A fusion fic between Pokemon and some elements of Ranma 1/2
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Author's notes:
This is final version of a fanfic I posted on the FFML a year ago, please note that in this story, Ash and Misty are 16 yr. old, while Brock is 19 yr. old. Lime warning.

The Anything goes Ranma 1/2 Studio

Pikachu - Girl Type
By Kahlil Noriega



In the Bayankala region of China...


"Uh hey Brock. Where are we this time?" Ash complained from behind the group with Pikachu walking along beside him.

"I don't know Ash. Wait, let me take a look at the map..." Brock replied and stopped as the Ash and Misty crowded beside him as he took out the map and scanned it briefly.

"Well?" Misty asked, impatient and scowling. A young woman and full figured, not that Ash ever noticed, with fiery red hair done in the same style she'd always worn it.

"Hmm..." Brock voiced, forehead creased in thought as small sweat drops began to form on his forehead.

"Don't tell me that we're lost again!" Misty shouted in anger.

"We're lost again..." Brock answered blankly as the rest of the groups face-faulted and casually stuffed the map back into his pack.

"I can't believe it! Brock you're hopeless!" Misty voiced as she slowly lifted herself off the ground.

"Pika-chu." Pikachu answered in agreement beside her.


"Oooh...my stomach..." Ash complained as he rubbed his stomach, growling to be fed.

"Is food all that you ever think about Ash!"

"But I'm hungry, it's been 3 hours since we last ate."


"Ahrgh! I give up!"

"Uh hey you guys, maybe we could find someone over there to tell us where we are..." Brock offered as he pointed to a small hut beside what appeared to be several pools of water with bamboo poles in them.

"All right! Maybe they might have food as well!" Ash said enthusiastically as they all walked towards the hut...


"Oh Sirs -"

An angry stare from Misty silenced the guide and made him consider his address.

"Ah...and miss...it be very wise if you three not go on here, is very dangerous place sirs...ah and miss..."

"Why is that?" Ash asked genuinely curious.

"Pika..." Pikachu mirrored as they all looked expectantly at the guide.

"Oh, you not know what horrors Jusenkyo hold young travelers, oh yes. It tragic tale of so many people who fall in cursed springs!"

"Cursed springs?"

"Cursed Springs. Oh yes sir, very tragic indeed these cursed springs..."

"Hey Ash, maybe we should go another way..." Misty said beside Brock who only nodded at Ash's questioning glance. "I agree Ash, we don't what this place is."

"I guess...Pikachu...Pikachu?" Ash called looking for his Pokemon and found it sniffing around a nearby pool.

"Pikachu stay away from that!" Ash cried. The ground around the pool looked slick and mossy in his eyes as Pikachu looked up from its search to turn and look at Ash. "Pika?"

*Crack* The ground gave warning.

"Pika?" Pikachu noticing but heeding.

*Crumble* The ground gave way as Pikachu felt itself fall backwards into the pool. "Pika!"

"Pikachu!" Ash cried as dashed to the pool to save his friend...

But it was too late...


"Pikachu!" Ash cried, stopped a few feet away from the pool with his arms braced by Misty and Brock as they held his arms. "Let me go! I have to save Pikachu!" He begged and struggled in their arms.

"Ash! No!" Misty begged around his arm as she struggled to hold him from diving in the pool himself.

"Calm down Ash!"

"Ohh... too bad sir, your pet fall in Nyanniichuan. Very tragic legend of girl who fall in spring one thousand five hundred year ago..."

And as if on cue...

"Uhh!" gasped a very pretty blond amber-eyed girl as her head popped out of the water and took a deep breath. The people around her stood still in shock, except for the guide who just shook his head sadly.

Pikachu, still in the water, noticed the expression on her friend's faces and wondered what could give them such a reaction as she noticed something different about her and looked down at herself. And wondered as she delicately lifted an arm and examined it closely, closing her hand and opening it, watching her fingers move as she moved them...

And looked down and saw her reflection on the water...

Pikachu stared in wonder as she looked at the image of the girl in the water as it mimicked her every movement. And turned puzzled eyes on Ash; still in shock she thought, and turned her eyes on the guide instead when he spoke...

"Now whoever fall in spring take body of young girl..." The guide finished as if the transformation never happened as he took a whiff of his pipe.

"Chuu..." Pikachu whispered softly. Her mouth closing and opening, but no other words came out of her mouth as her eyes looked at her hand. Ash-like paws she thought as she gently brushed back her long blond mane of hair away from her eyes. And examined them briefly with a thoughtful pout on her lips as she stared down at the image of a woman reflected on the water.

"Pikachu..." Ash hesitatingly called as he snapped out of his shock and cautiously stepped close to the edge of the pool as Pikachu slowly stepped out of the pool...

Predictably, Ash got a bad case of nosebleed and fell on his back, while Brock...simply chose to pass out and collapsed on the ground, face totally red and whispering about naked women and blushing more still.

As for Misty...well...sweatdrops Misty stood very still, confused by the emotions she felt as she tried to close her jaw, upon seeing Pikachu's beautiful naked form she kept repeating to herself, 'I like boy'...

"Pika?" Pikachu asked, puzzled by her friend's reactions as she curiously looked at herself and back at them. Wondering what was wrong...

"Oh sir, now you're pet is very pretty human girl..." the guide explained as he blew on his long pipe watching the whole scene disinterested, having seen this sort happen a few times.

"Girl..." Pikachu copied, soft pink lips mouthing the word slowly and began to examine her hands then her arms, even as far as glancing down and caressing her firm stomach, her breasts and her neck...

Confusion and wonder warring in her eyes as she glanced fearfully up at Ash, sprawled near on the bank of the pool.

"Pikachu..." Ash whispered sadly, disbelief and fear competing with the tears brimming in his eyes, worry overcoming any arousal he felt. And maybe a hint of wonder as well...

"Pikachu... a girl?" Pikachu asked softly, staring at him with soft amber eyes, who sadly Ash nodded his head.

"A girl..." Pikachu repeated and tried to understand the meaning of the word, but felt her thoughts slip and grip at straws as she felt the cold wind on her naked skin. She wrapped her arms around her body and slowly sank down on her knees and shivered from the cold. Ash was beside her in flash as he knelt beside her and took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shivering form.

"Ash-chu..." Pikachu whispered softly, affectionately as she felt the warmth of the jacket seep though her skin, warming her as she turned to look up at Ash. Fear, hope and need pleading in her eyes as Ash, who held his breath as he watched her, didn't know what to say...

"Pikachu..." Ash lamely whispered softly to her as he held her gently in his arms as he felt her move closer to him, pressing her body to his, seeking the warmth his body provided and maybe something else...

Ash who was slightly overwhelmed by her warm eyes and his beating heart, didn't notice Pikachu tilt her head up slightly as she leaned in close and gave him a simple kiss...

Ash's pulse raced as he felt her soft sweet lips on his as his mind chose at that moment to stop. Pikachu parted from him slowly, eyes aglow and a slight tinge of red on her cheeks, uncertainty in her eyes. Ash still in a trance could only stare down at her beautiful eyes as he heard her say, "Pika, pi... Ash-chu..."

~ To be continued...