The guardians from Cybertron

My name is henriette and I'm about to tell you a story. A story that could be told by many but I'm one of the head persons or robots.

It all started on Cybertron many million years ago the transformers were battling each other but their help came from the Minicons a small group of robots. But no one knew that deep within the planet six Anirobots arose to the battle that would kill them now they had to make the peace come but the Minicons took of from the planet and the Anirobots was laid to sleep but because of the power that they hold they were destroyed by the Decepticons.

No one would ever dream off that six children could from a planet so long away could wake the necklaces but now the time has come where six robots and six human must arise to a challenge greater than any wars that the Autobots have fought.

Hot shot, Red alert and Blurr were talking about the guardians. According to old properties, humans, who was in contact with transformers could wake them

Optimus confronted them with the same so the base was talking about it in no time.

Fred, Billy, Rad, Carlos, Alexia and I were also talking about it. I imaged a great horse with wings of metal of a unknown kind, Alexia a eagle with great wings of silver, Rad a tiger of gold with wings, Carlos a great turtle with great speed, Fred a dragon with great wings and fire coming out of it's mouth and Billy a snake gliding silently of silver and gold. We laughed, so it could be heard by Jetfire, who had been listening

"I must say you got a great fantasy and it could wake the guardians maybe" he said laughing we looked at him

when the night came we were driven home Sideswipe was driving me home

"You're so quiet what is it" he asked I told him what Jetfire had said "oh maybe he was making fun"

"that is the creepy thing I don't think it was a joke Sideswipe" I said silently the Autobot didn't reply.

"thanks for the ride Sideswipe" I called Sideswipe use his horn for a good night and drove off

Something told me that my fantasy had rose a great deal I didn't know why I draw the horse from inside off my eyes when I got to bed the horse on the drawing sprung a life and with a light it became a necklace.

Next morning all looked to be the same but not all we were picked up by Blurr, Sideswipe, Hot Shot and Red Alert.

Red alert was beaming his horn at me so I got or felt out my bed and got dressed up.

"I'm coming kept it down" I yelled at him the Autobot opened his door and let me inside

"couldn't you not have kept you down I was awake" I jawed at him

"No we had to pick you all very fast I'm not sure on what was wrong but it has something to do with the Guardians" he said driving with the siren on so people moved away from the traffic

We ran down the hallway into the control room where Optimus were talking with an Autobot I didn't know but we were introduced to each other

"Henriette this is Landmower" Optimus said the Autobot on the screen nodded and continued talking to Optimus

"Quick we must get the ship finished" Hot Shot said I ran with him I saw poor Ditcher working so fast that he was tired but couldn't work after some hours.

I ran to him and beeped to him words of comfort and encouragement and he got up still weak but awake the other children came in and asked me what was going on.

"The guardians are waking up they don't know what it means so they need backup right away and...oh... we are coming with them" I said they looked at me but nodded .

the ship was finish but we couldn't go off right away.

"seven Minicons have activated we must find them but how?" Optimus said nearly giving up

"you are eight we are six if we spilt up in teams then maybe" I said like a professor.

"how?" Hot Shot said ignoring the look he got from the others

"Optimus can go on his own but with his own Minicon partner, Smokescreen, Blurr and Carlos I think you can go on it, Hot Shot, Fred and Billy, Red Alert and Rad, Sideswipe and Alexia if I hear any problems you go straight home and me and Ditcher" I said

"Then you don't have one to back you up" Smokescreen said when he heard his name before Blurrs "let me go with you I don't like you to go on you're own" he said trying to stay with me.

"if I get trouble I'll call Scavenger or Jetfire I know that they stand out but I go after the Minicon here near where

Optimus is so we help each other out" I explained and pointed my position out. They transformed I stood back and watched as they took off then last was me, Sparkplug, Ditcher and Optimus, who transformed. I stood one of the plates,

that gave us the jump-suit on with the Autobots logo on it's back.

"hold on" Optimus said, when we went of for the arena, where the two Minicons were.

"Well we're here you go in that direction and I in the other" Optimus said when I got out I clapped him on the door and went on with Ditcher.

"well I hope it goes for the others should we ask them?" I said to Ditcher

(I don't think so they have got company can't you fell it) he beeped I closed my eyes and felt someone attacking them

"We must find the Minicon fast Megatron is attacking Optimus" I said Ditcher found it quickly it was on a green wall, but standing out to the others

We went fast to get to Optimus I thought it over twice and took the headset on

"Optimus how are you?!" I asked when I got it on.

"I'm exhausted if we don't get help" he answered and got attacked by Megatron

"Scavenger, Jetfire did you hear it" I asked while I had to hold on to the Minicon and the steer of Ditcher

"Yes but the computer is down we don't know why" scavengers voice said.

"does anyone have time to spear?" I asked on the open line.

"No I'm busy with a crow" Hot Shot said.

"I have a tank to take care of" Red Alert said.

"Well I would if I could but I have Thrust on my tail" Blurr said.

"Blurr! Where is Smokescreen? He hasn't got anyone on the tail" I said before Sideswipe could answer.

"I'm in the near of you or behind I knew that you needed backup so I'm coming now" Smokescreens voice came.

I looked back "just help Optimus not me I got the Minicon that I was looking for" the crane car drove past me beaming it's horn.

Ditcher drove into a cave and we found the Minicon that Optimus had been looking for and...

(Henriette there are two in here) my Minicon said. I looked at the place it was pointing towards sure enough there were two more Minicons in here we helped each other and got it.

But something attacked my mind so I lost the Minicon and fell unconscious.

(Wake up Henriette) Ditchers voice came. I blinked two times and sat up.

"How long have I been out?" I asked

(Ten minutes) the Minicon answered.

Why had I fallen unconscious? I and Ditcher ran out of the cave to see if we could help. Optimus was lying on the

ground with Smokescreen. Megatron looked down at me surprised. He took his hand down to get me.

Then something grew in me, like a horse ready to attack. A ghost escaped out of nowhere and attacked Megatron.

"We must get out of here henriette did you get the Minicons" Optimus yelled at me transforming.

"but you're hurt" I called looking at a great opening in his shoulder

"are you coming or not?!" he yelled angrily.

"Yes!" I yelled back running up to him and got in.

"Open! The warpgate" my voice screamed and the gate opened Smokescreen came driving I looked at him he too was hurt badly.

But on the way back Optimus transformed back to his robot type I screamed in fear and surprise I feared that we wouldn't return and yelled.


We got back. Smokescreen, Optimus and I was gliding across the floor all tired but Smokescreen was up in no time to

get to Optimus.

"Are you guys okay?!" a voice yelled. Jetfire were coming nearer and Scavenger was behind him

"Optimus is injured more badly than I" Smokescreen said leaning over the leader that was unconscious. I got up humping to them.

"What about you? henriette?" Smokescreen looked at me I was shaking with fright. "The transform took it hard on Optimus so he transformed back before we were here."

"I'm just surprised and scared I thought that we both were going to die but I got the Minicons" I said admitting that I was scared. "have you heard from the others?" I asked the two Autobots who had stayed behind.

"Red Alert have the Minicon and is back. He's looking to Sideswipe, who also got the Minicon. Blurr and Hot Shot isn't back yet." Scavenger said, bearing the leader into the repairer room. I was meet by Rad and Alexia, who hugged me.

"We're alive, but it was a hard turn" Alexia said, when I asked her how they were. She and Sideswipe had gone into trouble, when they got there. Sideswipe had been battling and Alexia had found the Minicon. They had been the first to return, quickly followed by Red Alert and Rad, who had had problems to find their Minicon.

"Let's hope. That they don't have problems" Rad said, looking at Optimus, who still were out cold. Suddenly metallic sound were coming, running, towards the commanders room. We ran after.

"Why do you not come through" Jetfire asked. The one, who had run was Red Alert, who ran to some place. That was smoking.

"we can't get back. It is locked" Hot Shots panicked and desperate voice came.

"it was okay, just two minutes ago" Jetfire said.

"Are you okay, Hot Shot?" I yelled. Tears running down my cheeks.

"if I don't get help fast, then I won't" Hot Shot answered sadly.

"Guardians! You are here to help! Then help them!" Rad, Alexia and I yelled. We didn't know why we had called, but something happened.

Suddenly a tiger, an eagle and a horse rose from the floor the horse neighing, the eagle screaming with sounds so loud that our ears were falling of and the tiger roared loud the warpgate was with light for two seconds then Blurr and Hot Shot came driving by each others sides.

The animals disappeared and we stood back looking at the point, where they had been. I ran down to the room where Optimus laid, the leader were healing. So all the wounds were gone!

Sideswipe came walking he too had been healed but the leader was not getting up. A horse rose from the floor behind me.

"He will be okay Henri" it said I turned and looked Sideswipe looked surprised.

"Who are you?" I asked it

The horse looked at me "My name is Asiata which mean 'the powerful leader' on a old language" it said

"so you're a guardian" Sideswipe asked

Asiata nodded "we have awoken to help you the foe is getting nearer to Cybertron" she said "I'll be waiting you and the others see you" Asiata disappeared

Sideswipe and I looked at each other not knowing what to say but then we both knew what and ran to the others.

There were a great activity when we left the vice commander were giving orders to them and we six went home to pack the thing together.

"where are you going" my father asked

"out to help someone" I answered him he looked at me

"dad when you once told me to follow my dreams did you mean it" I asked he smiled and nodded then he left me.

I got the last thing needed and ran off driving on Ditcher I meet Sideswipe on the way he took me back to the Autobots where Hot Shot and Scavenger were holding a weary Optimus who still were out we got in I looked out back at what

looked like a life that I had lived years away the door closed and we were on the way.

I and Alexia were sharing room but since I only had some inventions with me we didn't miss any place we got a spacesuit that were good and warm and we didn't even have to get a helmet or gloves because it was in it we just had to put it on when we went to space.

I looked at the earth we were leaving it fast would we ever see it again? Hot Shot came up behind me

"you'll come back to it we promise you" he said I looked up at him.

"how is Optimus?" I asked thinking about him for a moment

"Still out cold Red Alert is working on him now but can't find out what is wrong" Hot Shot replied.

"I'll se if I can help him I'm that size smaller" I said walking down to the room where Red Alert were working.

"Hi Red Alert how is it going?" I asked him he looked up at me for a second smiling

"Well, I'm too big to see the fault that is here I was about to call you" he answered returning to work I jumped up on the

chest off Optimus who looked like a lost hero.

"let us se" I said looking at my laptop I had brought along all looked fine I then saw something

"Red Alert I think I have found the fault" we looked at it an a bigger screen he nodded

"I never thought it would been there Thank god that we had you with us" he said looking down at me

"Well I know one thing that you could help me with my headset it needs some upgrades with your technology" I said

Red Alert nodded "that thing I at least can help you with but help me with Optimus okay?" he said we worked for a

while with the fault and after four hours I could draw the sweat away from my face Red Alert looked at me smiling.

Red Alert showed me the upgrades for community that they had and I pointed those out I knew that I would need.

"I think that it is okay for now if it doesn't work then I don't know what will" Red Alert said we had been working on the headset for a hour and we were both tired I nearly fell asleep while working on the headset.

"I think you're right" I answered with the headset on my head "I can hear so many things now even Hot Shot who is arguing with Scavenger" we laughed then a voice from behind sounded

"what is it that is so funny?" we both got a surprise and looked back at the leader.

"Optimus you're awake!" I shrieked happily jumping around in circles. Red alert smiled

"welcome back to the living" he joked Optimus laughed.

"well I want to ask did some one get the number of that truck?" Optimus joked as well we laughed harder.

After two hours we came with Optimus the happiness was so great that I never dreamt of it. The Autobots were taking turn to greeting the leader back from the dead the other humans were happy too I were leaping out of sight so they didn't see me.

I found the control room and set up at the window looking as suns planets and stars came past me I never thought that another's happiness would make me cry I looked out of the window noticing something at the side I rubbed my eyes was I seeing false or did I see right. Was it not a top cat?

"Guys will you come into the control room I've got something that you should see." I said over the microphone so all could hear me.

They came within seconds Jetfire and Optimus looked at it relaxing more than us. I looked worried the Autobots had set detectors in who could fell a transformer in 50 miles and this one were close.

"I think it is Skydancer he has always the guard away from Cybertron" Hot Shot said

"henriette try your headset his code name is 'Loner' and ours is 'Comet-1'" Red Alert said looking at me

"Calling Loner this is Comet-1 over" I called linking to the aeroplane

"This is Loner welcome back Optimus I thought that you had left us for a great off time over" the aeroplane answered

over the headset

"Calling Loner well I didn't think that it would take so long over" Optimus said.

The top cat flied over us "I'll bring you to Cybertron Vanish and Police is on the way Over" the top cat came out in front of us.

"Has the planet moved since the last time" I asked not noticing that the radio were on.

"Nah! The Decepticons are every where now a days" Skydancer said coming down so he looked inside the window I stood

"You're a human I thought it are you an ally"

"We're allies we are six humans but me who you're talking with are henriette" I answered

"Where are the rest?" Skydancer wondered

"Rad, Carlos, Alexia, Billy, Fred come over here Skydancer wants to se you" I said to the others I introduced them to each other.

"Well see you on Cybertron your guard are coming there" to helicopters were coming one of them black reminding me of one like it I had seen the other was a ordinary police helicopter

"Calling Comet-1 this is Cyber-2 and 3 we are your escort to Cybertron over" a voice came over the radio we looked at them Skydancer were about to take off when Optimus stopped him.

"Skydancer I want you to stay here if you're three then the Decepticons will stay away I hope over" he said Skydancer looked inside the control room and took of

"Calling Loner where are you going over" I asked Skydancer

"calling henriette easy I'm just behind you we are three one on the sites over" Skydancer answered

"wow one minute I thought you were leaving us what is that ahead of us" I said and listening to what he said

"it is Cybertron our home welcome back and welcome to our home humans" Vanish answered.

Rad and Alexia were gasping it was a huge planet only convert with metal Ditcher came to me laying a hand on my


"I knew this would be a adventure but not that great" I said to it

"yes but welcome so do I say" Ditcher said we looked at him.

"he talked can you guys to" Rad asked the Minicons

"yes Rad we do" Highwire said

"we only speak when we are on Cybertron" Grindor said.

We all (children) looked at each other well now Fred and Billy could understand them as well I looked at it planes of all kinds were flying around but something told me that something was wrong.

"Why do I got suck a creepy felling is there something wrong with the planet" I whispered to myself but Alexia heard me.

"You aren't the only one I got the same felling too don't you guys?" she asked the four boys who nodded. We all then saw light on our chests I looked down the necklace of a horse came to sight.

"Whoa look at this!" I said taking it up it was Asiata I knew it before I took it up.

The Autobots looked out Optimus was scared so was some of the others. But not of the power off the necklaces but of the great shadow that was coming.

"Unicron the greatest foe You ever will se that was the thing I warned you about" a voice said I clapped a hand over my mouth it hadn't been me who spoke but Asiata who also stood behind me so did other animals.

tha battle is on now we have to wait and see what hapens