1School Story

by shakita45

Summery- The Chrono Crusade gang in a modern day boarding school. Oh yeah, you know you wanna read it.

Foreword- I can proudly say that I am the first person to write a 'Chrono Crusade' story of this genre! I am so special! Woot! This story is just an ongoing ficlet for me to work on when I'm bored, so I won't update to often unless it's pretty popular, lol. Enjoy 'School Story'!

Magdalen Boarding School

"Azmaria! Don't fall in the lake again! We can't afford to be any later then we already are!" Cried a blonde girl. She was running twords a large, church like building. That building is the Magdalen Boarding School, where she had attended since she was five. The school was actually built from an old church, giving it a nun type look. The school was run mostly by nuns, the headmistress being Sister Kate.

A short girl with purple/silver hair waved at the blonde girl. "Rosette! I'm not going to fall in!" She yelled, running in the other girls direction.

The first girl, Rosette, was a tall, blonde girl, wearing the school uniform for the 'Magdalen Order', as the students jokingly called the boarding school. Her blonde hair was pulled back into pigtails.

The second girl, child genius Azmaria, had silver/purple hair down to her waist. She ran to catch up with Rosette. She slowed down when she reached the other girl. "I hope that Elder won't be to angry with us..." She said, trailing off at the mention of Rosette's least favorite teacher. Rosette groaned.

"I hope that stupid pervert keeps away from me today." She said hotly.

'Elder' as everyone, including Sister Kate, was the perverted science teacher, who happened to favor Rosette. Of course, all the female students, and some young faculty members hated him.

Azmaria giggled. "Oh yeah, SURE he will Rosette." She said, rolling her eyes. The two girls rushed up the maze of staircases and burst into a classroom.

"You're late. Again." Stated Elder, looking up from his attendance sheet. He grinned at Rosette. "Hello Rosette..."

"You touch me and you die, old man." She said, glaring. The class laughed. Azmaria sweatdropped.

"Rosette, I don't think that Sister Kate would like to see you even before second bell." She said, dragging her friend to her desk before going to her own behind Rosette. Rosette snorted and took out her textbook. Elder pouted.

"See class? You mustn't ever act like Rosette here. Always losing her temper and..." Elder never got to finish his sentence, seeing as how Rosette threw her book at him.

"YOU STUPID PERVERTED OLD MAN! DIE DIE DIE!" She yelled, throwing her other textbooks at him.

Azmaria sighed. 'It's going to be a long day.'

10 Minutes Later

Rosette walked grumpily down the main hallway, ignoring the new flowers and flower vases that decorated the hallway. She reached a large oak door at the end of the hall. She sighed and walked in. She walked by with a wave to the secretary.

"Mornin' Nancy." The woman nodded.

"Good morning Mrs. Christopher." Rosette opened another set of doors, to reveal a very cross nun sitting at her desk. She stood up.

"Rosette. Elder just called and told me you threw your textbooks at him...again..." She said, rubbing her head. Rosette grinned nervously.

"Well at least the lab didn't catch on fire this time..." She said hopefully.

"Don't remind me..." Said the other woman.

"Sorry Sister Kate." She mumbled. The other woman threw a pad of paper at Rosette.

"You've beaten him up three times this week! And it's only Tuesday!" Screeched Sister Kate. Rosette squeaked.

"Chill out Sister Kate, he's still conscious." Said Rosette, playing with her pigtails. Sister Kate sighed.

"Oh no, you're not getting away that easily..."

"Sister Kate? The new student has arrived." Chirruped the cheerful voice of Nancy, the secretary. Sister Kate glared and grinned evilly.

"Oh, I have a WONDERFUL idea." She said. Rosette groaned.

"Lemme guess. I'm gonna have to be the new kid's 'buddy' this week." She said, crossing her arms unhappily. Sister Kate nodded. "No way in HECK!" Said Rosette, shaking her head. Sister Kate grinned.

"Elder has detention this week." Rosette growled.

"Damn it, fine. But one week ONLY! Then I'm dropping the squirt." She said. Sister Kate nodded.

"Fine, I'll introduce you to him." Rosette groaned again.

"It's a BOY!?" She wailed unhappily.

"Yes! Now stop yelling!" Said Sister Kate. Rosette mumbled something under her breath and followed Sister Kate out of the office and to meet the new kid.

At The Main Entrance

By the time they got to the entrance hall, Rosette was already as pissed as hell. 'Oh, this kid better watch it or he is gonna get thrown in the lake. Why don't I ever listen to Az?!" She thought angrily. (Az being Azmaria) Sister Kate gave Rosette a look that clearly said 'Be nice or else you won't live to see another day.' Rosette just rolled her eyes.

Rosette walked into the entrance hall a few feet behind Sister Kate, looking for some new cry baby kid and their parents to drop them off. She snorted. She looked around and didn't see anyone. 'Is this some kind of joke?' She thought, angrier by the minute.

She looked around. She spotted a boy this time. A short boy all alone by the huge front door holding a bag. Rosette blinked.

"Is that him?" She whispered to Sister Kate. Sister Kate nodded. Rosette's eyes bugged. "WHAAAAAT?!" She cried.

Sister Kate and the boy both looked at her strangely, but Rosette was still freaking out. The boy calmly opened his bag, pulled out a book, and hit Rosette in the head with it. Rosette ribbed her head and glared at the boy.

"You little..I should..." She said, punching him on top of his head. The boy rubbed his head, swirly eyed. Sister Kate sighed and rubbed her head.

'What was I thinking..' She thought miserably. The boy looked at the book he had hit Rosette with.

"Whoops, I didn't mean to get my encyclopedia." He said, rubbing the back of his head nervously. Rosette looked at the book and back at the boy. She started to laugh. The boy looked at her funny. "Erm..did I hit you to hard?" He asked.

Rosette stopped laughing and stuck out her hand. "My name's Rosette Christopher. I'm going to be your guide this week." She said, smirking. The boy chuckled.

"Chrono." He said, shaking her hand. Rosette looked him over.

He looked somewhat out of the ordinary, long purplish hair in a LONG braid, longer then Azmaria's hair. And red eyes. Don't judge a book by it's cover. But hey, Rosette never judges ANYONE by their cover.

Rosette smiled. "Do you have a copy of your schedule?" She asked. Chrono nodded. "Okay, then I can show you around. And I can only show you where your dorm is to some extent, no girls aloud." She said. He nodded.

She grabbed his bag, flung it over her shoulder, and grabbed Chrono's wrist. "C'mon! I've still gotta meat Az for lunch today!" She said, ignoring Chrono's squeak of protest as she pulled him along.

"Where is your first class?" She asked. He frowned.

"I don't exactly have the whole thing memorized..."

"I JUST WANT YOUR FIRST PERIOD CLASS!" She yelled. Chrono yelped.

"Yes ma'am! I've got science with 'Elder'." He said. Rosette groaned.

"We'll go there last. I don't want to see Elder right now." She muttered. "Next."

"Erm..." He said, running into Rosette as she came to a sudden stop. He rubbed his face. "What'd you do that for?!" He yelled. Rosette clamped a hand over his mouth and pushed him into an empty classroom.

"Ssh!" She said harshly.

"M cmt brth!" He said against her hand.

"Shut up!" She said. He glared and bit her hand.

"YEOWCH!" She yelled, holding her injured hand. He glared.

"I SAID 'I can't breath'!" He said angrily.

"Oops, sorry." She said, blushing slightly.

"Who exactly are we hiding from?" He asked. She looked out the window.

"See those two girls?" She said, pointing. There was a blonde girl and a black haired girl standing outside the door.

"Yeah, what about them?" He said.

"Two biggest sluts in the whole school. It's disgusting. Stay away from them at all costs." She said. He frowned.

"But you're a girl. Why would you be hiding from them? Are they gay?" He asked incredulously. Rosette smacked him.

"PERV! NO! They hate me! I'd rather not go see Sister Kate again today, so we're hanging out in here for now." She said, sighing.

"Well, they're gone now." He said, peering out the window. Rosette looked at the clock.

"HOLLY SHIT! I'M LATE TO MEET AZ!" She shrieked, bolting out of the classroom, dragging Chrono behind her.

"What the?!" He said, not enjoying being dragged. "I can walk on my own!"

"Not fast enough you can't!" She said, running out the main entrance twords the lake. Azmaria looked up from her book.

"It took you long enough! Sister Kate giving you a hard time?" She said. Rosette glared.

"Doesn't she always?" Azmaria sighed.

"Rosette, why won't you listen to me?" She said, shaking her head. She noticed Chrono. "And who is this Rosette?" She said, winking at her. Rosette bonked Azmaria on the head.

"Dream on. It's a new student." She said, sitting down next to Azmaria. Chrono looked at them.

"Did I miss something?" He said, looking from girl to girl. Rosette shrugged.

"Chrono, Az. Az, Chrono." She said, not getting up from her seat on the ground. Azmaria got up and curtsied.

"Hello. My name is Azmaria Fontima. How do you do?" She said, smiling politely. Rosette snorted.

"Don't listen to her, she's really not like this at ALL!" Rosette said lazily. Azmaria spun around and pushed Rosette into the lake.

Chrono sweatdropped. 'I always end up with the weird ones...' He thought, looking at the now soaking Rosette chasing Azmaria around the lake.

"GET BACK HERE YOU LOOSER!" Yelled Rosette, pouncing on Azmaria, who was laughing hysterically. Rosette picked up Azmaria and threw her into the lake. Azmaria shrieked and pulled Rosette in with her.

"HEY!" Yelled Azmaria. Rosette smirked and threw water at Azmaria, but missed and hit Chrono.

The two girls looked at him. He did NOT look happily. The both backed up with their hands in front of their faces. Chrono smirked and ran twords them.



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