A/N: Though I had my own image as I wrote this, you can take this as you perceive it. All you need know is that meldir means friend.


A star fading as goes on time
Unperceived by any mind
A mockery of what was there
The dimming light that once was fair

The leaves falling onto the earth
Frigid eyes devoid of mirth
The black capped waves upon the sand
Green meadows now barren land

The rising sun devoid of light
Midday sky as dark as night
The bird's sweet chirp now like a crow
Gaiety seems long ago

The cruel, cold cry of the seagull
Appears to be Death's equal
Golden tresses long turned grey
Now comes the breaking of the day

Blissful numbness long delayed
Lies long attempting to persuade
The truth of what it never was
Untruisms of 'just because'

Farewell to one who won't return
The aching, hurting, longing yearn
Of what is known can never be
Ere it whisks the heart to the sea

The ocean of regrets and tears
Remind the heart of all the years
That coming, leaving, come no more
Memories too long ignored

Facing the truth, it has no choice
Fond memories it must rejoice
A small smile amid the tears
Ridding the heart of all the fears

Tresses reclaiming the gold
Frigid eyes no longer cold
Happiness replaces sorrow
No longer waiting for tomorrow

Embracing life with all the might
Regaining the strength to fight
Eyes smiling with love to share
The star shining with light to spare

And sun shining as always bright
A beautiful candle alight
Two friends uniting once again
This time, meldir, there is no end