Greetings to all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans!

This story has been laying on the back burner way back since the Duelist Kingdom days (yeah, that long). And I thought it's finally time to get it out in the open. This story has really evolved. At first, it was going to be a flashback about the first time Tea saw Yugi use his Millennium Puzzle. Then I decided against that in that there was a lot I wanted to include that just didn't fit into the time period it took place in. I was originally going to call the sacrifice rule/8000 life point concept "Neo Tournament Rules" and have Kaiba explain them to Yugi. Obviously, that idea went under when Battle City started. After that, the desire to produce this action-filled romantic story gradually dropped until I was practically kicking myself for thinking of such a thing. So what re-inspired me to go to work on this again? Well, in all honesty, it was the Tea vs. Big-2 duel. To be blunt, I already know how the real series turns out romantic-wise but that won't stop me. I was going to go through with it.

Then I saw Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie and everything changed. I really liked some of the ideas used in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie so I tried to find a way to incorporate them into my story.

Originally, this was going to be a fanfic. Then after I saw Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie, I decided to make it into a "sequel" to Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie. Then I decided to make it a fanfic again because I wasn't sure how the ending would turn out visually. I decided to produce it as a fanfic and then, pending CONSTRUCTIVE (in a fine tradition of mine, all flames will be ignored) criticism, I'll try it out in movie script format.

A few more notes:

The story of Yugi figuring out the "secret" of the Millennium Puzzle is actually pulled from the Manga, when Yami-Yugi first met Shadi and had to solve a mystery to save Anzu's (Tea) life.

Bakura and Yami-Bakura freely switch between one another in the climatic final battle. Obviously, this is impossible in the canon show. I wanted to explain that Yami-Bakura was sealed inside the ring with regular Bakura giving the ability to switch on command thanks to Shadi and the Millennium Scales. Then I found out what the Millennium Scales really did and that was sent to the graveyard (if you know what I mean). So I just decided not to explain it.

I'm well aware that Yugi and Tea are childhood friends. I tried to incorporate that but it wasn't easy.

The name of the villain in this story, "Edric Masters" is a tentative name. If anyone has any better ideas for names of this character, feel free to tell me.

The Duel that Yugi has at the beginning is similar to the battles Ash has at the beginning of the first, third, and fourth Pokemon movies. Just imagine that a jazzed-up version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme song is playing (or "Guardian of the Cards" by Tempest)

Special thanks go to the people at the yugiohrealms web site for providing so much insight into the movie, the series, and the actual origins of the spirit that inhabits the Millennium Puzzle. Obviously, some things I made up but that's what makes fanfiction so great.

Well, you guys must be tired of my gabbing so all I'm going to say is read on and enjoy. Reviews/Recommendations are always welcome.

-Phantom 1

The 1 and Only

Abstract: When a psychopathic millionaire with delusions of grandeur kidnaps Tea in an attempt to prove his superiority over all Duelists, Yugi and his friends must unite like never before to save her. Which is superior in a duel: technology or the human spirit?

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Next Movie

Subtitle: Heart and Soul

Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian sorcerers held great and terrible power. This power was the ability to summon monsters from a dimension of shadows and use them against each other with the victor gaining power in the process. The most accurate translation of this procedure was "duel." Dueling was achieved only through the Chosen Ones, those decided by Ra to wield the mysterious Millennium Items.

The Millennium Ring, a compass which would decide the fate of souls.

The Millennium Eye, which could see the truth in all humans.

The Millennium Key, the gateway to a person's soul.

The Millennium Scale, the very judge of good and evil.

The Millennium Necklace, a window into the future.

And the Millennium Rod which could control a person's mind.

Then, a great and terrible evil descended upon the land. This evil contained massive power; and unleashing such incredible shadow magic threatened to weaken the very fabric of reality and destroy all that exists.

The Pharaoh at the time could no longer stand by and watch as his people suffered underneath such a terrible threat. Using the powers granted to him by Ra through his almighty Millennium Pyramid, he united the Chosen Ones and together, they waged a Shadow War that shakes the desert long after the fact. But it was worth it, for in the end, the Chosen Ones were victorious!

But something weighed heavily on the Pharaoh's mind. Forces of evil could gain access to the Millennium Items even after his death. For the Pharaoh was not only one of the Chosen Ones, but the guardian chosen to protect the Millennium Items from wrongful use. And if the items were ever brought into the open again without him to protect it, the Earth would fall into a state of eternal darkness and torment just as it had done in the past. So, despite protests from his court, even his beloved one, the Pharaoh prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Already drained mystically and mentally from battling the great evil, he injected what was left of his own power, in fact, his very life force, into the Millennium Pyramid so that he would always be able to guard the world from the dangers of the Shadow Games. No sooner had he done that, but the Millennium Pyramid fell from his lifeless hands and shattered.

The Pharaoh's beloved picked up the fallen pieces and ordered a great tomb to be constructed to protect it and all the Millennium Items until Ra saw fit to resurrect the Pharaoh in all his glory. And she changed the name of this Conundrum Item. Now, it was known as the Millennium Puzzle.

But, just as the wind blows sand from one dune to another, so has the passage of time easily lifted the identity from the spirit that inhabited the Millennium Puzzle, until...


(Centuries later, 40 years before the present, somewhere in the desert north of Cairo, Egypt).

An archaeologist on a dig discovered the shattered Millennium Puzzle. He took it home and forgot about it until his puzzle-loving grandson discovered it. The man dared the boy to solve it.

The boy did and that was when his life changed forever.