This is my third story but will be written slower (possibly) then my others and hopefully won't have as many mistakes, I haven't any real ideas for chapters but I got the plot sorted out...sort of anyway. My other fics are under the same category if anyone is interested. I really will appreciate all reviews. Thanks. Oh yeah, this is not related to my other stories and is set after POP SoT and is not related to the POP Warrior Within game – but might lead onto it. Plus it is written (mainly) from the Prince's view.

Chapter One: Unexpected Entry

I mused as the sun set. It was so beautiful yet I never trusted it (like someone I remember...), because it always made me think about time and how it never went one way, for I knew, the dawn could mean sunset not the other way round. The sun's warm beams warmed my face. It had been a few months since we had moved through India to return to Persia. To what was considered the most magnificent palace in the known world, a palace (that was in Persepolis) that was incrusted with sparkling jewels from distant lands. My father, the King of the great Persian Empire, had been killed before my eyes by the one object I hated so badly, the Sands of Time. I had watched him be consumed by them and then later I had to slaughter him and end his wretched life as a sand monster. But then again, I hadn't witnessed such a thing, as time had gone backwards so that the whole cataclysm hadn't happened...and so, I had never met Farah and she never remembered me.

I hated that fact, but I was happy I never had to see her face everyday, so my pain remained reasonably tame and was never refreshed. What a dread if it was. If I could have any wish, any at all, from honour, glory or riches beyond my dreams, I would not chose any of those things, no, I would chose for my Farah to receive knowledge of what had happened, what had happened between us. Why would she never remember? No matter how much I tried to forget her, it would never happen as her face was etched like the finest picture by a master artist in my mind. I did not know though what was to come. I was not aware of what new adventure awaited me. As I was soon to befriend a mystical thief, and then go in search of a legendary and mythical object, a creation that Dahaka himself had created: the Fountain of Sight. And of course, I would have to meet up again with Farah to take her there...against her will that is...

It started the same evening (well it actually started in the small hours of the next day) as the one where I was musing as the sun was setting to allow her sister, the moon, to arise. As the moon hung mindlessly in the sky, I slumbered briefly. I suffered from another hellish nightmare, one where I constantly saw the flashing teleporting bodies of the sand monsters and then at the end...I would see my dear Farah, she would just walk away. Then I would wake. However, this night was different, yes, I had awoken again from a nightmare but I felt a strange sensation, a sensation of being watched or stalked, I felt that there was a foreigner in the palace, and not one with good intentions, I decided to find out for myself.

I ran my hands through my hair that was darkening from the sun gradually, it was just to make it look neat, everyone always expected to see me at my very best and sometimes, no, a lot of the times this was a nuisance. The high-ceilinged corridors had amazing painted pictures hung on the walls that glared at me, occasionally with a smile. That was when I saw the dark figure, over time, my eyes had become ammune to darkness and I was able to make out the shapes of bodies or objects. This person was wearing all black. Their trousers were not baggy like that of my own but where close to the skin, maybe so the person could run or move quicker or in a more agile way. The person, that was short and slender, especially round the waist, was wearing a bandanna, a black one but it did not hide the full long length of the jet-black glossy hair. The figure was at the end of a corridor, by an open balcony, on the wall were some golden shelves, that had small figures on it, they had been made of pure gold and couldn't be bought by any normal person. This person had a side-bag that was made of a rough material and the figures were removed quickly and then were placed in the bag. How on Earth could a thief get into a palace of the Persian king. No matter, I could easily deal with this intruder and have him put in the prison where he would then would suffer a slow and painful death. I still didn't understand how I was never effected by the idea of the death chamber when I had seen them myself and the terrible tortuous hooks that hung, blood smeared from the ceiling. I drew my sword silently and approached the thief. I raised my sword and -!


I drew my sword silently and approached the thief. I raised my sword but then the figure suddenly turned round and punched me hard, but not hard enough to knock me from my feet though. I saw for barely a second that it was a woman, well the hair should have given that away! However, I had noticed something, she had been able to rewind time, how? Her skin was similar to mine and was dark and she shared the same pointed chin but her nose was smaller than mine and was pointed but her eyes were the same as mine, a green. She darted out the balcony, I followed quickly, I wasn't so much bothered now about how she had stolen some of the most expensive things in the land but now I was mystified by how she could control time. She stood on the edge and twisted her body so she was running against the wall! I thought I was the only one that could do that! I followed hastily, but the wall was too long, neither of us could carry on before wretched gravity took its course! We both held on as long as we could but was eventually confronted with a long drop! Argh! Wh-uh... I managed to catch onto another balcony just before I crashed to a near death, I felt a strain in my left leg and as I looked down, I saw that the thief had grabbed my leg. The ground below would be safe to land on as it were the gardens, I dropped down and both of us landed on the damp grass, for the morning that was approaching. I was quickly pushed away as the thief had broken my fall.

"OW! Do you mind?" cried the woman. I got up onto to my feet, slightly shaken from what had happened. I turned to her, shocked.

"Me? You were stealing some of the most expensive things in my palace!" I cried.

"Yes well being a thief that is kinda the point of life, oh they weren't that expensive I was stealing more important things when you were still using wooden swords," cried the nameless woman, she was about my age, possibly younger. She dusted herself off. Suddenly I heard the approaching of guards with their bladed staffs. The woman-thief must have heard them and grabbed me by the arm and suddenly with a blinding flash of yellow light we both seemed to dematerialise, oh no, we were teleporting like sand creatures! Who on Earth was this woman? How could she do these things?

"Wh-uh, where are we?" I asked shakily, I looked around, everywhere I looked I saw empty market stalls.

"I believe this is the market place," said the woman, she still held my arm. I pulled it away from her latches.

"Who are you?" I demanded.

"Well I'm usually just called 'hey you!' but my actual name is Shirin. I would tell you my second name if I had one," said the woman, she stood weapon-less. Every thief I had seen had a dagger at least.

"Why don't you have a second name?" I asked, now softer and more politely, though I was still confused by the woman.

"Well this is gonna sound mad. I have always been able to teleport like a sand creature uh wait you don't know what they are –"started Shirin.

"Actually I do, continue," I explained. She stood surprisingly, quite shyly, rocking with slight embarrassment and she held one arm with her hand behind her back.

"Well, I don't know how but I always have been able to do pretty much anything like a sand creature and I'm able to run on walls because I taught myself. was because I am like the demonic sand creatures that my family disowned me. I became a thief after that. I so badly want to find a book or something that explains the phenomena of this strangeness...huh, oh I'm sorry you're not the type to get moved easily. I have been babbling, I'll just teleport away now," she said. She peered up and saw my face, it must have been blank as I listened intensely. She backed off but I found myself grabbing her arm. Why? Why was I doing that? Maybe her story had moved me because I felt a need to help her. However, she obviously thought something different. "Oh you want your things back, huh, they weren't too interesting," she said as my hand came over her arm. She felt in her bag.

"No, no, listen in the library of my palace you will probably find such a book, come back to it and look," I said. She looked confused.

"No you don't get it. I just tried to loot your palace, you aren't suppose to be trying to help me, in fact, we shouldn't have even have had nice words," she pointed out. Although I barely knew her...I felt somewhat drawn to her, not with love, no, I still loved Farah, but I was drawn to this thief, Shirin, with friendship.

"Well, I'm no ordinary prince and you're obviously no ordinary thief, so I'll tell you my story and while we are in the library we can try find yours," I smiled. She gave in and followed me. I began telling her my story. It did not matter if she ran off, thieves kept to themselves and it was unlikely she would tell anyone. I saw the sun rising, a new day, a new friend (though I didn't trust her and it was more than likely vice versa) and a new journey that was to begin soon.