I'm sleepy, so here ya go, a nonsense story, filled with felt and violence. Yay violence!

If I owned the characters, no one would want to write fan fiction on them… I own no PBS peeps either! : )

It was about 3 am in the dank dirty streets of LA. Spike was stalking some chick to have for lunch, or I guess you could say breakfast, but you get the point. He was hungry, and he was stalking! So the bleached beauty walked till he was about 15 feet behind her. When suddenly…

A cry for help? "Tuh! What the bloody do I care about a cry for help?" he demanded. "Because! I told you to. So, go rescue the needy soul!" I said. Spike then raised one totally sexy brow at me. I shook my head. "Nope, not gonna work." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Aw, come on! I'm not the bloody ponce, that's his gig!" Spike shouted, indignant. "SO? Just do it, or I'll beat you with a stick." I say. Again, the sexy vampire stared.

Now, you would think, that the person who was calling for help would be dead, and you would be right. "See! Look what you did! Now that person is dead!" I yell. "SO? S'not like I'm gonna lose any sleep over it, am I?" Spike laughed cockily.

"Well, you can at least kill the thing that hurt that innocent victim!" I say, hands on my hips. "And why would I do that?" Spike laughed, again, and rolled his eyes.

"Because…" I say, smirking evilly… "Because?" he asked, not really caring. "If I write anything, I'll make you the sub" I say.

Spike froze. Then there was a little Spike shaped cloud where he had been standing. I smiled as the bleached vampire did my bidding.

Spike raced into the alley, and to his horror, it was…


"Wait a minute. I'm scared of THAT!" Spike exclaimed, incredulous. "Yes! Because Barney is evil! No go kill him!" I say, shoving a sword in his hand, and pushing him towards the purple dinosaur…

"Hello! I'm gonna kill you!" Barney laughed like a dorkus. "Mate, I hate at tell ya this, but you're a jack arse, and I won't let a dinosaur that isn't even timewaster correct defeat me, k?" Spike said, and they circled another.

Barney was the first to attack, sweeping Spike off his feet with that massive purple tail. "Damn, dino's got game" Spike said, and did a flip up. They punched each other, left and right. Blood was spilled, limbs were cut off, (Barney's) and a head rolled.

"Ha! I'm the BIG BAD! And no stupid pouncy arse dinosaur is gonna best me at a fight!" Spike laughed.

"See, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" I ask. "I guess not chit, but this isn't happening ever again!" Spike threatened. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Of coarse not…" I laughed as the story fades to black….

So? what do ya think? is sleep deprevation REALLY a writing tool? or not? LOL! thanks for R&R-ing! you all rock!