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Gazing at her engagement ring Ayeka twists it around her slender finger. My decision is made, so why am I still holding on?

"Let go Ayeka, just let go"

She demands herself slightly under her breath. No, that's not right. I can't just let go, can I? There's still so much left. Nodding to herself Ayeka tries to figure this out once more. Ok, I know what I'm doing wrong. I have to strop thinking about the consequences, I just need to do this. I cannot make everyone happy, it's impossible. I know what is right; I have to make myself happy. Ayeka sadly smiles and walks out the room, as the moonlight shines on a small abandoned ring. The hallway seemed ominous somehow as Ayeka slowly walked to her destination. Gradually placing her hand on the door Ayeka was reluctant to knock, could she do this? Shaking away her meddlesome thoughts Ayeka gently thumped the door.

"Come on Ayeka give more effort than that."

Encouraging herself Ayeka steadied her hand. Almost jumping back the startled Ayeka watch intently as the door tentatively cracked open.


Ayeka become aware that she just whispered his name, she could she the debate with the door slightly questioning whether it should open or close.

"It's important."

Ayeka ended the debate in fear that the winner would shut her out forever. The room was dark and depressing, Ayeka thought to herself as she slipped into the room, as she looked around trying to make out the owner.

"What is it?"

Tenchi asked indistinctly as he stayed unnoticed in the dark. Ayeka didn't know whether she should begin or not, feeling uncomfortable expressing her emotions to a black abyss.

"Please, Tenchi, I can't see you"

Almost startled Ayeka watched as Tenchi immediately came into view on command. He looked like he hadn't slept for days and this made her want to cry. That wasn't her happy, cheerful, and usually annoyed Tenchi, and she just wanted to hold him close.


"Ayeka, please. Don't feel badly for me because of my appearance, I need you to tell me what you came here to declare. Please."



Ayeka and Tenchi embraced, letting their feelings flow through each other, sensing tears brim in her eyes Ayeka gently separates form the embrace.


He silences her with a soft for-longing kiss,

"Go, go and tell him"

Ayeka sweetly nods as she gets up and slowly advances towards the door. Taking a short glance back Ayeka walked out.


The hallway was still as ominous as before if not more, but somehow Ayeka made it. Making a small detour at her room Ayeka found herself in front of Rhys room.

"Oh God, what if he hates me for this. What if,"

It was happening again, she doubted herself. Ayeka thought that it would be easier this time but she was wrong. Rhys had gone through so much she just didn't want to hurt him anymore.

"Dammit Ayeka get it together, you made your choice"

And with that Ayeka's will took over, and she found herself knocking on the door; in the same way as before it creaked open. Ayeka had to admit she almost laughed at the déjà vu scene.


He said catching Ayeka a little off guard


"You want to come in?"

He asked cutting her off. Ayeka walked in the dark room, Rhys had the same tired look just like Tenchi, which mad Ayeka feel horrible. Ayeka started to make up another reason for being there but an unknown force pushed the words out of her mouth.

"We need to talk"

Ayeka was surprised that those words came out, but she had to follow through as Rhys nodded in agreement.

"These past couple of days, actually years have been crazy. I've done so much and I have no regrets, and I just want you to know that."

She watched him nod again


"Did you already talk to him?"

He asks before she could finish


The answer blurted out her mouth almost cutting him off. There was a moment of silence.

"Ayeka, I know what you came here to say. I know because, ever since I saw you I knew I wouldn't have you forever; your to good for me. I've done things I've regretted and having a chance to know you is a blessing I'll always be thankful for.


No, let me finish. I know you knew Tenchi first, I know you love him, and that Tenchi remains in your heart. I just wanted you while I had you. Even though I knew that the time we spent was going to be limited. Ayeka, I would go through all of this again just to see you smile at me once more. I love you, I always will, and I know you will be happy. I want you to be with the person you love, I want you to be happy forever."

Ayeka sadly smiles as she lowers her head and mumbles

"But I am"

Rhys' slightly shocked as he barely catches what she says.


Ayeka takes a step forward and looks into Rhys eyes.

"I am with the person I love and I'd be happy forever if we'd make this official."

Rhys looks down at her open hand to see a wedding ring.

"For you"

He quickly looks up in surprise.

"Rhys, I,"

He quickly smothers her with a long passionate filled kiss. As they break softly, smiles appear on both their faces. Ayeka grabs Rhys hand gently and places the ring on his finger. Clasping their hands together Rhys closes the door embellishing all light.

"I want to make up for everything"

Rhys says in the dark, the moonlight the only source of light.

"So do i. Now?"

Ayeka asks smiling as she ascends to he's face

"Right now"

Rhys confirms this as he quickly steals her away in an astounding kiss.


As the blissful moonlight silhouetted them in the gorgeous night, no thoughts were connected to the future but to each other, bundled in their warm devotion to each other.


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