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Author's notes: Another collection, I know... But I was going to files and found stuff that I didn't want to post by themselves and make my list of stories insanely long. So this collection will contain ficlets with RenPili, HoroTama, LysJea, HaoAnna, among others. This one is a repost, but the next should be something you've never seen before. It's a really, really weird and silly idea. My first, real HoroxTamao in English, which I will go over and edit after exams...


She didn't know why Yoh and Anna had decided on a Western-styled wedding; not that she was anyone to complain. The reception was, after all, quite beautiful, as the previous ceremony had been.

The people spread around the ballroom. Some sitting at the tables and eating, others waltzing on the dance floor. The atmosphere was nice and comfortable. Everyone seemed cheerful and relaxed, happy to meet old acquaintances or friends. But not her. She was happy yes, yet she had withdrawn herself quietly from the rest of the crowd. She sat alone in the corner of one of the table reserved for the couple's closest friends.

She was watching the people chatter when she felt a slap on the back of her chair and almost choked on her drink out of fright. The pink-haired girl turned around, only to meet a tall, handsome boy grinning at her.

"So," he sat next to her, still grinning mischievously, "aren't you gonna try catch the bouquet?" He took a long sip from his drink as he awaited her answer.

"Horo Horo-kun. Ah... N-no," she shook her head while flushing, "I... well I..."

"Come on, Tamao!" the Ainu boy prodded her. "Isn't it every girl's dream to catch it?" he articulated while throwing his arms into the air wildly.

She gazed around nervously, hoping no one had noticed him. "I don't..." the pink-haired squirmed in her, "I don't even have a boyfriend, Horo-kun."

She blushed even more deeply.

"Ah, all the better!" he grinned. "You have one now," he said, slipping an arm around the blushing prophetess.

"Horo Horo-kun!" she squeaked, outraged.

"What?" he asked, "You don't have a boyfriend. I don't have a girlfriend either. Perfect situation, isn't it? Now, go over there!" He helped her up her chair.

Her ruby colored eyes, if possible, widened even more than they had at first. Her hands were tangled with his, so she couldn't avoid it when he leaned closer and kissed her cheek.

He smiled, and then, without notice, he pushed her into the mass of wild, screaming girls. Startled still, Tamao looked like a little squeaky, scared mouse in between the loud women. She stumbled forward, somehow finding her way to the middle of the crowd.

She turned to look at Horo Horo, who simply waved happily at her while shouting "Good luck!" at the top of his lungs. In her eyes, Horo-kun was weird... Outgoing and hyperactive, Horo-kun had a positive outlook about almost everything and absolutely loved food. He always argued about silly things with Ren-kun, but in truth he was a really, really strong person. Yes, the Ainu was weird, but weirdly cute.

She gave him a small smile, then resolutely faced forward as she gathered a little courage.

The newly wedded Anna stood up high on a chair with the help of her cheery, new husband. She was facing the opposite way, but for a moment she turned to look at the women in the room and her amber eyes met Tamao's. And the prophetess could have sworn that she saw the slightest hint of a grin on the blonde girl's face. Yoh held his wife's hand tightly as the itako threw the bouquet of white roses backwards.

And a horde of wild, single women, from fifteen-year-olds to women nearing their late fifties jumped after it. Tamao jumped as well.

"I'm sorry, Horo-kun," she apologized deeply at him, "I didn't get the bouquet."

He smiled unworriedly. "It's ok," he reassured her, "When Pilica marries Ren..." he paused at the sudden, annoying thought.

He remembered clearly as his little sister ran to kiss her new... fiancé after catching the bouquet of white roses. Ew... He still had to get used to that. At least Ren seemed serious about it, and Pilica was happy. He shook his head, he was drifting off topic.

"Uh, at her wedding... you'll be the one to catch the flowers, alright?"

His grin turned into a softer smile.

"Ok," she said meekly. There was a pause of silence between the two.

"Would you like to be my girlfriend until then?" he asked cheekily, "Who knows, maybe after that you will be the next bride..." His smiled broadened.

And in return, she smiled too. "Yes, I would like that."

Sneaky, little Horo Horo...