A/N: I'm going to attempt a Seto/Serenity story...hopefully it won't turn out too badly. I don't think he would go out with a girl that was so much younger, so I will push this forward a few years to make her 19...what age would that make him? I guess 23 or so, everyone else is aged accordingly. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh I'm not that creative.


Joey waited anxiously at the airport for his sister's plane to finally land. She was finally done with her year abroad in the United States. She had spent the time in New York and he could hardly wait to see her and hear all about the city.

Unfortunately, her plane hadn't come in yet. It was late and his nerves were getting raw. Yugi and Tea were off getting coffee at the shop in the airport, while Tristan was busy trying to come up with clever conversation.

"What are you doing here Wheeler?" A familiar voice jolted Joey back to his senses. "Had I known you would be here I would have purchased you a one way ticket to the furthest destination I could come up with."

"Not even you could drag me down today." Joey smirked at the much taller man before him. Kaiba attempted to stare him down, to no avail. "I'm in way too good a mood."

"Let me guess," Kaiba's eyes hardened, "you were hired to shine shoes here and you get to start your new career now?"

Joey began to feel the heat rise in his face, but he was determined not to let Kaiba get to him. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion; nothing would make him ruin this day for his sister. She would be so upset if he greeted her with anything but joy.

"I'm here to pick someone up, for your information Kaiba." Joey replied flatly.

"You might have better luck on a street corner than an airport. I'm sure the only pick-ups you could get would charge a heavy price." Kaiba folded his arms across his chest. No matter how old he got it never ceased to amaze him how much amusement this Mutt gave him.

"Watch yourself Kaiba...don't insult my sister, or you'll be sorry!"

"I didn't know your sister was a hooker Wheeler." Kaiba chuckled evilly at his jest. Joey, on the other hand, lost it. Thankfully Tristan saw the two exchanging words and quickly came over.

"Beat it Kaiba!" Tristan yelled, "Why do you always feel the need to start with Joey?!"

Kaiba glared at the two. He slowly shook his head, "you're both pathetic."

"You're pathetic Kaiba! You have no friends, no life...all you have is a great big company and lots of space between your ears! No wonder Mokuba went off to boarding school-he wanted to get the hell away from you!"

Kaiba would have lunged at him if Joey hadn't been grabbed and spun around.

"That's just plain mean Joey!" Serenity yelled at him. "How could you say such hateful things to Seto Kaiba like that? I would have thought that you would have outgrown your childishness by now!" She had only heard Joey's response, not anything that Kaiba had said originally.

Tristan and Kaiba both looked at her in stunned silence. She was older, taller, curvier and beautiful. The time away had brought back a woman instead of a child, even her eyes shone with a new intelligence.

She looked at Kaiba, "I'm so sorry he said those things to you. It was wrong and I hope you accept my apology on his behalf." She leered at her brother, as if defying him to say otherwise.

Kaiba was stunned, he almost laughed at Joey's plight. He knew he deserved to be yelled at, not Joey. His insults were far worse than Joey's. Kaiba looked at him and smiled, in a malicious way. This was better than insulting him, having his sister yell at him.

"So, Wheeler it looks like your sister's plane came in." Kaiba looked the girl up and down. She didn't notice the lust in his eyes; she was still throwing mental daggers at Joey. He realized she had grown up and now she didn't regard him as the enemy. Funny thing that time had erased his past wrong doings in her eyes.

She turned her attention back to Kaiba. "How is Mokuba?" She asked, knowing that Joey's words probably stung the CEO.

Kaiba's eyes softened for an instant, she was sure she was the only one who noticed.

"He's fine, he's excelling at all things and honoring his name." He wanted to play the part of innocent with her. This could be a fun game. In addition, the local women were quite annoying and if he could land her it would rip Joey's heart out. Besides, he mused, she was quite easy on the eyes.

She tried to read his thoughts, but his eyes were cold, as usual.

"Serenity!" Tea yelled as she approached the group. "When did your flight get in?!"

"We landed just a few minutes ago. It felt like we were circling the airport forever. You look amazing Tea!" Serenity smiled at her old friend. They hugged, and then she hugged Yugi.

"It's been so long since I've seen you all!" She practically had tears in her eyes, "You have to catch me up on everything that's happened since I left."

Joey was still standing there in stunned silence. A year ago he put his little sister on a plane, today she walked back into his life a grown-up, a grown-up who yelled at him for insulting Kaiba. He had been protecting her honor at the time, not his own. He could hardly believe how the day was turning out. He and Tristan looked at each other and store dumbly.

Serenity turned to look at Kaiba again. "I hope I see you again." She was trying to make up for her brother's heartlessness, "maybe next time it will be under better circumstances." She glared at Joey.

"I'm sure we'll cross paths again." He turned and walked away. He was looking forward to getting home and going over the contracts he had just signed. He hated going away on business, coming home was usually his favorite part. He raked a hand through his hair. The end of this trip was going to be relished for awhile. He replayed the scene over in his mind, Joey being yelled at by his sister defending him. He smiled despite himself. He left them there to enjoy their reunion, he had a limo to catch.

Serenity raised an eyebrow as she watched Kaiba walk away. She didn't remember much about the man. She knew about his rivalry with her brother, how they fought, but it was no excuse for Joey to throw the fact that Mokuba went away in his face. He was a few years older, and still he remained aloof. She shrugged and turned her attention back to her friends.

"You didn't even hug me hello," Joey pouted.

She walked over to him and welcomed his embrace. "You really grew up Sis." Gone was the anger he was feeling toward Kaiba. He had missed her horribly. "You aren't going abroad again are you?"

She pulled away and smiled at him. "We'll talk about my future plans later. Right now I'm starving!"

Everyone started walking. She felt a tentative tap on the shoulder and turned. Tristan smiled at her. She realized she hadn't said 'hello' to her devoted pen pal.

"Hello Tristan."

"I've missed you," he blushed.

"Thank you for all of the letters you sent. I only wish I had had the time to answer all of them." She kissed his cheek lightly and hugged him. She knew how he felt about her, but wasn't sure if she felt the same way about him. It would be nice to see him face to face, and talk to him so she could sort out her feelings. A lot had changed since she left and this trip back would be useful in determining what she would do with her future.