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Hey- Speech, Hey- Thoughts

Chapter 3

Shinobu was in the kitchen, thinking about the conversation she had with Naruto. She sounded so bold back then, and didn't know why. However, her mind soon drifted, and ended up on his body. She started thinking naughty things and soon….


….she fainted….

Motoko, hearing our blue haired girl faint, decided to check on her. She woke up Shinobu and asked a few questions….

"Did that pervert get you?"

Shinobu passed out again….

"Maybe that wasn't a good way to start…"

Rousing Shinobu again, Motoko tried a different approach…

"Are you OK?"

"I'm fine."

"What were you thinking about?"


"Keitaro again?"


"Or is it the Naruto. I saw you talking to him."

And down Shinobu went….

"At least I figured it out."

Awaking Shinobu AGAIN, Motoko had another question….

"What's for dinner?"

Shinobu's eyes widened, she had no idea what ramen Naruto liked. She made a mad dash out the door to ask him so she can get further on his good side. Motoko just stood there, having no idea what the hell just happened. She decided to follow. Naru, who was in a bad mood, saw Motoko heading outside. She stopped Motoko…

"Where are you headed?"

"Outside Naru. I asked Shinobu what was for dinner."


"Her eyes widened and she ran out the door. I'm gonna go see why."

"I shall join you then."

The two walked outside to see Shinobu talking with Naruto and Su. Well, Naruto anyway. Naru did not look too happy.

"What's wrong Naru?"

"Naruto. His gramps is a complete pervert."


"Yeah. He was looking at Mutsumi's chest. He was also trying to get her alone."

"And you're saying Naruto is a pervert as well?"


Motoko took out her sword. "Perverts shall not be tolerated."

Her and Naru charged at the blonde, who was able to step away.

"What's the big idea?" Naruto if you're lost.

"Silence pervert!"

"Wait, when did I become a pervert?"

"Your grandpa is one, on you are too!"

Jiraiya, your habits have gotten ME in trouble. When I find you, I'm gonna beat the shit outta you.

"You got Shinobu to follow you!"

"Uh…I was asking what kind of ramen he liked."

Both girls were silent. Then came the collective "Oh." They were satisfied with Shinobu's answer, and went away, for now….

Naruto smiled at her. "You saved my ass there!" And gave her a hug….

And, you guessed it, Shinobu went down…poor girl….

Naruto roused her, smiled at her, and said….

"I like miso ramen."

His smile is addictive…wait, he said he liked miso ramen…great! Now I can impress him with my cooking skills! Shinobu ran off, silently hoping that Naruto's weakness is as big as she hoped. If it was, she'd have him in no time, or so she thought….

Naruto watched her run off, and told Su that he was going in. He needed a bath…

He also wondered about what was going on in Konoha. What were his friends doing? Little did he know he would find out real soon…

Meanwhile in Konoha Village….

"OK." Tsunade said. "The Naruto and Jiraiya search party is here. As you know, they are late on their return. Listen for your name. First, Hinata."

"Here." I'm coming Naruto-kun!!!


"…." Neji rose his hand. I will do my best.

"Sasuke." (He lost and was brought back)

"Here." Now I can test my skills against you Naruto.


"Hmph." How troublesome.


"Present." Now I can prove myself to Neji…


"Here." More time with Sasuke. She looked thrilled, Sasuke didn't….


"Present." I have a job to do, I will do it well.

"And Ino."

"Here." Forget Sasuke, he went traitor…maybe Shikamaru…

"Why can't I go?" Kiba of course.

"We still need you Kiba. You can smell enemies from a mile away."

"I see."

Tsunade continued. "You mission is to find Naruto and Jiraiya and bring them back. Shikamaru, you lead. Understood?"

"Yes Hokage-sama."

"Good. Now go!"

They all left. Shizune and Iruka appeared.

"I hope they succeed." Iruka said.

Shizune took his hand. "I hope they do too."

The Hokage nodded in agreement.

Where is Jiraiya you ask? He's still in mid-air!!!!

End Chapter 3

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