The guardians from Cybertron.

I looked in a state of shock as the parts of Optimus flew past me. I flew quickly after me trying to make a sense out of what had happen.

"Optimus?" all heard a silence voice said they turned. Silver wings flapped up and down fast like a humming bee's

Rad looked up at me trying to locate my true feeling but there was none

"OPTIMUS!" finally I screamed out and my true feelings came forward- hate, fury and sadness.

The matrix silently flew forwards to me I grabbed it wit my wings Jetfire was by my side "Prime's gone!" he yelled

Decepticons still under Galvatron's leadership looked up they would have been glad but then they looked at me some of them cared for the young human. I looked up at Unicron hate filling me making it my strength

"your next!" I yelled and flew fast towards Unicron this time he was in real pain the goodness in my heart and the combined powers of the Matrix and myself made several armor pieces fall of him.

"Henri!" Starscreams voice yelled up he and Rad came flying beginning to glow as well when they tried to find me I was no where to be found.

"where is she?" Rad called with hope failing his voice

don't let hope fail you

"who's there?" Starscream yelled no one answered his question "WHO ARE YOU?"

the voice didn't answer it sounded like some one he knew but he wasn't sure

"Henri!" Rad yelled they noticed something became very wrong. Unicron was healing again the hate was still there and I had kinda failed.

"we must find her"

over here! They saw a creature that showed them the way to me they saw that all my hope and all my soul was gone they got me out and away from Unicron.

I woke up in the middle of a room still being the Animal around me was pictures of ancient Cybertron history I looked at it all.

Tribute to Cybertron I read on one of the walls then somehow I knew that this room was a healing room for the guardians. I safely put a hoof on the ground then the room became alive

"…since the day of destruction…"

"…we can win this battle unless…"

"…let's all pray that someone will hear us…"

all of that were voices from the past talking about the times when the Autobots were near destruction but the first was humane

I looked over to a board where a copy of the Matrix laid I put a wing on it. It told the story of humans on Cybertron a asteroid hit Cybertron making all transformers not quickly but slowly over a distant time. I saw Optimus rise from the ashes of a youngster named…

"Orion Pax is my name" he said I looked at him I saw him train become the great leader.

A bright glow looked at him in the room where he was standing Orion turned towards it "who are you!" he called

Don't be afraid the glow said and became a familiar form I'm Asiata the guardian of the Matrix I have heard your cries young Autobot and I will help you

"how?" Orion asked and he saw the familiar form of the Matrix

"this is the matrix of leadership guard it with power and wisdom and be aware of Megatron…." Asiata faded away and I stood in complete darkness I turned some lights that were hidden in my armor and looked around.

The place was the Matrix chamber with the entire story from Cybertron I send some soundwaves around to see if the room would lighten up and it did. This room wasn't only a healing room but also a story room.

I stepped out of it looking back all this history from a human planet to a metal world full of transformers I looked forward again shaking my head as I walked I knew that I was strengthen much but anyway it was still impossible for me alone to beat Unicron.

I found my friends they were sleeping in front of them was the six animals as ghost Asiata looked at me when I came in.

"you saw the history?" she asked I nodded I wasn't tired at all more sad than angry and more angry than words could say

"he betrayed the transformers once I won't let that happen again" I said low the guardians turned

"we were just talking we need to destroy Sideways he's the major problem right now but still we'll on put him to sleep then he'll wake up again after short time" Draka said I looked at him

"we are six to kill him! And a whole bunch of transformers! And that still isn't enough!" I yelled angry I didn't care if I woke my friends I was frustrated

"the power of the friendship between you will guide…" I broke Salazar off

"yeah the friendship where was the friendship when I and Asiata was blown to hell" I screamed high and turned to leave the guardians turned to look at each other in the corner were my friends were. One there was awake his golden eyes had followed all of my moves and he had to agree

"where was the friendship?" he mumbled and laid his head down he wasn't sure he knew that all hadn't been easy for me

an alcoholic mother, a brutal father and a older brother, who abused me to get attention. I more than once ran away the first time I had my own life was now just ten months before I had come to the hospital after a collapse in the middle of the street.

Sometimes they didn't let me eat or drink anything I was left to feed myself. I worked on a small farm where they gladly would give me food but often my parents had come to take it.

It had been the woman on the farm who noticed that I had been abused and took me to the city where she placed me with some friends then the farmwoman drove to the police and my whole family was charged with children abuse and more they were given each twenty years.

So I had just now learned what love was all feelings I had been denied all of my life I now had and the feelings were new and confusing for me as well.

"she has just mastered the friendship and love she still need to understand what they are" Kaha said to Rad, who lifted his head to look at the guardian

"how long did you know I was awake?" he asked the tiger looked at him

"long enough go after her Rad she loves you and you love her" Rad nodded at the tigers words and left the room

Rad looked at the horse that was lying down and looked at Unicron. "Henri?" he said I turned my head

"oh it's you" I said looking at him

"feeling that hope has failed again" he asked and laid down next to me

I nodded "how are we going to beat this guy the Decepticons are the only one fighting with Optimus gone we don't have much to do" I answered and began to cry.

"Henri that song that you once wrote and sang in front of the class can you still remember it?" Rad asked I looked up

"the world in change?" I mumbled

"yea how is it going?" he said looking up.

"You haven't seen what I have A world full of disaster If you just listen to me you will see" I began looking at Rad that smiled and sang the chorus

"Can't you see them cry Can't you hear them yell Can't you feel the evil within Then let me show you!"

"Come on I'll show you what you missed I'll show you all I can" we sang together and stood up walking side by side

"A world is changing and we miss it all you just go around and don't listen to the worlds heartbeat" another voice came I saw Starscream come walking where from did he know the song

"Can't you see them cry can't you hear them yell can't you feel the evil within then let me show you" the three of us sang

"Come on I'll show you what you missed I'll show you all I can" Alexia's voice came

"Oh yeah all i can Mm hmm the world in change" I sang as the last thing I looked up at Unicron he seemed very angry I knew one thing I couldn't hate him

the four of us began to glow "we are Cybertron" we yelled

"I'm from earth name Henriette rang on Cybertron guardian" I yelled

"I'm too from earth name Rad rang on Cybertron guardian" Rad called

"I am from Cybertron name Starscream rang air commander" Starscream yelled

"I am too from earth name Alexia rang Guardian" Alexia yelled

the glow became brighter we melted together into one huge transformer Omega Supreme. He roared and attacked Unicron.

The two battled a long time until Supreme finally won he hit Unicron in his heart so that Sideways was killed and the three Minicon teams were released they showed up in front of Omega Supreme that glowed as well and became four persons three humans and one transformer.

We all were dizzy but happy we had won suddenly but the victory wasn't over I looked back and saw that Unicron transformed "no we haven't won" I said all turned

Two of one heart from out where the meteors swarm

Encounter endless fighting every time.

A mysterious siren echoes in their hearts.

The Earth is now a dangerous zone.

The last one that had hate was Galvatron he looked at us and flew up

"NO!" I yelled

Give me now

Peace again.

Transformer, born to fight,

Give up only your sadness

To the burning skies.

"if he must die then I must young human" he yelled I flew after him

"you can't where will the Decepticons be without you!" I called then he was gone

The shaking of a wounded dream within a trap

Will burn a hole in the spirit every time.

Even if you escape the thrill just for tonight,

The Earth is now a dangerous zone.

The great transformer vanished I looked terrified at the sight

"you saved us your offer will never be forgotten Galvatron" I mumbled

Give me now

Peace again.

Transformer, awakened for battle,

Cast away only your violence

Into the galaxy.

There we just stood watching Unicron disappear we'll never forget the great leader of the Decepticons Galvatron may you rest in peace until we one day see each other again


Two of one heart, from out where the meteors swarm...

The shaking of a wounded dream within a trap...


"Hot Shot will you take command as the new Autobot leader and work together with the Decepticon leader?" a horse asked Hot Shot looked up

"yes Asiata" he answered I looked to my side

"Starscream do you swear to take command over the Decepticon and lead that into the time of peace?" a tiger said the Decepticon seeker looked at Rad

"yes I will Kaha"

"here by are we happy to show you all the two new leaders may the Matrix be with you" I yelled the two leaders rose and looked over the crowd of cheering transformers

"may peace be!" Hot Shot yelled we all walked down

"well that was that adventure where will the next be?" Jetfire asked I began to laugh all around him began to laugh even himself.

Rad and I became humans and looked after the two leaders that were giving hands to each other

"well what do we do now?" he asked

I looked at him "out to look for Orion Pax" I said


"Orion Pax the transformer Optimus was before be became Optimus Prime" I answered "or we could stay or go home"

"let's go home" Rad said "come on Let's find the others"

we ran off from the ceremony scene with Sideswipe, Blurr, Smokescreen and Red Alert behind us now we were going somewhere there were peace and there was…

the guardians from Cybertron.

The end for this time- Rad standing next to me

Yep we are back some time in the future cause we return with someone and they are given a surprise as another one returns- me leaning up a wall

Huh sounds ugly- Rad looking at me

No not at all it is someone we all know- me showing a matter-of-fact face

You mean…- Rad surprised

IHHHHH… no telling see you all in 'the guardians return'- me holding a hand over his mouth both waving