Title: Milk

Author: Adriana Santomé -hikari-

Date: September 7th, 2004.

A/N: A little ficlet for fellow RenxPilica-shippers. Hope Ren wasn't too OOC. Please read and review!


The dark-haired boy crossed his arms over his chest and frowned.

"No," he said in an obvious grumpy tone, laced with his usual indifference.

"Why not?" Was the immediate question from the girl standing in front of him. Her hands rested on her hips, and the expression of her face said she was bored already of repeating the same question over an over.

"I won't," he replied curtly, not bothering to elaborate anymore.

"Ren-kun...!" the azure-headed whined softly. So far, and if her numbers weren't wrong, Pilica had spent the last ten minutes trying to convince him to agree with her. It was becoming quite bothersome and annoying now, actually.

"It's stupid," Ren told her, narrowing his golden eyes at her. Something in her eyes agreed with him.

"But, Ren-kun," she began uncertainly, leaning slightly on the counter, "for my Onii-chan?"

She looked up at the older teen hopefully, but he only threw her a disgusted look.

"Why would I want to do something for that baka!?" the Taoist argued angrily, brows knitted together into a dark frown, clenching his left hand softly.

Pilica glared at him for a second for the insult, then pouted childishly in hopes he'd give in this time. She had heard from his eldest sister, Jun, that he couldn't resists pouts. Might as well give it a try. "For me then?"

"WHAT!?" he jumped at her words, eyes twitching violently, "Look, Onna..."

"Pilica," she corrected sweetly, but he merely ignored her or seemed to be doing so.

"Hn..." he glared at her intensely, "Why would I..."

"Oh, shut up!" the Ainu interrupted his speech tiredly, rolling her eyes at the same time at the incredulous look he shot her. "Just do it!" She tapped her foot impatiently.

Ren's eyes widened in shock, his mouth gapping slightly. This girl had been brave enough to order HIM around? At this thought, his frown darkened and he stumbled for the right words for a comeback. "Urk... I... I won't do it!"

'Note to self: Smash my head against the wall later,' he thought dryly.

The girl's bright blue eyes glinted before hollering two definite words. "YOU. WILL."

He gripped the bottle in his hand unconsciously, taking a small step back.

"Hand it over, Ren," she ordered again, dropping formalities. This WAS stupid, she knew. Was it so difficult to behave like a grown boy and give it to her peacefully? Nooo... he just had to be stubborn like a cow. A big, fat, cow. 'Oh, the irony...'

"Hand. It. Over. Now." She extended her hand at him, narrowing her eyes, an unnatural sight, as she punctuated every word.

He stiffened visibly, then scoffed some words under his breath. "Alright, alright," he said, almost thrusting at her the bottle with the white, tasty liquid... His precious milk. It was the last bottle in the fridge, and casually, it was HIS too.

She took it quickly from him before he regretted his actions, and grinned in victory. The Tao almost twitched as his fingers felt the loss of the refreshing coldness from the glass.

"Arigatou, Ren-kun!" she hugged him briefly, barely circling his neck with her arm and taking it back quickly.

It was enough to make him flush. He fought the blush gracing his cheeks and she laughed easily. The Ainu girl grinned happily almost beaming out at the dumbfounded Tao Ren.

How could milk make her so happy? She did not love milk, did she? No, she couldn't.

Milk was HIS love...

"Now I can make the chocolate cookies for Onii-chan!" she explained, quickly setting out other items from the fridge, but keeping an eye on the milk bottle in case the Chinese kidnapped it and decided for a quick run.

"Hn," he grunted, annoyed, leaning on the counter wall behind him.

"Don't worry," she assured him as she placed the milk on the kitchen counter along with the flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa, butter, and other ingredients she would be using, "I'll go buy your milk when I go to the grocery store tomorrow!"

"Whatever," he scowled, turning away to walk out of the kitchen surroundings.

Pilica started humming a song and Ren suddenly stopped by the door, pocketing his hands inside his black slacks and still looking outside. "Oi, Onna..." he waited for her acknowledgement.

He was half expecting her to protest about calling her 'woman' instead of her name, but she just turned around and face his back curiously.

"Hmm?" the young Ainu girl asked, finishing tying up a pink apron around her waist and tucking a loose strand of azure hair behind her ear.

"I want chocolate cookies too," Ren said, looking briefly at her over his shoulder and walking out without another word.

Stunned at first, Pilica was able to grin at him widely as he left. "Hai! Hai!"



Neatly arranged in a pink cloth, a bag of chocolate cookies rested on his pillow that night along with a single message written in a piece of paper left beside it.

'Thanks for the milk. Enjoy, Ren-kun.'