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Chapter 34

The Dream Will Live On...

Serenity snapped the small blue box closed and sighed. It would be bad to get caught red-handed with this. Did he really mean to propose? When had he thought of this? What if she had continued to fight his advances, would she have missed his proposal? It was unthinkable.

She fingered the velvet box and flipped it open again. It was magnificent, a bit big for her hand, but it was the bluest stone she had ever seen. Sapphire perhaps? But it wasn't the blue of a sapphire. Delicate fingers traced the stone as her mind began to wander.

Seto Kaiba's wife…

How did she honestly feel about that premise? It was hardly something she saw herself doing at 20, but then again who controlled love? She swallowed hard and closed the box. Maybe the ring wasn't for her. Hell, this wasn't his house—maybe this was the owner of the house's ring. Then again, wouldn't this ring be in the safe? Seto shifted in the bed, pulling her attention away from the jewel and to his form.

Could he be more beautiful? In sleep he looked like an angel, but her angel had horns. She liked his horns. Closing the box, again, she slipped it back into the drawer. She had a lot to think about.

Standing up and opening the curtains, the lake seemed to have caught on fire with the last dappling of the sun. They had spent most of the day in bed, not an unpleasant thing, but something thoroughly unexpected. Seto shifted again, one of his arms snaked over the vacant spot Serenity's warm body had once occupied. The blanket slipped down his bare back, showing off the intricate muscles and lean body of a man known, to most, as ruthless. How many had seen the tender side she experienced? The lure of watching the lake was replaced with watching Seto Kaiba reach for her; she knew he was seeking her out in his sleep. For some odd reason that made wanting him even more natural.

Stroking her hands up and down her own arms, loving the feel of his shirt on her, she wondered if he was dreaming about them. Would his mind still tumble though lengthy computer issues and holograms, or would he relax and dream of erotic encounters? His left hand tightened into a fist and slowly he rolled onto his back. Despite her effort to stay where she was, slowly she approached his sleeping form.

Now here was an entertaining position, standing above a sleeping Seto Kaiba. How many women would give their eyeteeth to have this view? Absently she dug her toes into the rich carpet below her feet. Funny, this room didn't seem to suit her dragon. It was too…feminine…too sweet. Lacey curtains and pale greens decorated the small room. The other cabin was far more complimentary to his character. All she needed was a thunderstorm and then she could scoot right back into bed with him.

Blue eyes blinked open. "What time is it?" He mumbled in a sleep-laced voice.

She shrugged and then regarded the clock on the nightstand, "Seven fifteen."

He smiled, "almost time for bed again."

"You, Seto Kaiba, are insatiable." She folded her arms over her chest and shook her head in mock annoyance.

"Technically I was never satiated Serenity. I told you, only when I'm sure you realize how I feel about you…" The way he was staring at her showed his intention, but his blue eyes showed his reserve. Swallowing hard she sat beside him.

"What now? Shouldn't you call Mokuba and tell him to release poor Rebecca?" Serenity asked, as Seto's fingers traced lazy circles on her exposed thigh.

"Poor Rebecca?" Seto scoffed. "That she-devil will scar my kid brother for life, no doubt."

He sat up and slid to lean his back against the headboard of the bed. The sheet and blanket were puddle around his waist. In other words, he looked delicious. Serenity's hungry eyes fairly devoured him; he smirked at the attention her soft eyes were paying to his body. Hunger was a two way street and before he analyzed things he tugged her close, sinking his right hand into her hair and kissing her breathlessly. Her soft whimper of surprise was replaced quickly by a deep moan of longing.

She found herself draped across his lap, as his mouth played delicious games with hers. They both explored the other's shoulders and necks with eager hands. Who knew that a man who appeared so damn cold could run so hot in just a mere instant.

"I want you…" He growled against her neck, near her ear.

She nodded, knowing his want and echoing it in her own heart. "We should get dressed and get out of the bedroom Seto," she whispered as she thought of the ring. If it wasn't hers she had to protect herself. "Before we do things that can't be taken back."

"I would never want to take it back," he mumbled. "Would you?" A brief hint of insecurity passed through blue eyes that normally hid all emotion.

She shook her head, never breaking eye contact. "I told you I love you Seto and I meant that." Would she say yes to a proposal? She still remained unsure. Could she continue to pursue photography? Would he want a working wife? How long before he wanted children? There were so many questions circling her head and heart.

A loud bang startled them both. They both looked towards the locked door of the bedroom.

"What the hell?" Kaiba muttered as he placed her on the bed and scrambled to pull on his jeans and then his sneakers. She watched as he yanked on his shirt and then he paused—his hand hovering over the doorknob. "Stay here, lock the door…"

With that he was gone and she did as she was told. Standing there terrified to move or think. Suddenly she realized she was in nothing but his shirt and underwear. If someone bad was here…this was not the outfit to be in. Grabbing her clothes she made a beeline for the bathroom and locked herself in. Just great, they were finally together…possibly getting engaged and once again in peril. Where the hell was the happy ending!

Kaiba made his way down the hall, with stealth, making sure to be silent and trying to be invisible. When he came to the stairs he overheard two loud voices. One being Mokuba and the other being…

"Oh damn it!" He groaned as he walked down the stairs. "Mokuba! What the hell? Why did you bring her here?" He made his way towards the couple and then stopped when he was within a few feet of Mokuba.

Rebecca tossed her long silky blonde hair over her shoulder and looked up at Kaiba defiantly, "I demanded to be brought here—I will have you know." She enunciated her words with a sharp poke or three to Kaiba's chest. He was hardly amused.

"Take her back home, I didn't ask to hear her mouth and I am not amused." Kaiba was talking over the irate girl's head, directly to Mokuba.

"I will so not be ignored Seto Kaiba, what the hell have you done with Serenity? I'll be damned if I leave here before I see my best friend. Now, where's the dungeon? I'm sure a sick, twisted kidnapper such as you has a dungeon…" She pushed past him and began calling out Serenity's name at the top of her lungs.

Kaiba approached his brother; a boy who used to be short, but now fell just a few inches shy of his big brother's height.

"Remind me about what I did to you that was so awful…" Seto muttered.

"What do you mean?" Mokuba asked as he covered his smile with his hand. Seto looked annoyed as hell as the object of his anger began shouting throughout the house.

"I must have done something really rotten to have you bring that shrew up here. I think it's a revenge plot on your part." Kaiba folded his arms across his chest and observed the frantic girl.

"I bet she's tied up and gagged in some cellar! Where the hell is the cellar you…you…" Rebecca turned and looked at the two men who were staring at her. "OH! I can't even think of words to use on you… Then again, I can but I'm a lady." Rebecca tugged her unruly hair back over her shoulders and gathered it as if trying to make a ponytail.

"In your own mind perhaps…" Kaiba said dryly.

"I hate you!" Rebecca growled.

"Trust me, the feeling is quite mutual." Seto assured her.

"What is all the shouting?" Serenity asked at the top of the stairs.

"I thought I told you to stay in the room." Kaiba's eyes narrowed on the redhead. She had changed into a pair of his shorts, but kept his shirt on. He decided he liked her in blue. His voice was firm, but even he could hear the gentler tone of it. He frowned, there was no way he would go soft—not even for her.

Serenity caught his eye and smiled, "I thought I heard Rebecca."

"You did," Rebecca squealed as she practically tackled her friend. "Are you okay? What did he do to you? I swear I'll maime him!" Rebecca turned her fierce blue eyes on Seto Kaiba. "What did you do?"

Kaiba was a bit taken aback by the accusing tones of this person he didn't like.

"He didn't do anything Rebecca, I'm fine." Serenity assured the flushed girl. "Seriously, I'm okay—he was a…um…" Serenity wanted to say 'total gentleman', but for some reason that didn't seem to apply. "Very amicable host."

Seto raised an eyebrow, "an amicable host?" He asked in a questioning tone. They nearly did that…and he was amicable?

Serenity smiled warmly at him.

"I'm missing something…" Rebecca mumbled. "Anyway, I'm here to rescue you." She grabbed Serenity's wrist and tugged her away from Kaiba.

Serenity heard Kaiba's low growl and smiled at him, there was no intention of leaving his side. She still wasn't sure if she would marry him, but leaving him wasn't an option.

"Rebecca, I'm staying here—with Seto. We made up."

"I was never in a fight," Seto scoffed.

"He's an ass Serenity, surely you see that?" Rebecca was a bit shocked.

"Yes he can be at times," Serenity's eyes raked over him, "but I fell in love." A soft shrug and diverted eyes told Rebecca she would lose this battle.

"What kind of brain washing technique has he used on you?" Rebecca walked over to Serenity and placed a hand on either of Serenity's cheeks. She made a big show of searching the girl's eyes and tilting her head this way and that. Serenity finally pulled away.

"Do you mind?" Serenity snapped. "He didn't brain wash me or drug me."

"That's ironic—I would think one would have to be on drugs to stand being in his company." Rebecca gave Kaiba a sharp sneer.

"So, Mokuba, tell me again why you thought this was a good idea." Kaiba growled, never taking his eyes off said shrew.

"I never said 'good', I just thought it was better than her running to the police. Kidnapping is a federal offense. You would have gone to prison." Mokuba snickered. Somehow the thought of Seto doing hard time—and not in his own pampered surroundings—was comical.

"I wasn't kidnapped Rebecca." Serenity offered.

"You went willingly?" Rebecca asked knowing Serenity couldn't lie to save her life.

"It was under duress, but I'm glad I went with him. Just drop it Rebecca, seriously, I'm where I want to be." She could feel his blue eyes on her, she didn't need to see his gaze—her heart felt it.

"Well I'm not…I was kidnapped and I am not where I want to be." She hmphed softly and placed her hands on her hips. "I want to go home and call 911—I'm reporting them for breaking and entering, kidnapping, threats of bodily harm…" She used her fingers to list the offenses. "I have every intention of prosecution and telling…you will both go to prison and then Serenity can be deprogrammed. So there Seto Kaiba!"

Mokuba rolled his eyes, "see what you left me with Seto?"

"As I recall, you volunteered for the task." Seto amended.

Mokuba snickered, "I didn't think she'd still be a brat after all these years…"

"Once a brat, always a brat. Women aren't cured of that vice. You thought you would turn on the charm and she would melt—guess she proved your plan inadequate." Seto smirked.

"Ouch," Mokuba chuckled, "that hurts. I just needed more time."

"And she needs to be taken over a knee…"

"I so volunteer," Mokuba nodded with a firm smile planted on his lips.

"I am in the room you Neanderthals! Serenity! Honestly, what the hell are you thinking?" Rebecca looked completely aghast at the two men talking about her. "They are acting as if I'm an object not a person. You like this idiot and his little DNA sharing counterpart? I swear you lost brain cells since you last left New York. I'm telling your brother!"

Mokuba watched her rant and rave, he was completely entranced with her. Blonde hair wildly wrapped around her, blue eyes sparkling with mischief, and the logic and sarcasm were entertaining as all hell. He wanted her, heaven help him—he did.

"Chauvinist!" She snapped at Mokuba.

"What the hell did I do now?" Mokuba asked innocently.

"Where do I begin? How could you go along with his plans? You have broken so many laws I lost count…"

She started listing them again when Mokuba decided he had had enough. In a quick move, taking the blonde completely off guard, he grabbed her and pressed his lips tightly against hers. There was a muffled attempt at rebuke and her palms pressed firmly against his shoulder—an attempt to push him away. Kaiba moved closer to Serenity, a look of disgust on his face.

"It isn't that bad…" Serenity giggled. "Stop looking at them like that," she whispered.

"It is that bad and I can't help it, why the hell is he kissing her?" The disgust was clear.

"Why did you kiss me the first time?" She asked as she slipped her hand into his.

Kaiba shrugged, not really recalling the why, but remembering he liked it.

Rebecca was shocked at first, but a few seconds passed and she found her eyes drifting closed, her hands no longer pushed at him and suddenly her lips softened against his. Mokuba's grip on her loosened and his hand softly stroked her back as he attempted to calm and then deepen the kiss. He was too late; she took the initiative and deepened it instead…

"You kissed me first," Kaiba felt a lump lodge in his throat as he watched the kiss progress—it was sickening.

Serenity frowned, "No, you kissed me first."

He turned to look down at her; she was staring at him intently with a frown marring her brow. His mind raced, no, he was sure she kissed him first. He didn't recall kissing her in the rain while holding her or at the airport or park. He sure as hell didn't kiss her in the museum or in the car…what was she thinking of?

"You forgot," she accused.

"You kissed me in bed that night, after I carried you through the rain." He shrugged nonchalantly and cleared his throat. This kiss hadn't lasted long enough for his taste.

"Wrong Seto Kaiba," Serenity corrected, as she pulled her hand away. "That wasn't our first kiss. And, I can assure you—you did kiss me first." She was angry now.

Great, now he had to watch his own flesh and blood kiss a girl who made his skin crawl and the woman he loved was annoyed. This was getting worse, and it had started so blissfully—what the hell went wrong? Blue eyes shot daggers at the blonde who was now wrapped around his kid brother—she started the problems. If it weren't for the she-devil, he and Serenity would be nuzzling in bed right now.

Mokuba finally broke the heated kiss and smiled when he noticed Rebecca's eyes were still closed. Lots of fight, but lots of passion too—this could get interesting. Had he kissed her senseless? A gentle kiss to the bridge of her nose caused her eyes to flutter open, a soft 'oh' escaped her kiss-swollen lips.

"Our first kiss wasn't in bed that night…you better remember it Seto Kaiba," Serenity's tone of voice was dangerous.

His mind raced, when the hell had he kissed her and how many presents would make this better? And what presents do you get an angry fiancée? Then again, he hadn't proposed yet—maybe when he did all would be forgiven.

Rebecca turned at the harsh tone in Serenity's voice.

"I…recall," he started, grappling with the memories of that night. "I gave you the top—not the bottom so you should be happy for that. Because I remember that quite well." He looked at her smugly.

Rebecca and Mokuba's jaws dropped simultaneously.

"You're impossible, I was taking the top whether or not you approved." She stuck her nose up and turned away from him.

"You should have had the bottom—that would have been my preference." He smiled at her back. It was amusing to bait her.

She smiled, but never allowed him to see it. "I bet it would have. Now quit stalling—when was our first kiss?" Not daring to turn around and let him see her smile, she kept her back to him.

"You said it wasn't in bed…"

"Very good, you might not remember—but at least you listen." She nearly giggled, but managed to hold it in.

His mind raced, he didn't want to be in an argument, not in front of Mokuba and her…especially not her. Rolling his eyes heavenward and growling a bit, he quickly folded his arms defensively across his chest.

"When there is something to listen to, yes, I am quite a good listener."

"Good to know," Serenity mumbled. "Now, figure out our first kiss and I may allow you to kiss me again in the future."

Scoffing at the fiery redhead he wanted to tell her just how uninterested he was in ever kissing her again. Instead, a loud slap caught his attention. Rebecca had just realized what Mokuba had done. The aftermath was a confused looking Mokuba rubbing his slowly reddening cheek.

"What the hell was that for?" Mokuba asked as his eyes narrowed on Rebecca.

"How dare you kiss me without permission," she managed, still flushing from the heated kiss.

"You weren't complaining when it was happening."

"You were smothering me," it sounded really stupid, even to her.

"I swear you could drive a man to commit homicide, and what's with the delayed reaction?" Mokuba grabbed her upper arm and turned her to face him.

"Why did you kiss me?" She asked.

"Because someone had to shut you up." Mokuba explained through clenched teeth before turning to his older brother, and in an exasperated tone asked, "Did you and Serenity have this much fun in the beginning?"

"She never hit me, not even after…" It was then he recalled… "Not even after our shower incident." Blue eyes shone with intelligence. "I kissed you in the shower that first night, before we went to bed."

Serenity smiled widely, he was a pain in the ass, but he was now her pain in the ass. "Took you long enough, you self-proclaimed genius."

Slowly the two drifted together.

"You…you showered together and slept together the first night?" A horrified Rebecca gasped as she slapped a hand over her mouth. "Serenity! How could you! You said that you wanted to wait for that, and then you just give it up on the first night? OH my God! Couldn't you have at least chosen someone less annoying? I mean seriously!"

Mokuba leaned in close to Rebecca's ear, "you forgot to mention how your friend demanded to be on top…" He pulled back and snickered as Rebecca's face paled.

"What on earth are you two talking about?" Serenity asked innocently.

Seto smirked, now understanding just how guilty it all sounded. Would they even believe how innocent it all really was? Did he care? No, not really. In fact, it was all dementedly amusing. People warped things into total guilt without much provocation these days. It was a bit disturbing that one of them was Mokuba…when did he learn all about sex anyway?

"You had sex with Kaiba the first night out with him!" Rebecca accused.

Serenity looked at her friend as if the girl had grown a second head. "Are you insane?" Serenity accused. "We have NEVER done THAT…"

Kaiba narrowed his eyes on Serenity, "you say that like it would be a horrible experience…"

"Well, we haven't…" she shrugged and tried to calm her blush and skyrocketing blood pressure. She knew what he meant, but it wasn't intended as an insult—just a way to cover her embarrassment. Sharing intimate details of her time with him was inherently wrong in her mind.

Biting her lower lip Serenity decided to change things a bit. Seto was now mad, she was embarrassed, Mokuba had been slapped and Rebecca wanted to have ANYONE tossed into prison. Something needed to be altered.

"Will you excuse us?" She indicated her and Seto as being the 'us'.

"You can't leave me with him!" Rebecca yelped.

"Watch her," Seto sneered at the blonde. Quickly he grabbed Serenity's hand and led her from the room, out the door and down to the dock. She tried keeping up with his much longer strides, but nearly tripped several times. Time was of the essence, because Rebecca was probably intending on chasing after her friend, and Seto was at his wit's end. They made it to the dock and quickly he stopped, tossed her over his shoulder and boarded the boat at the end.

"Put me down!" She complained as he manhandled her. He did as she requested, onto one of the seats. He left her there, complaining to no one who was interested.

Untying the boat from the dock, he proceeded to start the engine and pull out slowly onto the lake—even as Rebecca showed up at the beginning of the dock. Pleas of 'wait' were ignored, as Seto let the throttle out gaining distance from the shore.

Serenity sat in stunned silence as the image of her friend grew smaller and the expanse grew larger. Blinking and wondering why, she rose and approached the man she thought was level headed.

"Why did you do that?" She asked.

"Because I knew you wouldn't, and I would have choked the life out of her if we stood there any longer." Shrugging he returned his attention to the lake before him. The damnable little blonde was annoying as hell, this was his time with Serenity and that little pill was not going to ruin this.

Serenity sat down and watched as Seto maneuvered the boat over the water, staring at him and wanting him…why did he affect her like this? Honestly, she should want to kick him, instead she had an undeniable urge to tackle him.

Slowly he pulled back on the throttle, bringing the boat to a slow crawl. When he cut the engine she let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. All was silent for a moment until he dropped the anchor, which made a loud clatter as it disappeared below the surface. It seemed he intended to keep them out there for a while.

"Perfection in the silence," he whispered as he moved closer to her.

Despite herself she backed up. Kaiba tilted his head as he continued to approach, "now, let's discuss this sex issue…"

"Seto Kaiba…I…" and then he silenced her by claiming her mouth. The boy was nothing, if not thorough. Breathlessly she looked at him when he broke the contact. She sat back quickly onto the seat as the boat shifted beneath her feet. He stood over her, enjoying her dazed and confused look.

"First of all, your friends really need to learn their place. I can be patient for only so long—before I drown nuisances like her…" He tilted up his chin in the direction from which they had come—indicating that he was complaining about Rebecca.

"Second, you need to start thinking about where we are leading to…we may not have had sex yet, but we have been intimate. You have enough information to know whether or not you want to pursue more, and when you do—inform me, not your friends." Serenity's mouth opened and closed with no words escaping her lips.

"Third, I need an analysis of where we are headed…"

Brown eyes narrowed on blue. Talking to her as if she were a child was annoying to the point of aggravation. How could she marry him when she wanted to slap him…hard…

"You are exasperating and annoying and overbearing…" She growled.

"Is that all?" There was amusement in his eyes.

"No, how about hard-headed, ornery, obstinate, and infuriating?"

"I thought for sure you would also add arrogant, dismissive and impossible." There was a glint in his eyes.

"I didn't want to hurt your feelings." She grumbled as she turned her head. It was so hard to refrain from smiling. A day ago she thought it was over, but here she was with him, alone on a lake and arguing.

"Hmmm." He turned from her. "What did you think of the ring?"

The world seemed to stop and she kept spinning. How did he know? Hadn't he been asleep? Now she felt like a snooping child, who's hand had been caught in the cookie jar.

"The what?" She would play coy. Blink innocent eyes, while batting eyelashes.

"Are you going to deny having seen it? Come on Serenity, I know you did—I was watching you…"

"You were asleep!" She accused and then slapped a hand over her mouth. Why not just blurt it out? Her cheeks burned anew.

"Well?" He prompted.

"Alright, I admit it." She whispered, feeling stupid.

"I knew you did, admitting it means nothing to me. I want your answer. Surely you thought about it. Would that arrangement be tolerable for you?"

Her face drained of its color…was that her proposal? Her whole life she imagined flowers, soft music, candles…he would get down on one knee…smile at her adoringly and gently ask for her hand and heart in marriage… This was so not matching that image.

"Are you serious?" She asked through clenched teeth and an evaporating patience puddle.

"Very, are you?" He shrugged and turned his head slightly. This was not what he had anticipated. He imagined her throwing herself in his arms, soft curves pressing against him as she confessed her love and desire for him. Then again, hadn't she done that already? Maybe she was becoming a bit more reserved, he wasn't sure if that was an appealing idea.

"THAT was my proposal? I mean, really? Because it lacked all elements of a true proposal." She huffed and sat down hard on the seat.

"My point has been put across, hell, in ancient times I would have offered two or three cows for you and you would have no say. I think this was done tactfully—like the proper business transaction. We would be entering into a verbal agreement, followed by an actual marriage contract." He seemed lost in thought, even as her mouth gaped open. "I won't look for a prenuptial agreement—I do love you and all. I also don't believe in divorce, so that would hardly ever be an option." Scratching his chin thoughtfully he turned to see her stunned expression.

He was serious, as serious as a train wreck. You couldn't watch it and yet could not tear your eyes away from it.

"You are obviously taking this all in, and I don't blame you—it is a big decision." He moved closer, and then knelt before her.

This was the position he should have taken when he asked.

"Seto…I love you, you know that." She placed a hand on either side of his face, he was beautiful and perfect and yet…

"I know that." He smirked at her.

"I have thought about it…and I…can't say yes…" Her eyes dropped even as his searched her face. Did she say 'no'? It wasn't possible…it didn't fit into his calculations. He had the perfect ring, the perfect setting (she always wanted to go on the other lake in the boat), and the perfect argument for the marriage. All the pieces were in place. The frown marring his face showed his annoyance and disbelief.

"I want the fairy tale Seto…"

"Fairy tale?" He hated that she sounded so sad, he didn't understand.

"I want the magic of a proposal that I can tell our children about, not about how you would trade cows for me…" she shook her head, still not believing that particular comment. "I want to be your wife, but I just don't think you understand the romance of marriage…and until then, when you understand…my answer is no." There were tears in her eyes, threatening to spill onto her cheeks.

Standing from the kneeling position, he couldn't tear his eyes off her. This was wrong. His mind hurt from the rejection, she had slid into his life—made her mark and now wanted to be free of him?

How was a girl supposed to explain to a man like Seto Kaiba that she wanted romance? Hell, the man had never been romantic with her…had he? Quickly, a retrospect began in her mind. Every event, every moment, was gone over and dissected—scrutinized for romantic content. There were no flowery words or phrases, no candle-lit dinners or bouquets of flowers, instead, there were sarcastic comments, heated kisses and quiet concern.

The boy had carried her for over a mile, without even knowing her—through the rain. He had shared a bed and room with her, never seeking to take advantage. Sure, he had teased her, but she honestly had felt safe as a kitten.

Seto Kaiba moved to the edge of the boat, leaving her to her thoughts. Looking over at him, she took in his form—defeated. That was the only word for his posture. An ache began to fill her being.

Risking her life for him had never fazed her—she was in love with him. His reaction to her trying to save him was terror—she recalled it in his eyes. It wasn't there because he feared a girl saving him, no, it was there for her welfare. Possibly his own demise would have been more agreeable to him then any injury to her. She noted the bandages on his wrists, and how he fought to free himself of the chains that held him back from rescuing her. Chills raced down her spine.

Standing, slowly she approached him.

"Do they still hurt?" Concern was evident in her voice and her fingers stroked his bandaged wrists. He turned towards her, a question in his eyes. A lump formed in her throat. He had chased her across the world—and then kidnapped her in an attempt to speak with her. Seto Kaiba—a man who ran a billion dollar company and thought egocentrically—never gave up on her.

He shrugged, trying to keep his mind elsewhere. Rejection wasn't a thought he had. The worst she could have said, in his mind, was 'I need time'. He would have given her that, but an outright 'no'. Well, it was just wrong. He loved her, pursued her, admitted things to her, nearly claimed her in his bed...and wanted her forever.

Did she need the prose and the mushy love songs?

"Would you save me?" She whispered and was quickly rewarded with a slight nod. "Would you ever leave me?"

His eyes widened at the question, it was a foolish one. A tear trickled down her cheek and he wiped it with a thumb, she pressed her cheek into his open palm. A soft sob escaped her, as her eyes drifted shut.

"I kidnapped you, I would do anything necessary and within my means to prove myself to you. I know most think I'm rude and callus…but I have never wanted anyone more." He let out an uncomfortable breath.

"You have proven yourself Seto," she bit her lower lip.

"But you still don't want me." He turned from her then, gently pulling his hands from her and bracing them on the railing of the boat.

"I do want you, more now than ever—I just need…" A heavy sigh escaped her as she pressed her forehead against his back.

"Romance, which I know I am incapable of…" He grunted, she'd never be happy with him.

"What you give is better than romance Seto." He turned at that statement, now thoroughly confused.

"You never pushed me to do something I might regret, you tease, and bring things out in me I never thought myself capable of. Who knew I would be able to storm a stronghold and rescue someone…Well, Mokuba did the hard part, but I like to think I helped—even a little…"

Suddenly his mouth was on hers, probing and tasting, tempting her to react. Her fingers wound into his silken hair as she pressed against him. What if he would have died? What if a chance for this moment, for a life together, had been denied? He deepened the kiss and she whimpered against his lips. Desperation started tugging on them both as he shifted her higher against him, pulling her curves against the contours of his body. Holding her suspended against him.

She finally managed to pull back, her breathing now a ragged exercise of need.

"We aren't over…" He whispered.

"My dream is far from over Seto Kaiba—I feel like I'm standing at the beginning with you. Will you wait for me to catch up?" She asked, seriously.

"Forever…" He mumbled as he tugged her into another warm, heated kiss.

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