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Chapter 1: Strange Twists Of Fate

A pale figure lay shrouded in shimmering black as the glaring sun rose to streak across his form. His lean muscled body, visible from the waist up and toned to perfection would surely make any woman drool like a dog. He released a groan as the blaring trumpet of his clock's alarm brought him into the waking world. His fist smacked the large round snooze button and he rolled on to his back, trying to recapture his dream. And what a delightful dream it was.

Kay was lying beside him, her sweat covered body huddled close to his after a long night of passion. Her long dark hair plastered to her ivory skin, her rosy lips parted… Once more, the trumpeting alarm disturbed his world. Growling, he rolled over and looked at the annoying object he wished he had never purchased. Sighing, he rose from his bed, barely noticing the cold marble floors as he disappeared into the bathroom.

The hot water pounded his body as his thoughts returned to the dream. He was accustomed to these dreams of his elusive 'one night stand.' After her departure, he returned to his work and put her out of his mind; or at least he tried. More often than not, he would have to force himself to focus on the task at hand; else his mind would wander straight to her.

Several months after going their separate ways, he finally admitted to himself that he missed her. It was hard not to, she had been the fire to his ice; the open and willing passion that he craved. She hadn't given a damn what anyone thought of her and yet seemed to maintain her innocence and naivety. He frowned as he dressed; strangely though, it didn't annoy him. In fact, it made his desire for her all the more stronger; and that annoyed him

He hated not having control over his life and proved that in his work by being meticulous and strong in his opinions. Many called him ruthless and cold, and while he could be most of the time; he did have his moments where he was a loving puppy.

He rubbed his temples as the elevator slowly climbed the building to the floor of his office and he wondered just why his thoughts of her were so intense today. Two years had passed and he had no luck in finding her. Sure, he would never admit it or if evidence ever presented itself, he would deny it but he had searched for her. Every lead had turned up at a dead end and that only served to make him more irritable than he already was. A few months ago, he simply gave up and decided it was time to move on.

The ding of the elevator doors had him moving toward his office without him telling his body to move. He barely noticed his secretary's good morning or the messages she handed him in his dazed passing. The elderly woman was always on time and normally there before him, few times had she proven ineffective to his work.

He stood before his office window staring at the horizon, full of silhouetted buildings as the sun reached the peak of their heights. It was almost nine and he had a meeting to prepare for but he still couldn't pull his mind from the past. Flashes of her and their heated passion seared his memory, setting an ache within him that he didn't have the time to care for. Sighing again, he forced his thoughts from Kay and back to the work that needed his attention. After all, he had more important things to do than dwell on the past; he needed to let her go.

With that thought, he turned from the window and walked back to his desk. After the meeting, he was to welcome his new employee to the company and brief her on her duties. This was not usually his responsibility but due to his brother's urgent meeting, he found himself stuck with the job. He stared with unseeing eyes at the portfolio of Kagome Higurashi, struggling to chase away the picture of Kay's seductive smile. A small growl of frustration escaped him as he firmly brought his mind back to his work.


Kagome ran quickly through the house, her panic obvious with every stride. She had slept in this morning and this was her first day at work. The fact that she it was only five minutes eluded her, in her state of anxiety.

Kikyou stood downstairs, a smile of amusement on her face as she chuckled at her cousin's mad dash. She laughed when she heard a sudden thud followed by a string of curses. She turned to the baby in the highchair with smile.

"If your mother keeps this up, she'll kill herself before she makes it to the front door."

As if in agreement, the little silver haired boy smiled and gurgled back at her. She laughed at the sounds of joy thinking again, how lucky she was to have him in her life. She was lucky to have both of them. Kikyou realised now, what an empty shell of an existence she led before Kagome and Ryushiro arrived. Her mind wandered back to the day when her cousin turned up on her doorstep, weeping brokenly.

(((Kikyou opened the door and stood in shock, staring at a face she had not seen in years. She blinked as the girl lifted her puffed and tearstained eyes.


She gasped in surprise as the girl proceeded to cry, louder than before. Kikyou shook herself from her dazed state and put her arm around her cousin, leading her into the small lounge room.

"Kagome, what's happened? Why are you so upset?"

Kagome continued to cry, unable to find the words of explanation. She was lost to her misery and fear. She had made the biggest mess of her life. How did she explain this to her cousin? How was she to speak of the manner in which she ruined her chances at the best career opportunity she could ever hope to find? She couldn't. Not right now anyway. All she could do was cry helplessly in Kikyou's arms.

Two hours later, the girls sat on the small balcony overlooking the outer suburbs of Tokyo city. They sipped their tea while quietly talking of inane matters, avoiding the issue of concern. Kikyou decided to wait until Kagome was ready to broach the subject, rather than confronting her with it. It was not until later that night, after dinner that she spoke of her troubles.

"Kikyou, I've screwed everything up!"

Kikyou looked at her in surprise, wondering what could possibly have happened to make her feel this way. Before she could enquire, Kagome continued.

"I had the perfect opportunity. Four weeks ago, I started a new job as an intern for Timaro Enterprises."

"Wow. Kagome that's incredible."

Kikyou knew Timaro Enterprises well. Who didn't? It was frequently in the papers and magazines. All in Japan knew of the company's amazing breakthrough in technology.

"Didn't they create the Intelligent Chip?"

"Yes, that's right. I worked in the marketing department." Again, the bitter regret assailed her as she thought of her missed opportunity.

"What happened Kagome?"

Kikyou watched her cousin's changing expressions thoughtfully. She tried to imagine the reason why Kagome could not continue the job and a feeling of dread settled in the pit of her stomach as an idea came to mind.

"I'm pregnant Kikyou." Again, tears welled in her eyes and ran down her face, unnoticed. "How could I be so stupid?"

Kikyou put her arms around the sobbing girl as the impact of her words hit home. She listened quietly as Kagome continued to speak.

"I've spent the last couple of years going out of my way to avoid this and in one weekend, I lose my head completely. Now, I'm paying the price."

Kikyou shook her head in confusion. "What do you mean Kagome?"

"Oh Kikyou, it's so embarrassing. I feel so ashamed, I can hardly bring myself to tell you this." She turned away from her cousin, afraid to see the disapproval that would surely be there.

"Kagome, you can tell me anything. You know I won't condemn you. You're my cousin and I love you."

After some time, Kagome calmed and was able to continue speaking. She swallowed her nerves and faced Kikyou with worried eyes.

"I was on my way to Yokohama, to start my new job with Timaro Enterprises. I stopped for two nights at a seaside cabin in Shizouka. There was this man and we…"

Kikyou's eyes widened in shock but she quickly covered her reaction as she noticed Kagome's look of mortification. Although it was several years since she last saw her cousin, she knew that she was not the type of girl to give herself freely to men. There had to be a reasonable explanation. She knew however, that her cousin would not continue until she relieved her anxieties.

"Kagome, whatever you have to say to me is not going to change the way I feel about you or what I think of you. Please tell me what happened."

Kagome felt relief course through her body, instantly relaxing her. She felt so dirty when she thought of that weekend. She gave herself to a stranger. She didn't even know his surname. She took a deep breath and continued with her explanation.

"There was a mistake with the bookings and we were both put in for the same weekend. To cut a long story short, we ended up having to share the cabin because all the surrounding motels were full and to make matters worse, it was pouring rain that night. So basically, we were stuck with each other. We didn't exactly hit it off too well either." She sighed as the memories flooded back to her.

She continued speaking as she watched her words playing out in her mind. She told Kikyou of the heated words exchanged when she first met the man and their reluctant acceptance of sharing the cabin. Her heart hammered as she spoke of the strange and rather intense attraction that built quickly between them. Finally, she spoke briefly of the way she succumbed to desire, her head hanging as shame filled her again.

Kikyou stayed quiet as she thought of everything Kagome told her. After several moments of silence, she asked her cousin the question that suddenly came to her mind.

"Have you tried to find this man, to explain about the baby?"

Kagome shook her head. "I started work straight away and spent the first few days looking for somewhere to live. I didn't even realise that I was pregnant until three weeks later. Then, I just panicked and handed in my notice. I left there yesterday and came straight here. I'm sorry to do this to you Kikyou but I didn't have anywhere else to go. I just couldn't face going home and telling mum and grandpa that I had to give up my brilliant career opportunity because I fell pregnant to a stranger."

"You have to tell them sooner or later Kagome."

"I know Kikyou but not now. I just couldn't face them right now."

Kikyou could see that their discussion was upsetting her cousin more, so she decided to change the subject, instead turning back to the topic of the baby's father.

"Don't you think you should try to find this man soon Kay?"

Kagome nodded but remained silent, too exhausted to answer. Kikyou looked at her sadly. Her heart broke at the sight of her hunched and dejected body. She sympathised, understanding how hard it must be to let go of something you so badly desired, not to mention her pending state of motherhood. She could well imagine how frightened Kagome must feel right now. With that thought, she turned and gave her a soothing smile, as she put a comforting around her shoulders.

"I think the best thing for now is that you rest. Go upstairs and pour yourself a bath while I get your bags from the car."

Kagome welcomed the support that Kikyou gave her. She gladly trailed her way to the bathroom, looking forward to soaking in a tub of warm water. Her body felt numb from the shocking news she received a week ago. The rest of the evening passed quickly. After dinner, Kagome went straight to bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, they sat thumbing through the phone book in search of Kagome's friend. Kali was the one who organised the weekend through a friend of hers and as luck would have it, she lived in Tokyo. However, Kagome's excitement was short lived. Kali informed them that her friend died in an accident a few months earlier. The only thing the girl had told her was that one of her father's business associates owned the cabin and Kali was sure that her friend once made mention of the man selling it.

Kagome felt like bursting into tears. She'd felt elated at the thought of speaking to Siesso, though she did worry at his reaction to her news. It seemed that everything worked against her. Resignedly, she accepted that she would be the only parent bringing up her child. She fell into a silent depression, only broken by the firmly spoken words of a very concerned Kikyou.

"Kagome, what is the matter?"

She persisted when she received no answer. Her cousin's days of repeated silence were starting to cause her great concern. "I understand your feelings but this silence is really beginning to worry me."

Kagome looked instantly contrite. "I'm sorry Kikyou. I didn't mean to worry you."

"Just tell me what's wrong, so I can help."

Kagome's sigh was deep. She felt helplessness at the fact that she couldn't do a thing to change her situation. Well, nothing she was willing to contemplate anyway. The thought of terminating her pregnancy was atrocious. Besides, the baby was the only thing she would ever have of him. She came out of her thoughts and focused on Kikyou.

"It's nothing major Kikyou. Just self-recriminations, that's all."

"Kagome you're only human. This man obviously affected you quite strongly to make you react to him like that. You can't keep beating yourself up about it."

"That's not why I'm annoyed with myself." She sighed and buried her face in her hands a minute before putting her head up and staring her cousin in the eye.

"I ran off Kikyou. I didn't even wait to say good-bye. I just packed up my things and snuck away like a thief in the night before he could wake up."

Kikyou looked at Kagome with a baffled expression. "I don't understand Kay. Why did you do that?"

"Oh Kikyou, I know it sounds stupid… and it is but I was so scared." She caught her cousin's look of confusion and tried to explain.

"He is very well off Kikyou and utterly gorgeous to boot. Men like that don't get serious with girls like me. They stick to their kind, the girls who come from money and high social standing. He would never be interested in me."

"How do you know that Kay?"

Kikyou looked at her cousin in surprise. Throughout her life, Kikyou had often received praise for her pretty face but she knew that many were in awe of Kagome's beauty. Her cousin's long black hair was silky and shiny, hanging in waves to half way down her back. Her deep blue eyes, fringed with dark curly lashes sat beneath delicately arched brows. Her full lips always held a rosy glow that lent to their appeal. Not only that but her warm and friendly personality made her dear to many people. Kikyou couldn't understand why her cousin would think that any man would be disinterested in her, rich or not.

"Well, we spent two whole nights together and not once did he mention seeing me again. I think that's a pretty big indication, don't you?"

Kikyou looked at her silently, not entirely convinced. There could be a number of reasons why the man hadn't yet spoken of them meeting again. For one thing, he may have thought to mention it before they parted company. However, she chose to keep this opinion to herself. There was no point upsetting Kagome further, especially when there was little they could do to find him. She sighed inwardly as she faced the topic that needed discussing.

"What are you going to do now Kay?"

A moment of silence greeted her before Kagome spoke. "I'm going to have my baby Kikyou. What else can I do?"

A look of despair came over her face, causing Kikyou to feel a rush of sympathy that sent her to her cousin's side. She embraced the shaking girl as more tears flowed down her pale cheeks. Kikyou hoped that she would stop crying soon. All these negative emotions must be bad for her and the baby. Kikyou made a decision right at that moment. She would help her cousin through this, no matter what. And, she would make sure that Kagome smiled again. She led the miserable sobbing girl to her bed, knowing that the best thing for her was sleep.

It took Kagome several days to come out of her dark despair but finally she began paying attention when Kikyou spoke and even managed to start eating a full plate of food. Kikyou felt such relief at the little signs of her cousin's recovery. However, Kagome continued to lie around in her pyjamas for several more days but at least her mood was slowly picking up. Kikyou was ecstatic the day she arrived home to find Kagome dressed and doing some laundry. She had dinner waiting on the stove and the house looked as though it just received a good clean. The most surprising thing of all was Kagome's cheerful mood. She explained that she felt quite fed up with her aimlessness and made a decision to make the most of whatever came her way. She also reported to making a new acquaintance. Apparently, a young woman of Kagome's age had just moved into an empty apartment on their floor. They liked each other instantly. Kikyou laughed happily when Kagome worriedly asked her if she could have Arin over for dinner. She felt such relief at her cousin's sudden recovery that she would have the entire street to dinner if Kagome asked her.

Kikyou found herself liking the young woman instantly. She smiled a lot but Kikyou noticed that she rarely laughed. Arin also proved to be a wonderful listener and soon even she found herself pouring out her woes to the attentive girl. After this, Arin became a constant part of their lives. She helped Kagome through the months of pregnancy, often accompanying her to doctors' appointments or classes that would prepare her for labour and motherhood. Between her and Kikyou, Kagome managed to have a happy and stress-free time while she waited for her baby to arrive. The only upset came when her family turned up and she awkwardly explained the situation to them. Her mother was disappointed that Kagome chose to keep it a secret so long but once she recovered from the shock, she displayed honest happiness at her daughter's news. By the time they left, she was excitedly planning all the things she would buy and make for her grandchild. Her brother and grandfather showed equal happiness for the coming member of their family. Kagome had struggled to hold back the tears, feeling overwhelming relief and joy at her family's quick acceptance of the situation.

All fared well for the first half of the pregnancy. Kagome looked and felt wonderful, positively glowing with beauty. She managed to find some editing work she could do from home and soon the months flew by. They had a cot set up in her room and were well on their way to being fully equipped for the baby's arrival. However, the second half of her pregnancy brought some concern to all around her. Kagome couldn't understand all the fuss made of her rapidly growing belly. She couldn't have felt better. So what if her baby was large for this stage of development? His heartbeat was normal, wasn't it? And he had all the essentials required of a healthy baby so in her book, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. She simply shrugged off their constant remarks and continued about her way. She did however, feel concern when at the early stage of seven and a half months, she found herself in labour. The doctors held grave fears at her ability to deliver a baby of such immense size. They tried desperately, to convince her to have a caesarean but she refused. She wanted her baby to come naturally. After much coercion, assisted by Kikyou and Arin, Kagome agreed that if complications arose then they could proceed with the caesarean. Much to the amazement of all present, the birth came without a hitch. They watched in astonishment as Kagome quietly and calmly, delivered her son. Once again, the doctors were astounded at the size of the newborn infant. He weighed fourteen pounds at birth and measured close to sixty-five centimetres in length. The fact that his features appeared much like those of a one-month-old baby also caused a few raised eyebrows. Everyone knew that the baby would be large despite the fact that he was so premature but all felt shocked as they stared at the phenomenon that lay suckling his mother's breast.

Life after that proceeded as normal. Kagome settled into her cousin's flat with her son Ryushiro Darian Higurashi. She wished dearly that her father still lived to see his namesake but felt contentment as she looked around at her family and friends, who all fussed and cooed at the new arrival. She declined her family's offer to return home, stating that she had left to pursue her career and that she fully intended to do so. They accepted this without a grudge, understanding that the greatest prospects for her choice of career lay in Tokyo. After her family's departure, Kagome soon settled into a routine with Ryu. She continued with her editing and even managed to take up a course in the evenings, with the help of Kikyou and Arin, who watched him while she attended lessons. Her son amazed them all with his incredibly quick progress in development. He did everything very early and showed a keen awareness that was lacking in babies his age. There were also those moments when he did things that none of them could explain. Such as the time, a dog attacked them when they were out walking. The large beast had frightened Kagome as it hurdled towards them, growling ferociously. Ryu sat up straight in his stroller and growled back at the dog. What amazed Kagome was that growl. It sounded very much like a dog. When she looked down at him, she was astonished to see his eyes so bloodshot that they almost appeared to be red. The dog finally ran away and it took Kagome several minutes to calm him. She watched the red seep slowly away to leave their usual golden hue. She stared at her son for quite a while after that, wondering if she were losing her mind. There were other similar incidences over the next couple of months but each time, she was never sure if she imagined it. Aside from these unexplainable moments, her life settled into a normal existence. She felt happy and content with every aspect of it, except one.

Every night she continued to dream of Siesso and their unbelievably sensual weekend. She often found herself awake and dripping with sweat as her body recovered from the heated emotions brought on by those dreams. Her days filled with small snatches of aching emptiness at the lost dream of her perfect family.

When Arin came to her with the news of a job opening at the reputable company, InuTaisho Corp, Kagome felt the greatest excitement since the birth of her son. Her friend assured her of her chances as her aunt was the secretary of the managing director. Kagome could not believe her luck. She called her family immediately, laughing with them as they happily wished her luck. The rest sailed breezily along. She went for her first interview, which took place in front of three people. They fired all sorts of questions at her and much to her relief, she provided the perfect answer every time. She was happy when she received the call requesting her attendance at a second interview. This one was with a junior executive, who turned out to be a friendly, laughing young man that seemed to like her instantly. It had taken Kagome several moments to recover from the shock of his appearance. She felt as if she looked at a ghost when she first laid eyes on his white hair and light golden brown eyes. He looked so much like Siesso that she could only stare at him in stunned silence. He asked her to call him Inuyasha before the interview started and she smiled in relief as she shook his hand, slowly recovering from her shock. She was dying to question him on his appearance but felt too shy. Instead, she sat answering the questions he asked. Before she left InuTaisho Corp, she already had the job. In the rush of the following days of preparations, she had little time to further dwell on the mystery of Inuyasha Taisho's uncanny resemblance to Siesso.

A small party had followed to celebrate Kagome's new job. Arin and Kikyou had taken her and Ryu to a nice restaurant, something none of them would normally be able to afford. This time however, they made an effort, for this was the best reason to splurge.)))

Kikyou jumped back to the present as she heard Kagome yell again in frustration. She laughed at Ryu's giggle and turned to finish preparing breakfast.


Sesshoumaru sat in his chair with his head resting back as he stared out the window, lost to his thoughts. He could not shake the images that tormented his mind. Kay lay beneath, moaning and writhing in pleasure as he moved sensuously above her. He cursed and turned his chair, straightening himself and attempting once more, to dispel the memories. He wondered again, why he seemed more plagued by thoughts of her than usual. Was it his mind rebelling against his decision to set her aside? He sighed as he realised that he was still dwelling on her. He growled irritably and returned his attention to the papers in his hand. He only had ten more minutes to finish this letter before Ms Higurashi arrived. Exactly ten minutes later, his secretary Kaede, buzzed through to inform him that Ms Higurashi was there. He asked Kaede to send her in and stood, moving to the filing cabinet behind the door in order to locate the file he needed for the briefing.


Kagome smiled at the kindly old woman before turning to the door indicated. She paused as she reached it, to smooth her hair and clothes. Taking a deep and steadying breath, she reached out and turned the handle. She was surprised when she stepped in the office and saw nobody about. Her body stiffened with shock as a familiar voice greeted her.

"Kay, is that really you?"

Sesshoumaru stared in uncertainty, not sure if he was still dreaming. 'Am I that obsessed with Kay that everyone looks like her now?' He continued to stare at the woman, his breath lodged in his throat and his heart stilled in anticipation.

Kagome slowly turned as several emotions swamped her. Excitement raced through every vein as she looked into his golden gaze. Fear quickly followed as she wondered if he was just a figment of her imagination. She had spent most of the last two years trying to rid her mind of him. She couldn't bear thinking of him any longer. The pain of missing him seemed to grow more intense rather than dying with time as expected. Now she stood unmoving, just watching him with hopeful eyes.

Sesshoumaru felt the breath fill his lungs as he finally inhaled. This was not a dream. It was real and Kay actually stood in his office, looking more beautiful than ever. Her incredible scent filled his senses, sending his heart pounding heavily against his chest. He took a hesitant step forward, still slightly uncertain as to whether or not the vision would disappear.

At his slight movement, excitement filled Kagome. Her face lit with a warm smile as realisation sank in. Siesso was actually standing in front of her, not more than a few feet away. She laughed happily at the miracle that befell her. Never, in her wildest dreams had she imagined that she would ever see him again. She had long ago accepted the heartbreaking fact that he would always remain as nothing more than a passing moment in her life. The intense joy she felt threatened to bring tears to her eyes.

The sound of her laughter brought Sesshoumaru from whatever spell that held him. He rushed forward and swept her into his arms, squeezing her against him as a feeling of ecstatic relief swept through his entire body. Her soft warmth pressed into him, heightening the emotions and causing his arms to tighten about her painfully. He was so scared that she might disappear again, that he could not bring himself to let go. They stood like this for what seemed an eternity, before the need to taste her brought his head down to hers.

The moment she felt him brush softly against her parted lips, Kagome moaned and thrust her tongue into his mouth. This action released the well of emotions inside him and Sesshoumaru groaned, lifting his hand to her head. He brought her closer and deepened their kiss. His tongue moved with heated desperate strokes, eliciting a similar response from her. They both flamed with desire, holding each other close as their mouths moved hungrily together. Sesshoumaru was fast losing control of his emotions. He wanted desperately to feel her soft skin against his.

The sudden buzz of the intercom brought them both to their senses. Their lips parted but stayed inches apart as they stared into each other's eyes, trying to calm their erratic breathing. Sesshoumaru ached for fulfilment. He struggled to prevent his body continuing with its desired intentions. He stared into Kay's beautiful eyes, thanking God for this miracle. He opened his mouth to question her, when the intercom buzzed once more. With a sigh of agitation, he released her and stepped back, looking at her with an expression of reluctance.

"If you will excuse me a minute Kay, I'll find out what the problem is and then we can talk."

Kagome felt a flutter of excitement and trepidation at his words. She was glad for the interruption. Even though she felt the same stirring passion and excitement at seeing him, she didn't want to give herself to him on their first meeting. Besides, she had to tell him about Ryushiro. Again, a wave of anxiety swept through her as she wondered at his reaction. Doubts started flooding in. 'What if he gets angry and tells me to leave? He might think that I did this on purpose to trap him.'

All of a sudden, shock hit her. She looked at the man who held the intercom receiver, in awed fascination. It suddenly occurred to her, exactly who he was. He had to be Sesshoumaru Taisho, owner and managing director of InuTaisho Corp. He was her new boss and the richest man in all Japan, and possibly in the entire world. Kagome found the nearest chair and sat down as shock rocked her to the core. In her turmoil, she missed the stiff set of his lips and the frown that marred his brow. His irritated voice however, did penetrate her thoughts.

"Make sure she doesn't come in here Kaede." There was a pause as he listened to the reply. "I don't care what you have to do just… Damn it!"

The receiver smashed into place at the same time as his office door flew open. Kagome sat in confusion, watching the scene unravelling as if she was watching a play. The most stunningly beautiful woman she had ever seen slinked sexily into the room, going immediately to Sesshoumaru's side. Before he had a chance to stand, she parked her perfect derriere in his lap and wrapped her arms possessively around his neck.

Sesshoumaru swallowed the growl of irritation that rose in his chest. He struggled to maintain his composure as his brain raced frantically in search of a solution to this dilemma. As the woman bent her head to his, he turned his eyes to Kay. His chest tightened at her stricken look of shock. Anger rose like bile in his throat and he stood, bringing the clinging woman to her feet.

"Yura, how many times have I told you that you can't just come barging in here whenever you feel like it. This is my office, where I conduct my business."

The woman seemed unfazed by his hostility. She smiled at him in a sensuous manner as she rubbed her body suggestively against his. She whined huskily in an insincere voice.

"But darling, I missed you so much."

Kagome sat in stunned silence, watching them. She saw the irritation flash across Sesshoumaru's face as he tried to pry the arms from round his neck. His irritation seemed to rise as the beautiful woman proceeded to wrap her now free arms around his waist, pressing herself into the same chest that Kagome had laid on, not more than a few minutes before. She continued to watch in fascinated horror, too shocked to react.

"Yura," he managed with great deliberation, "I am working. Will you kindly release me and let me tend to my duties."

His words still had no impact. He reached behind him and freed himself from her clutches. He brought her arms to her side and had to pin them firmly in place, holding her away from his body. He looked at her sternly before continuing in a similar tone of voice.

"I am not alone Yura. I have a member of my staff here. I'm sure Kaede mentioned that to you. So if you would kindly show some respect and behave yourself in a proper manner, it would be greatly appreciated."

Once again, the lecture seemed to have little impact on the woman. She looked around innocently smiling as she spoke. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. How rude of me to…"

The words came to an abrupt end when she spied Kagome. She frowned, her eyes narrowing as she sent the girl a deadly glare.

Kagome blinked in confusion. She didn't understand the woman's hostility and she wasn't sure how she should respond. She lowered her gaze and she tried to deal with the shock of the whole situation. She suddenly noticed a movement in front of her.


Sesshoumaru spoke with note of warning in his voice. He knew very well what a poisonous tongue the woman's possessed and he had no desire for Kay to be on the receiving end.

Yura turned to him, smiling sweetly. "Why darling, what's the matter? I only want to say hello. I've never seen this young woman before."

She turned to Kagome, her eyes narrowing once more. With feigned sweetness, Yura began questioning her.

"So, what's your name?"

Kagome felt nervous as she glanced briefly at the beautiful face. She turned her head, looking at Sesshoumaru with uncertainty but Yura moved to block him from her sight. Now, with no choice but to face the woman who stared down at her in a superior manner, Kagome finally looked her in the eye.

"Well girl, don't you know how to talk?"

Kagome was again amazed at the woman's beauty. Her short bobbed hair was shiny and black, curving attractively under her chin. Her green eyes, lined with thick black lashes, were very exotic and alluring. Her lips were full in a sexy pout but her body was what drew the most attention. In her figure hugging dress, her generous curves showed easily. Her make-up, done to perfection, only added to her chic appearance. Kagome felt dowdy and plain, next to the expensively garbed and perfumed creature, grossly aware of her own store bought outfit. She tried desperately to ignore her insecurities as she answered.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi."

Yura looked down at her in a bored manner, showing her complete disinterest. In truth, the girl bothered her greatly, far more than she let on. She was rather appealing in a common sort of way. Yura wondered if this Kagome could give her cause to worry.

"Yura, I think it's time for you to leave. Ms Higurashi and I have a lot to get through."

Sesshoumaru's stern voice brought both women from their thoughts. They turned to stare at him in surprise as if they both forgot his presence. Yura suddenly smiled at him in that same sickly insincere way.

"Why darling, I haven't had the chance to introduce myself." Before he could reply, she swung back Kagome. "I'm Yura Timaro, Sesshoumaru's fiancée."

As she spoke, her left hand lifted to flutter before her chest, drawing Kagome's attention to the large sparkling diamond. Kagome shifted her gaze to the stone. For once, her features were completely blank from the shock she just received. She heard her voice from far away, speaking politely to the woman.

"That's very lovely, congratulations."

Sesshoumaru watched Kagome with a sense of growing horror. 'No!' his mind cried in helplessness as the situation continued to unfold, now completely beyond his control. He was greatly relieved that Kagome managed to maintain a normal front. Aside from the slightly shocked appearance, which you could pass off as normal to the situation, she held no other look.

"Maybe it would be better if I waited outside until you are finished." Kagome stood as she spoke and started moving towards the door.

Sesshoumaru felt the frustration building in his chest. Kay was not the one he wanted gone. He turned to Yura, his face tight with displeasure. She smiled seductively as she approached him, totally disregarding his anger.

As Kagome turned to close the door, the last thing she saw was Yura, wrapping her arms around Sesshoumaru's neck to bring his lips down to hers. She fought down the nausea that rose in her stomach as she closed the door with deliberate care. She turned and encountered a kindly pair of sympathetic eyes, which were almost her undoing. Just managing to maintain her composure, she asked the lady only known as Kaede, where she could find the bathroom. After receiving the instructions, Kagome smiled through stiff lips before walking in the direction indicated. She was almost at the restroom, when she paused. The emotions were fast becoming too much for her to handle. She had the feeling that if she started crying, she wouldn't be able to stop. All she wanted to do was go home and curl up in bed. Then she would shed the tears that her aching heart demanded. She turned and blindly groped for the elevator in her haste. She didn't know how she made it out of the building and was extremely glad that no one stopped her. In twenty minutes, she would be home.

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