AN: This last one is my favorite of them all. This is from the fourth Arc the Lad game, and has appeared on the site. Please read and review this one if you don't do it for any others. This was my favorite to write, and I'd love to make a longer and better version. Anyway, read and enjoy, and thank you for looking at my fic!

Pretty Colors (Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits)

"Hey, weird kid!" said a small dark haired boy with a crown around his neck. A light brown headband held his hair back from his face while he wore nothing else but light brown pants and a bow and arrow about his back.

"Yes?" replied a strange short girl in a strange pink dress with a smile and tongue on it. On her head was a tall pink hat with an eye on it, the hat covering most of her face. In her hand was a stuffed rabbit, clutched around the ears.

"You can read the colors of the feelings and expressions of people, right?"

"Yes, I can. The king of deimos has most interesting swirls of colors."

"Yeah yeah," the boy continued, shaking his hands eagerly. "But what color am I?"

The girl simply smiled. "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes! Tell me!"

"Are you sure?" The girl giggled softly.

"Yes! I am sure. Now tell me!"

The girl burst out in more soft giggles.

"What? You need to tell me! I'm a king! Obey me and tell me!" The boy stomped his feet on the ground, highly agitated.

"Pink," said the girl with a smile.

"What? Pink!?"

"Yes, a most interesting color for a male human."

"Urgh! This isn't fair!" yelled the boy, stomping away. "Why can't I have a cool color like everyone else? Just pink? Oh..."

"Heehee," giggled the girl. "He fell for it. He did have some other interesting colors, but that little bit of pink was the most fun to point out."