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Chapter 16

Darkness swirled at her feet as she walked toward her unknown destination. The permanent shadow seemed to almost come alive like some animal biting at her heels as she made her way forward. Where was she? Where was everyone else? Why was she in her fuku? The lack of noise sent a shiver down her spine. This whole place was very unnatural. Where was Fighter? She knew that the Star Senshi wouldn't leave her alone like this. Was it some sort of dream or was it a nightmare? Usagi stopped walking as a scene began to play out in front of her. An older-looking Seiya appeared to be rocking a small child in his arms. The girl was obviously Chibiusa. She was asking her father about Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Fighter. Seiya laughed as he began to tell the story of the two senshi when an older version of herself walked through the door. Chibiusa's eyes lit up and threw her arms out expectantly, calling for her mother. The older Usagi smiled warmly as she joined her husband on the bed and took their daughter into her arms. It was then that the scene shattered like not so much glass and flew into a million shards, cutting her as they scattered into the darkness.

Usagi flew to a sitting position as she gasped for air. A thin sheen of cold sweat covered her skin as she stared at the dark room around her. Seiya was on a cot not far from the bed she was currently laying in and seemed to have been startled somewhat awake. The raven-haired young man cracked a lazy blue eye open as a massive yawn escaped him. Usagi seemed not to have taken any notice of him, for the remnants of her dream still lingered near the surface of her mind.

"What's wrong, Odango?" Seiya drawled out slowly. "You have a bad dream?"

As her pulse began to return to normal, the blonde noticed that she was shaking and merely nodded her head. Seiya, who was now fully awake, had risen from his cot and took a place beside her on the bed. Usagi relaxed into his embrace when she felt his arms wrap around her. She didn't fully understand the dream, but she knew that it couldn't be good. The leader of the Starlights could feel her unease as if he'd been feeling it himself. Seiya kissed her loose hair and pulled her onto his lap. "What did you dream about?"

"I saw us in the future. Wait, first I was in the dark. Then I saw us in the future with Chibiusa. We were tucking her into bed and you were telling her about Sailor Moon and Fighter. Then the whole thing just shattered like glass and I remember getting cut. That's when I woke up." Usagi said, distracted.

Seiya rocked her back and forth gently. "Don't worry, odango. I'm sure that it was just a nightmare. Daijoubou ka?"

Usagi nodded slowly. "Ne, Seiya? Do you think you could stay up here tonight? I'm-I'm scared."

"Okay. I'll stay with you." he replied, sliding under the covers with her. Wrapping his arms around her tightly, he kissed her hair. "Saa, is that better, odango?"

The small blonde cuddled up close to him and nuzzled his chest as she closed her eyes. "Hai, much better."

"Good, because I wouldn't move again even if you told me it wasn't." Seiya said in a joking manner.

Usagi hit his chest playfully as she snuggled deeper into the blanket. "You're lucky that I'm too tired to argue with you any farther. Oyasumi, Seiya."

"Oyasumi nasai."

The ebony-haired Starlight continued to stare at the ceiling for some time. He wanted to believe that what he'd told Usagi was the truth. Nothing could be left to coincidence with Chaos, however. Seiya sighed heavily as his gaze shifted out to the night sky. The stars twinkled brightly as a ring surrounded the moon, one similar to one phenomenon that usually occurred only in winter. Chaos's presence had thrown the global weather system awry as he moved to take power. What the hell would it take to get things back to normal? Shaking his head, Seiya decided to try to drift back to sleep other than think about it. Little did he know that it would be his turn to be assailed by dreams.

He walked among the hallways of a large palace that looked nothing like those of the one on Kinmokusei. The décor was done entirely in silvers and whites with red accents here and there. Looking out one of the large windows, the night sky was set ablaze by the fires that raged outside. The flames cast an eery glow over the walls and the marble floor. The wailing of a small child reached his ears as he took off down the large corridor toward the the sound.

Seiya slid to a stop as he threw open the door. A small child with pink hair tied in twin conical buns and bright blue eyes sparkling with tears looked up at him as he panted and knelt down to her level. Recognition filled her expression as she dove into his arms. Realization lit his face as he looked at her features.


"Otou-san!" she cried, burying her face in his shirt. "Otou-san! Where's kaa-san? She told me not to come out! The monsters would hurt me!"

"Chibi, what's going on? Where is your mother?" Seiya asked, his brow furrowing as he held her tightly.

Chibiusa sniffled as she looked up at him. "I don't know! She told me to stay here so she could get rid of the monsters."

The ebony-haired Starlight lifted his future child into his arms as he rose to his feet. "How about we find her then, ne Chibi?"

With a small nod from the girl, he opened the door and headed down the corridor at a brisk pace. As they made their way deeper into the palace, he began to see more and more blood smeared all over the marble floor. The lifeless bodies of the Senshi were scattered all over the alcove in front of the throne room. Seiya fought to still his trembling form as he opened the doors, his arms wrapped tightly around Chibiusa.

He wrenched his eyes closed at the sight before him. Usagi was knelt on the floor in the center of the throne room with him pulled into her lap. Her white dress was covered in blood and her tear-stained face was shone in the moonlight. A dark figure was walking toward her as she gripped his older self tightly to her.

"You're at the end of your rule, Neo Queen Serentiy. Do you feel sadness? Do you feel fear?"

"You're a coward, Chaos! You attack us in the night so that you'll take us by surprise. You won't get away with this. Once Seiya heals—"

"The king will never heal if his star seed has been crushed. Can you even call him a king if he can transform into a Senshi?"

"Kaa-san!!" Chibiusa shouted.

Seiya could've kicked himself. Serenity shifted her gaze to him, a surprised look on her face. "Seiya? How did you get here? Did you come from the past? Please get Chibiusa out of here, onegai! She can't die like this!"

The dark figure laughed at the queen as it took a few more steps closer. "It doesn't matter, your majesty. I'll kill her too, once you're dead. Pray that I finish her quickly."

The raven-haired Starlight sprinted quickly to a large suit of armor that was sitting in a groove cut out from the wall. Placing Chibiusa between it and the wall, he patted her head affectionately. "Stay here, Chibi. I'll come to get you when it's safe."

Despite the protests of the child, Seiya rushed forward, grabbing his transformation brooch as he went. Chaos was standing over the queen as he finally pulled to a stop.

"Yameno! Stop where you are or I'll kill you where you stand." He growled out, gripping the brooch tighter within his fist.

"Oh? A boy like you? What can you do?"

"Fighter Star Power! Make Up!"

In a flash of light, Sailor Star Fighter was moving toward him quickly, landing a solid punch to his jaw. The blow caused Chaos to back pedal a bit. Once he'd righted himself, a harsh chuckle filled the dark chamber. "You think you're so powerful, don't you? You don't know anything."

The queen watched as Fighter rushed to attack Chaos, getting slung to floor afterward. The Starlight collected herself quickly as she rose to her feet. As she turned to attack again, her stomach was met with the sharp blade of a sword. Blood oozed from between her leather-clad fingers as she collapsed to the floor. It didn't take long for the blood to pool around her on the cold marble floor. As Fighter's vision began to blur, she saw Chaos step over her, his foot catching the small of her back. Serenity was trembling as she held tight to her husband, but her eyes showed no fear.

Throught fading vision, Fighter saw Chaos make one swift movement with his sword, a cascade of vermillion following it as it washed down her throat. The Starlight gritted her teeth as she tried to drag herself closer. The shrill scream of Chibiusa rang through the large chamber as the darkness was cast away by the light of brilliant fire. Serenity's tears intermingled with her blood as she collapsed on top of her husband. Chaos gave a sadistic giggle as he headed toward the suit of armor where the child was hidden. Fighter felt a scream rising in the back of her throat.

"Chibiusa! Odango!"

Seiya flew into a sitting postion, gasping for air. He had broken out into a cold sweat, now wide awake. Usagi was still sleeping peacefully beside him, unperturbed by his sudden movement. After a few moments, his breathing returned to normal and his body began to cool down. Maybe their enemy was attacking all of their dreams. The peaceful interlude had been too good to be true to begin with. This only sealed the end of the peace. This planet would face the wrath of Chaos.

Rising from the bed, the raven-haired man shook his head as he put on his slippers and walked outside. Snow had covered everything in a thick mantle. The stars were twinkling brightly above his head. The light of the full moon made everything looked so bright before his eyes. His surroundings took on a clean feeling, like they had been reborn. Even though the wind was crisp and cold, it felt refreshing on his warm skin.

"You couldn't sleep either, I take it."

Glancing behind him briefly, he decided to answer his friend as he shook his head. "The nightmares woke me. I decided to get some fresh air. What about you, Taiki?"

"Nightmares. They were quite vivid. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get back to sleep tonight." The mahogany-haired Starlight pondered as he stood beside Seiya.

"That makes three of us." Muttered a groggy Yaten as he stretched his arms over his head. "From the looks of it, we're not the only ones dreaming."

"Hai. Odango woke me first. She was dreaming as well. I think Chaos is sending us a message." Seiya told them, a scowl twisting his features. "We won't have long until the final showdown."

Taiki nodded. "Things aren't going to get easier. Ami thinks the same."

Yaten sighed as well. "What a mess. Things are going to get ugly. What in the world are we going to do?"

"We do the only thing we can do, minna." A small voice joined them. Chibiusa wearily rested her forehead against Seiya's back. "We fight and we win. We protect this small blue planet and we win."

Seiya smiled as he turned around knelt down to hug the twelve-year-old. "We sure are, chibi. Your mother and I will get rid of this guy once and for all. There's one thing Odango has to do before anything else happens. She needs to contact Sailor Galaxia and ask for help. I'm sure that Galaxia knows that something is going since stars have been burning out only to reappear."

"That might not be such a bad idea." Taiki mused as he sat down to join the others. "We need all the help we can get."

"Do you think we can find her in time?" Yaten asked. "I'm sure that Chaos has changed his location once again. Should we check Galaxy TV just to be on the safe side?"

"That sounds plausible to me, but we should ask our fearless leader." Taiki said, grinning as he shifted his gaze to Seiya.

"We'll check it out immediately. Since we all agree that we're not going to sleep anymore tonight, we might as well be productive." Seiya said as he patted Chibiusa's pink hair. "As for you, back to bed. We're counting you to let the others know where we are if something were to happen."

"Hai!" she chirped, saluting proudly. "I'll make sure to tell Usagi everything! You can count on me, Seiya!"

"Good answer, chibi. Now, Starlights! Let's go check out Galaxy TV! Fighter Star Power! Make up!"

"Maker Star Power! Make up!"

"Healer Star Power! Make up!"

Chibiusa clapped excitedly at their transformation. "Sugoi! It's been a long time since I've seen the Starlights transform! It's always been amazing!"

Fighter giggled as she gave the girl's head another pat. "We're always amazing. Now, chibi, get back to bed before Odango wakes up and discovers that you're missing."

"Usagi's going to notice you missing before she will me." Chibiusa giggled back.

"Now, listen to your papa and be good, Chibiusa-chan." Maker said warmly. "We've got something important to do. We'll see you in the morning if all goes well."

Healer waved casually as she turned to leave. "Stay safe, chibi. Don't tell Haruka and Michiru until absolutely necessary. That windbag will screw things up otherwise."

Without another word, the three Starlights were gone in an instant, leaving Chibiusa alone shivering in the temple yard. The pink-haired girl secretly hoped that Galaxy TV wasn't Chaos's new hiding place.

The dark building wasn't that hard to get into once the trio had decided to enter from the back. Ordinary locks were nothing compared to shield locks. Fighter glanced back at her two comrades before entering the building. Everything appeared to be in order as their heels clicked on the tile. The moonlight cast eerie shadows over the unused equipment. The computers looked relatively new; nothing like the last time the three had seen them. The building had looked like ground zero four months ago. It was startling and refreshing how things looked like they'd never been touched let alone demolished.

Fighter was the first to round the corner. The familiar elevator shaft came to into view rather quickly, causing the Starlight to pause. The 'Out of Order' sign had been removed and upon pressing the button, the doors slid open to reveal an ordinary elevator car. The raven-haired Starlight released a breath that she hadn't realized that she'd been holding. Healer and Maker exchanged glances before waiting for their next orders.

"Alright. Chaos isn't here. I was somehow counting on that. Where else could he possibly be?"

"Should we search the city for anything out of the ordinary?" Maker suggested.

"We're not going to sleep for the rest of the night, are we?" Healer asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Hey, you were the one who said that none of us was going to sleep tonight." Fighter retorted, heading towards the roof. "We'll search by skyline. We can see more that way and if we find anything, we'll have more of a vantage point."

Maker smirked, following her leader. "Since when were you a tactictian? My, my Fighter. You're full of surprises."

The leader's cheeks lit in a heated flush. "I can be a good leader, you k now." She said, leaping to the next rooftop.

Healer snorted. "Good leader my ass. Once this is all over, you're never going to hear the end of this from Maker."

The trio fell silent as they moved across the rooftops. Nothing met them but the glare of the lights as they moved further and further into the city. The Starlights finally stopped when they reached the Tokyo Bay. By this time, the sun was beginning to peak its head over the horizon, painting the sky a bright pink color. The three decided to watch the sun rise a bit before returning to the Hikawa Shrine. The Starlights sat side by side on the ledge of the roof as they let their legs hang freely.

"You know, the first time we were on this small planet, we never bothered to just observe its beauty." Fighter commented.

"The situation was a little more urgent the last time we were here." Maker said. "Not that its any less urgent now."

Healer nodded in agreement. "How could we forget? There's no way we could visit in times of peace."

As the sky was beginning to burn gold, Fighter rose to her feet, closely followed by the others. It was best to return before anyone noticed their movement. If at all possible, it would also be for the best that they avoid public places without some sort of disguise so that their fans didn't recognize them. There would most likely be some questions that would need answering once they returned. This battle would end, and it would most likely be in the next few weeks. Chaos was biding his time. Right now, every Senshi present was a play thing.

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