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This is a notoriously short chapter. Much of it is simply some background information on Jake's true reason of importance within the Digital World.

Chapter 2:
All Aboard, Once Again

Chapter 2, Factor 3: "Jake's Forgotten Past"
Day 1 - 7:49 PM- En Route to Forest Terminal Royal Castle

They flew off for about fifteen minutes until they saw a large castle above the canopy of the forest. It shone with a pinkish-green crystalline effect. It was not made out of bricks or stone, but rather a strange metal that appeared to be incredibly smooth from this distance. They landed on the doorstep of the castle, within the gates. Tomoki and Jake got off, as Seraphimon opened the doors with his scepter. They stepped inside, and proceeded to a room on the other side of the castle.

When they entered the room, they saw Junpei, Izumi, Neemon, and Bokomon sitting along the wall. Two tall creatures wearing armor were currently dueling with gleaming swords in the middle of the room, as the other four watched in interest. One of the creatures had fiery red armor, and stood about fifteen feet tall. The other creature had light blue armor, and stood about sixteen feet tall. The blue one took his blade and slashed at the red one, who took a direct hit. It smacked him on the side of its face, and he flipped over, falling onto the ground. He dropped his blade, shone white, and then he shrank into a human... Takuya. The other one picked up the blade, put it back into its sheath, and turned back into Kouji, and he helped Takuya to his feet.

"Good fight," Takuya said, rubbing his cheek where he had been hit. "But next time, be a little easier on the slashing thing." Kouji laughed. "Man, I haven't evolved in a while; it sure drains a lot of your energy." They looked at the door, noticing for the first time that Jake, Tomoki, and Seraphimon were standing there, watching them. They waved and ran over, along with the other four, who stood up quickly. They talked for a while, until Seraphimon walked them into the center of the room. They sat down and watched him, listening, and he spoke in a businesslike tone.

"Now that everyone is here, I would like to begin briefing you on your objective. As you had seen earlier, the Digital World has changed greatly. The Digimon responsible for all of this is a monstrous beast named Kerugamon. After learning his objective, we have found out that he is not just after the Digital World, but the human world Earth as well. We do not know why he wants to do this, but he is not going to be stopped so easily.

"Now I need to talk to you about young Jake here. He has been called to the aid of the Digital World for a very specific reason. He has a past that even he himself does not know or remember about. Bokomon, explain." Bokomon got up onto the table, and Seraphimon gave him a book. He flipped through the pages, then he stopped, ran his finger along one of the lines, and cleared his throat. Seraphimon sat down cross-legged, as well as everyone else. Bokomon spoke.

"Many years ago, when the Digital World was young, a boy was born inside it. He grew up with the Digimon, and at the age of nine, he had known everything about the Digital World.

"But then, an evil struck the world on his thirteenth birthday, and he was called to help. He had three Digimon friends. Their names were Junomon, Artanimon, and Radiamon. They were living mirror images of him in different armor, suits, and weapons. Junomon was a medieval knight-type variant of the boy, with a shield, a sword, plate mail, a helmet, and a bow and arrow. Artanimon was a modern soldier-type variant of the boy, with a Kevlar vest, commando helmet, MP5 sub-machine gun, fragmentation grenades, and duel Desert Eagle pistols. Radiamon was a futuristic robot-type variation of the boy, with electromagnetic shielding, twin laser pistols, metallic armor, an electronic communications helmet, and a blaster rifle, with a beam sword that extended out every time he slashed with it.

"The boy had the three Digimon under his command. He requested of them to each attack and eliminate the threat, and they tried to do so, but each failed to destroy him. They died, and the boy was left alone to fight off the enemy. He used the three spirits of the Digimon and fusion evolved into a mighty warrior known as Junaradimon, which had all of the tools of the three dead Digimon warriors. He went into a fierce battle with the enemy threat, and he fought bravely for the Digital World. Near the end of the battle, he was too weak to continue on. He had no choice but to sacrifice himself. He took a high-explosive atomizer grenade, primed it, and held it tightly as he ran up to the enemy.

"The grenade exploded in his hand, and wiped him and the enemy off of the face of the Digital World, along with a portion of the surrounding forest. He had sacrificed himself to save this planet, and he is known throughout the world as a legendary savior.” Bokomon finished, closing the book shut. Seraphimon looked upon Jake, who was staring avidly at him. Jake stood up.

"So what you're saying," Jake said, "is that I'm the one that was born inside the Digital World?" Seraphimon looked at him sadly, then he stood up himself.

"It is late now, and it is nearly time for bed. We will talk more in the morning. Now I suggest that you prepare yourself. Follow me, I will show you where you shall sleep and bathe."

Seraphimon led them to one side of the castle, and there they had access to two different rooms: a bathroom, complete with toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, a sauna, and a large pool; a bedroom, equipped with beds, drawers, end tables, and lamps. After everyone had showered, brushed their teeth, and changed into sleeping outfits, they went to sleep.

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