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The first chapter is probably one of the most boring chapters in the entire fan-fiction. It merely describes parts of what is currently going on throughout the lives of two select Chosen Children, and also uncovers some plots that will be imperative to understand for the remainder of the fan-fiction. The name of the chapter, "Truth and Reconciliation" was an obvious steal from the name of a Covenant ship in Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox. This fact is less obvious to those who have not played much or any of the game before.

Chapter 1.1: "After School Reunions" is the first of the series, and starts off the entire fan-fiction. I do not prize it over the other factors, but I believe it is certainly well-written and sets a somewhat good example for the remainder of the fan-fiction.

Truth and Reconciliation

Chapter 1, Factor 1: "After School Reunions"
March 8, 2003 – 7:02 AM – Kanbara residence, Takuya's Bedroom

The sun rose from above the roofs of the nearby houses, reflected in sparkles on the dew-dampened grass, shedding its light through the window of the bedroom of Kanbara, Takuya as the once shadowed island of Japan was reintroduced to its warmth. The light reached Takuya's closed eyes…they opened just a bit, then a few seconds later his entire head was submerged beneath the sea of blankets, his face pressed against the pillow.

"Just a few more minutes…" muttered Takuya groggily to himself.

A siren-like wail blared into his ear. His hand appeared from under the blankets, hitting a button on the alarm clock next to his bed. The alarm faded.

About two minutes later, the door opened. Takuya felt a small pressure on his shoulder, moving him slightly, apparently trying to get him to wake up. Takuya gave in and turned over, opening his eyes and lifting the covers, staring into his mother's face.

"Takuya, get up dear, it's time for school," she said softly, standing up. "You don't wanna be late again."


Takuya sat up.

"Breakfast is on the table," she said, fetching Takuya's backpack and setting it on his bed. "Oh, and don't forget to grab a present for Shinya. I'll see you after work, okay?" She walked back to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Have a good day at school, honey."

Then she left the room.


Takuya stood up and changed into his clothes; today, a yellow shirt, a red button-shirt over that, and a pair of dark brown pants. He grabbed a moss-green cap off of its hook and put it on backwards. He made for the door, but then he realized he had forgotten his riding goggles. He picked those up from the table and wrapped them around his hat.

It was strange. He liked the goggles—everyone did—but why, he didn't know. They seemed to be part of some sort of…tradition. Along with the rest of the clothes he wore.

Takuya took his backpack from off the bed and left the room. He walked downstairs, entered the kitchen, smiled as he spotted the two pancakes stacked on the table.

He dropped his backpack, sat down, grabbed a fork and knife, and began munching down on the delicious, super-sweet, syrup-drenched pancakes. They were his mom's breakfast specialty.

As he ate, he was given some time to go over his life.

It had been one exact year since that fateful day when they were taken to the Digital World. Since then, his life had been entirely boring. Nothing to do, nothing special to see…the only truly big event was when he had moved from his small house to a larger one.

His best friends…Kouji Minamoto, Izumi Oromito, Tomoki Himi, Junpei Shibayama, and Kouichi Kimura…he had not seen many of them for a long time. Kouji and Kouichi went to his school, but Izumi and the rest…

The one person he missed dearly was Izumi. Throughout their entire time in the Digital World, hidden feelings had surfaced about her, but he was never able to tell her what he really had thought about her. That one day in Ophanimon's castle, as they searched through books, he had pretended to fall asleep—something he was very skilled at—because he didn't want Izumi to tell him the exact thing he had wanted to hear.

How he regretted that moment.

He finished the pancakes and put the silverware and plate in the sink. Then he picked up his backpack up from the floor, and left the house.

Kouji was already across the street, walking to school. Takuya caught up with him.

"Hey Kouji," said Takuya, as he approached. Kouji looked up, gave a slight nod, and returned his gaze to the sidewalk. He seemed…disappointed.

"Something wrong?"

"It's nothin', I'm just bored," said Kouji.

"Yeah, me too," said Takuya, putting his hands behind his head. "Well that's life. You walk a few inches, and suddenly you're in need of something to do other than stare."

"That's life on Earth, at least," muttered Kouji.

"You miss the Digital World, don'cha?"

"Yeah, really wish I could go back…that way, I'd have something to do."

Takuya looked around.

"Where's Kouichi?" asked Takuya.

"He went on a camping trip," said Kouji. "Some sort of class-organized thing."


The two continued to school, going through their first few hours of class, then finally meeting up at lunch. They sat down together at a table.

"So, it's been a year since our trip to the Digital World," said Takuya, setting his sandwich on the table.


"Just a question, where's that Digivice…er…cellphone of yours?"

"I keep it in a vault in my closet," said Kouji, opening a plastic container of sushi.

"A vault? Heh…mine's at the bottom of my drawer somewhere."


"Even as a cellphone, it brings back memories."


"Wish I could call the others…I can't believe I forgot to ask them for their numbers…"

They finished their lunch, suffered from boredom through science and history, then met up together after school.

"You doin' anything today?" asked Takuya as they proceeded out of the school.

"Nope, just gonna be home on the internet," said Kouji. "I'm gonna get a headstart on that science project."

"Already? Are you serious? That thing's not due in a month—"



Takuya turned around, his eyes darting everywhere. That voice…it seemed familiar, somehow…

"What's wrong?" asked Kouji, looking at him.

"Over here!" yelled the voice again. Takuya glanced to his immediate left…

…and saw Izumi running towards him.

"Hey Takuya!!" she yelled.


They ran towards each other and immediately leapt into each other's arms.

"I found you, I found you!" she exclaimed. "Oh wow, I'm so happy, I can just kiss you!!"


They paused.


Immediately Izumi raised her hand and slapped Takuya across the face.

- - - - -

"Okay, I'll see you online then!" replied Takuya, as Izumi walked away ten minutes later.

Yes…Izumi's instant messenger screen name; just what he needed.


"What's wrong?" asked Takuya, looking at Kouji.

"Well, about Izumi's entrance…" he started.

"The hug?" asked Takuya. "What's so wrong about a crazy, girl-encouraged…oh, oh-ho-ho, you're jealous now, aren't you?"

"What the…no I'm not!" yelled Kouji, blushing.

"Oh yeah, then why is your face all red?"

"Shut up…!"

"Kouji's in love, Kouji's in love!"

"Yeah, well I'm not the only one, mister pot-calling-the-kettle-black," said Kouji, crossing his arms and looking the other way.

"Er…oh yeah, I forgot about that…" muttered Takuya.

"Typical," added Kouji.

A few minutes later, they reached Takuya's house.

"I'll see you later," said Takuya to Kouji, closing the door to his house. He threw his backpack into the corner and ran upstairs. He pressed the ON switch on his computer and turned on his instant messenger program…


If you hadn't noticed, this chapter expresses the not-so-popular Tazumi (Takuya x Izumi) theme. However, this is part of the rewrite and is used to align with the storyline already set by the show. I am not a Tazumi fan, and am not planning to expand upon this idea too much. However, I will not reveal who I plan to have Izumi marry. I intend to keep that a secret to allow anticipation and forshadowing to do their jobs, and to please certain fans...and unfortunately discourage others.

I'm guessing that you're agreeing with the fact that the very last paragraph wasn't very well-written. Well I rushed it, so live with it.

Some of you might have been confused with the saying "Pot calling the kettle black". That was an expression created around the 1800s era, when both kettles and pots were made of the same material, making both of them colored black. The expression basically a way to describe "you're calling me something that you are yourself", and is heard once in episode 17 of the dubbed Digimon Frontier, said by Bokomon. He used that saying while addressing Takuya, who joked about how Tomoki had a hard time controlling his newly received Beast Spirit. Remember that Takuya lost control of his own when he had first been forced to use it.


I have been writing this fan-fiction for over a year now. It has gained considerable approval from multiple readers, yet little renown across the remainder of the online Digimon community itself. Since the first few chapters were written during September of 2003 and do not display my current proficiency with the English language, they are currently being rewritten.

There are a total of 14 planned chapters, each divided into five sub-chapters called "factors". Since each chapter is approximately ten to thirty pages on Microsoft Word, they have been split apart in order to save space, easily allow the reader to bookmark the multiple sections, and refer to specific parts of the fan-fiction with ease.Out of the 14 chapters, ten have been written down, and the first five are planned to undergo a rewriting process.

Originally based on the American translation of Digimon Frontier (season 4), this fan-fiction is currently being translated to match with the Japanese storyline rather than the dub. This includes character names, attack names, and reference points directed towards the show. The translations will occur in sequence with the rewriting process that most of the fan-fiction is currently undergoing.

The fan-fiction is my version of Digimon season 5, a sequel to Digimon season 4. The name is basically from the different names the other season received, and therefore is simply thought and has no innovation or originality whatsoever. To make this read an enjoyable experience, the reader should have plenty of knowledge on Digimon Frontier and its characters.

I have given the fan-fiction a PG-13 rating due to strong violence, strong language, drug and alcohol references, and romance. As of now there is absolutely NO sexually offensive or "hardcore" content, but there is a possibility that it may be included, in which case the details during the scene would be vague. The story will not revolve around these scenes, and therefore I state and finalize that this is not a lemon. (A lemon is a hentai-based fan-fiction. Hentai is used in America to refer to any sexually explicit media that either originated or is based on Japanese ideas or media. Hentai, translated from Japanese to English, means "Pervert".)