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A few things you need to know, this takes place two years after Sasuke fights Naruto. Naruto won, and returned the guy. Afterwards, Naruto was promoted to chuunin, and he did several missions. This takes place during his vacation time. Naruto is traveling with Jiraiya when this begins....

"Hey"-speech, "Hey."-Thoughts

This story begins not in Konoha, but in a forest, where an argument is happening....

"What the hell do you mean there's nowhere to stay?! I'll be damned if I sleep in a tree or on water again! It's not my fault the inns kicked us out you know...." Meet our hero, Naruto. As you can imagine, he is not very happy. Here's why.

"WHAT! I gotta make money you know. I have to write more books, and to write books, I need inspiration...." Meet Jiraiya, or Ero-Sennin if you're Naruto. One word sums him up, pervert. Writes nasty books, but is a skilled shinobi.

Naruto retorts, "If you peek on women, at least make sure not to get caught. I gotta pay for your foolish actions too..."

"Silence brat. I don't wanna hear it."

"I'm hungry Ero-Sennin."

"Starve, I don't have any food."

"If you never got busted MAYBE I would be in that inn EATING right now..."

"SHUT UP BRAT! I needed to see all the boobs, asses, and naked women in general to write books. And with books come..."


"And with money comes..."

"Food. But that doesn't explain how a SENNIN gets caught by VILLAGERS peeking...."

"......Shut up."

As you can see, this continued for a while, until....

"That looks like a nice place. It's called the Hinata Inn." Naruto points this out.

Jiraiya has obviously heard of this place, it's a perverts dream to go in there. Perfect, Naruto has no idea that this is an all girls place managed by a guy. If we can get in, stories galore! "Yeah, sounds good kid."

"Let's see if we can stay, I smell food...ramen...."

Jiraiya sweat-dropped, ramen was gonna be his downfall one day....

"Let's knock Ero-Sennin."

"Alright, but I'm talking."

"Fine. Don't say anything stupid."

Knock, knock.

Door opens, and now we see Keitaro Urashima answer the door. Score, with him at the door, I'm getting in! Jiraiya thinks.

"How may I help you?"

"My grandson and I need a place to stay, and we were wondering if we can stay here. We won't cause trouble." I won't cause trouble. Don't know about Ero-Sennin, he's a perverted asshole. Such a good thought, eh Naruto?

"Well, I don't mind if you stay here, you seem like good people, but I have to talk to the girls about it. I gotta have their consent too." GIRLS?!! Ero-Sennin! I should have known he was up to no good! DAMMIT! Naruto thinks so highly of Jiraiya, doesn't he?

"Alright, we'll wait." Soon I'll be seeing naked girls everyday! All the body parts I'm gonna see. I'll be inspired for sure! We have lost Jiraiya...

As our two ninjas stood outside, they could hear faint sounds of discussion inside. Inside the house however, Keitaro was convincing the girls to let them in.

"An old man and his grandson need a place to stay. Is it ok if they stay here?"

Motoko was the first to answer, "No, one man is enough in this house."

Naru followed, "We don't need anymore perverts in this house. You are enough." Jiraiya sneezed at the pervert comment.

Kitsune, however, had different ideas, "They could be rich, and that means money and sake for me!"

Shinobu and Mutsumi had no objections.

Su was for it too, "The grandson can play with me!"

Naru and Motoko gave up, knowing this battle was lost since they were the only two against it. "Let them in." Motoko was not happy....

Keitaro opened the door and said, "These are our two guests, be nice to them." "Names please." Naru said, not happy about having more men in the house. "I'm Naruto and this is Ero- I mean Jiraiya." I'm gonna end up killing that kid... And we thought Naruto was bad, Jiraiya was worse! "Now what are your names?"



"Mutsumi." (She somehow stood up without fainting, yet.)





Naruto was cool. Jiraiya however, Look at there girls, perfect, especially Mutsumi! What a chest! Jiraiya was in happy land.

"Oh by the way" Motoko started, "perversion will be punished." She looked at Jiraiya.

They'll never catch me. Jiraiya, you never learn. And then he put on a satisfied smirk, not really paying attention to Motoko's look.

If that rule is set, Jiraiya's gonna be punished real soon. Something tells me a lot is gonna happen in this house.

How right you are Naruto, how right you are.

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