A Simple Gesture

A Sweet Hermione/Ron for V-Day

A Simple Gesture

Hogwarts Style

It wasn't fair. Shouldn't they have a law against this? Shouldn't everyone have a Valentine? Hermione blew some air out of her nose and watched as her classmates exchanged Valentines.

Yes, she had received a few, but they were only from her friends, and didn't mean anything more. Harry had given her a sweet card, but he had decorated a larger and prettier card for Cho Chang.

Hermione watched as Seamus blushed slightly as Lavender gave him her special card. Instantly, a large white teddy popped up in his hands and he gave it to her. She blushed furiously and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Hermione sighed.

"Well," She thought, "Guess it's not my year…" Hermione laid her head on the table (they were in the common room) and closed her eyes. She's not one to get upset over such things, but for a strange reason it had affected her deeply. Maybe it's because she was expecting at least something from a certain someone.

Hermione sighed softly and imagined what it would've been like if he had actually done something. He had come into the common room and sat abruptly in the far corner away from her. He seemed to be in deep thought, so she didn't want to bother him.

Then someone tapped on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and in front of her was a wand shaped card. Hermione sat up slowly and looked around, no one. She eyed the card carefully and reached for it. She slowly opened it and small fireworks, fairies, and colorful bubbles popped out, surrounding her in a beautiful little world, and causing everyone to look in her direction. Hermione giggled and read the card that simply said,


I may be a wizard, but you are the real magic in my life. J


Hermione's face flushed and she quickly turned to Ron. He was still sitting in the same corner, same seat. He was absolutely, completely the same as he was when she last looked at him, except of the fact that his eyes were directly focused on Hermione and his ears were a bright red.

Well?? I hope you enjoyed it!!

Until then…

S.C. Hardy