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Chapter 15.

Erestor awoke towards evening, blinking back sleep. He was about to turn over, but something was restricting his movement. Looking down, he saw a sleeping Glorfindel nestled in his arms, her eyes half-closed. His black hair mixed with her golden locks and he pushed some stray hair out of her face. Even if he did still want to turn over, she was preventing him from doing so. Glorfindel had a tight grip on him, one arm round his neck and her other hand clutching the front of his shirt. Her dress spread out and spilled over the edge of the bed. He wasn't sure how Glorfindel would react when she woke but he hadn't felt this good since Culhith had been with him.

He nearly fell off the bed in surprise when he noticed a pair of deep blue eyes staring back at him. He was unsure about what to do or say, so he said the first thing that came into his mind. "Good mor-" he cast an eye towards the window, "evening."

Glorfindel smiled back up at him. "Good evening."

Erestor couldn't believe that he was lying here with Glorfindel in his arms, and she was smiling at him. He was still grappling with this new revelation when reality struck like a lightning bolt. "Narelda," he sighed.

Glorfindel looked up at him in confusion and then seemed to understand as she replied. "Narelda left."

Erestor frowned. "Why?"

"Narelda gave me a choice; I could stay with him and leave yesterday, or stay and rescue you. I choose to stay and rescue you and so we went our separate ways."

Erestor swallowed a lump in his throat. "Why?" he said again.

"He said he was sick of competing with you for my attention."

"I meant why you chose me."

"Oh. I was responsible for it; for your leaving and being captured." Erestor felt sick: That was it? Was he just a responsibility? However, Glorfindel continued, "but I also wanted to be with you. I wanted to be near you a lot more than I wanted to be near Narelda." Glorfindel sat up at this point, making her view of Erestor a bit less awkward. "I am not sure what I feel for you. I thought I loved Narelda, but I did not. I believe my feeling for you are truer, but-"

Erestor smiled at her, feeling more confident by the minute. Propping himself on one arm, he wrapped the other around her waist. "Then the most logical course of action would be to find out."

Glorfindel smiled back. "Yes, it would."

She made herself comfortable against him and he tucked her under his chin. Unable to remember a time when he felt this complete, he was perfectly content to just lie there with Glorfindel in his arms. The Glorfindel he had always been able to see, even if others couldn't see past the soldier.

These thoughts brought one more question to the surface, one he wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer for. "Glorfindel?" he asked, knowing full well he might regret it.

"Hm?" her tone made it clear that she was drifting back to the world of dreams.

"How do you know the contents of my wardrobe?"

End of Chapter 15.

End of Lady Glorfindel.

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