Flashes Of Life

Challenge: Anamaria

By FalconWing


They say your life flashes before your eyes just seconds prior to death.

I don't know about seconds – looking back at the tattered black sails looming behind me, I knew that death was half an hour away at least, but to my mind it was inevitable and my brain reacted by proving the age-old expression correct. My grip on the helm tightened as the herald of my impending demise blurred and faded to insignificance in the face of my past.

At first all I could see were splashes of color and impressions of places I had been and people I had met as my mind moved in fast motion through the years of my life.

I saw the orange flames that had destroyed my home and my family. I saw the ship on which I had learnt to sail and to pirate. I saw my own small boat, the one that gave me my independence and I saw the daft scallywag who first stole that freedom and then had the gall to say it was only borrowing, albeit without permission. I could even feel the distinctly satisfying tingle in my hand that was the result of giving said scallywag a closer look at the palm of my hand.

As the colors faded and normalcy returned, I flexed my hand against the wheel and gave a small chuckle, one that ended in a strangled sigh. Despite life's little hiccups, or perhaps because of them, I didn't want to die.

But it looked like that was exactly what fate had in store for us. The dark monolith was gaining and the shoals we were aiming for were getting no closer. I turned to Elizabeth Swann and shook my head.

"It was a good plan – up till now."