyway, both he and his sister trained under their father. When he was fifteen, his father had died, of some sort of disease, and he was left with his mother's money and land. Taking his sister, they went back to live there. But, I'm guessing, his sister loved Japan, so she took some money and came back here.

"Yoshimoto trained harder and harder.When he became real tough, became a real crime person. Selling stolen items, and irreplaceable things. His followers were slowly getting larger too. He did this not only in Europe, but in Japan also. That's why he's been on the lookout.

"About three years ago he left Europe, because the police over there found his hideout. And what I heard from him myself: all his men dumped him, he found out something bad happened to his sister, and he was looking for a place for his ownself to live. Overhearing a man named Ryuu Yoshimoto talking about Kaoru's will, he killed the man and changed that mans last name to his. I guess he was planning to use the dojo for his next hideout." Saitoh finished. He drank his tea in one sip, and got up.

"I am leaving now. I have other business to attend to." He said before leaving. Everyone soon thought about Kiroshi.

"Guess he hasn't had a very nice life." Sanosuke concluded.

"I think all of us haven't had a good life..." Yutaro replied.

Megumi yawned. "Well, I'm just happy it's over." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I'm going home to America."

"Will you visit?"

"Of course, Yutaro-chan. But I'll have to visit my family first. Sayonara!"

Elizabeth waved goodbye to everyone at the dojo. It was evening, and the air was getting chilly. Sanosuke and Megumi went home, and Yahiko and Yutaro walked Tsubame home. Kenshin stood for a moment before wondering where Kaoru had gone off too. Searching outside he couldn't find her, so he went inside the house.

He found her sitting alone in the living area. She didn't even look up, when he came inside.

"Oh well...This one sees you'd like to be alone." He said as he turned for the door. Kaoru jerked her head up. She opened her mouth, but her voice wouldn't come. Concentrating hard, she yelled,

"No! Please don't leave!" It was a little higher then her normal tone, but Kenshin heard her.

"Your voice, it's back!" He said happily. Kaoru rubbed her neck a little, and smiled.

"H-Hai, but I think I'm still a little shaky." She stammered. Kenshin closed the door, and sat next to her.

"Kenshin, I wanted to say... Arigato, for saving me from Kiroshi..." Kaoru said. Kenshin shook his head.

"No, This one would rather thank you. If you hadn't stopped this one, I would have been the Battousai all over again." He said. There was an odd silence. Neither of them really was looking at each other. Kaoru finally spoke up a little.

"Kenshin? I've had something to say to you..." She said. Kenshin had looked up, and he could tell what she wanted to say. He smiled, and grabbed her hand.

"Do you really?" He asked. Kaoru blushed furiously, and wondered how he knew.

"H-H-Hai!" She stuttered.

Kenshin let go of her hand, and tilted her head up so she could see his eyes. He leaned in, and whispered,

"I love you too." And he leaned in further, and shared their kiss.

"What are they doing?" Sanosuke asked.

"Shh, baka! You'll get us caught!" Megumi replied.

"Why are you here, Sano?"

"Megitsune forgot her bag, now be quiet Yutaro!"

"Oww! Tsubame, that was my toe!"

"Sorry, Yahiko-chan!"


Kenshin broke the kiss, as they heard shuffling outside the door. They smiled, and Kaoru wrapped her arms around him.

She felt so much better in his arms.


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