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Teian no Kokoro (Proposal of Heart): Chapter One- Lonliness

A teenage boy, around the age of sixteen, sat in an expensive leather chair at his large desk, typing furiously onto the keyboard of his computer. His brown hair was kept neatly, and he was wearing a dark grey shirt with black pants with a purple trench coat. Long, delicate fingers moved qickly across the keys with manicured nails. His face was solemn, and icy blue eyes stared at the computer screen.

He looked up, hearing the door open. "What is it, Mokuba?" he inquired in a deep voice, laced with annoyance. "I'm busy, and this is the third time you've interupted me in the past hour."

The pre-teen stood beside the open doorway. "Joey's here again, " he said, "This time demanding a duel."

He turned back to the computer, starting to type once more. "Tell him that I cannot spare any of my time just to waste it on a third rate duelist like himself."

"But Seto..." Mokuba whined.

"Go." With that, his little brother left, shutting the door behind himself.

Seto Kaiba abruptly stopped typing, staring at the lettered and numbered buttons beneath his fingertips. He got up and went to the window, pulling the blinds up. Evening sunlight bathed him immediately. Once his eyes adjusted to the light, they focused on the street below. Four people were walking on the sidewalk, all of which he recognized from behind- Yugi Mutou, Tristan Taylor, Tea Gardner, and the blonde haired teen that he nicknamed 'Mutt'. Joey was storming away from the building, his friends following. Kaiba watched Tristan jog up to JOey and say something, making them all laugh. He watched them walk away until they turmed onto another street.

Sighing, he put a palm onto the sun-warmed glass. He also set his forehead against it and closed his eyes.

'Sometimes I loathe the position I'm in... CEO of Kaiba Corporation, inventor, world champion of Duel Monsters...' His eyes opened a little, revealing that their icyness was gone. It was replaced with a glaze of sadness. 'I long to be a normal teenager... With parties, girls, and freedom,... And friends. Ones that I can relate to and spend a lot of time with.' The hand on the window turned into a fist. 'Why did I choose this path...?'

He sighed again, getting off the window and closing the blinds. 'What am I thinking? This isn't like me. I have Mokuba, and that's all I need.'

Kaiba sat back in his chair and turned it to face the computer. He typed some more, watching each word appear on the screen. Once again, he stopped, a small smirk on his face.

'Girls... Having a girlfriend wouldn't be so bad...'

Joey Wheeler wrote his last words into a notebook. His blonde hair was in disarray, and he wore nothing but a pair of dark green boxers. He sucked on the end of his pencil, thinking of what to write next as he sat on his bed. He wrote a few more words, then smiled.

'Finished!' he thought happily. His chocolate brown eyes looked around suspiciously. 'Now where to hide it...? I can't risk having Tristan or Serenity getting their hands on it- they'll gladly take and hide it.' His eyes fell to the newly written page below him. 'Hm... Better spell check.' he started reading it inside his head.

'A dull and boring day. Me, Yug, Tristan, and Tea just spent the day in town, wondering around and doing pretty much nothing. Even went to Kaiba Corp. a few times to bug that class 1 jerk, Kaiba. Mokuba came out every time and said that he doesn't have any time to waste on me. Like I said before- Jerk! (I had asked for him to duel me, and of course got turned down.) I'm SO better than he thinks! --glares-- And he's not as good as he thinks, 'cause Yugi kicks his ass everytime!

'But I realized something today.It was after I got home and was just sitting here, listening to the radio. It feels like there's this... hole in my heart. It's not very big, but not so small to overlook it. It's like it's... lonliness, but I'm not sure how it can be. I have three great friends and Serenity... so how the heck could I be lonely? After thinking a bit... Is it because I don't have a love life? No one to have feelings for? I was never really good with girlfriends, so I gave up on them. But maybe if I get one, it could fill this hole I have... I dunno... Maybe as life goes on, I'll figure it out.'

Joey beamed as he shut the notebook. 'Yep. Perfect. And it's not a diary, it's a thoughts journal. Yeah... Diaries are for girls.'

Once hiding it under a stack of school books, he got up and shut the light off. He glanced over at his digital alarm clock, which read '12:17' Yawning widely, he sat on his bed and laid under the sheets, letting sleep come to him

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