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Tenchi sat anxiously on the couch along with the rest of the group. Ayeka has been missing for a good six months now, trapped in some alternate dimension. The rain didn't help any either, Tenchi thought looking out the window; it was raining that day, the day Ayeka disappeared.

Tenchi's P.O.V.

I still remember it clearly, like it happened yesterday. I had found one of Washu's experiments while walking home from school; I remembered how earlier that day she told us about it. She said it wasn't dangerous so if we found it we could just bring it back to her, however we could not under any circumstances press the purple button. I wondered why but she didn't explain, she just stated that and walked back to her lab. If I knew then what I know now I would have just left it there. It was a black sphere with a very narrow slit all the way around the center. I of course hesitated to pick it up, but I did anyway as soon as I did the purple button came into view

"I wonder what it does?"

"Lord Tenchi are you there?"

Ayeka's yell interrupted my train of thought and I quickly replied back,

"Over here Ayeka."

As I started to walk over to where I caught a glimpse of her, Ryoko phased in and hugged me from behind, and we both went crashing down.

"So you like to be on top"

Ryoko said with that wide devilish grin on her face. Before I could reply, a rising beeping sound cut me off. Shock hit my face like a ton of bricks as I noticed a purple light blinking, and some kind of light emerging from the narrow slit; which was growing wider every second. Washu's words collided into my train of thoughts and without hesitation I garbed Ryoko and flung her into some nearby bushes. Without warning a surge of pain went through my wrist as my hand slowly became apart of the expanding light. Somehow suddenly I found myself cascading onto a pile of rocks; realizing that Ayeka pushed me at the last minuet out of the light. I couldn't move, my foot wedged between rocks and fallen bushes, I watched in horror as the vibrant light engulfed Ayeka's being.

Out of P.O.V.

"I think I've found our missing princess"

Washu exclaimed.

"What! You mean you've found Ayeka!!"

Sasami jumped out of her chair with the first real smile in six months.

"Yes, everyone come into the lab so that I can explain."

In the lab

"Actually it's all quite simple, as you all know the black sphere Tenchi found was a way to get to different dimensions; a worm hole to be exact. The only problem was I hadn't found a way to get back from those dimensions. Since there are millions and millions of dimensions out there it was extremely difficult to pen point where Ayeka ended up."

"Is that why it took so long?"

asked Kiyone curiously.

"Yes, that's part of the reason, you see when Tenchi activated the D.I. (dimensional indicator) I had to reverse the system to pen point what solar system she was in"

"Oh, so after that, all you had to do was just pen point what dimension she was in, right?"

Kiyone says cutting her off.

"Yes, by finding the correct worm hole."

"Great so how do we get to her?"

Tenchi asks relived.

"I wish it was that easy Tenchi but there's a problem"

"What kind of problem"

Mihoshi interjects.