Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman, Nickelodeon Studios

Teen Titans (c) Glen Murakami, WB Studios


A Teen Titans / Danny Phantom Crossover


"Azarath Mentrion Zinthos!"

Turning her gaze upwards, Starfire saw as blackness enveloped the android, holding it in mid-air. Pulling her right hand back, she felt the energy collect in her palm and form into a ball. Eyes glowing threw the attack at the android and watched briefly as it exploded.

She then felt a familiar rush of energy brush past her back, disintegrating the android that had approached. Smiling her thanks to Cyborg, she shot up into the air to head on face-to-face against the foe. Below her, Robin threw a Bird-a-rang and watched it hit its target. Running forward, he jumped into the air and brought a kick up under the android's chin, snapping its head back and to the ground. Another two androids ran at him from opposite directions. A smirk widened on his face, he waited until the right moment. Then, jumping again into the air, he grabbed both of their heads and crunched them together.

Suddenly, the scream of a hawk shattered the air causing Robin to falter and look around. "Beast Boy!" he shouted in alarm, seeing his feathered friend being shot at. One of the lasers had successfully penetrated the changeling's left wing and the bird was struggling to keep himself in the air.

Starfire raced to Beats Boy's rescue. She shot up at him and quickly scooped her injured comrade into her arms. "You will be safe, friend," she said soothingly as she dodged a series of shots from the androids below.

Levitating behind the androids, Raven raised her hands up, eyes glowing white. "Azarath Mentrion Zinthos!" she screamed out, the blackness washing over the androids. Then, lifting them into the air, she hurtled them at the wall and turned her back as the smoke and fire appeared from the explosion.

"Titans!" called out Robin, eyes wide. "Retreat!"

And there was no need for him to repeat himself.

"Running from a fight? This isn't very much like you, Robin."

Gritting his teeth, the Boy Wonder growled angrily as the voice echoed in the halls. He could hear Cyborg running just feet behind him while Starfire and Raven zoomed above and ahead. The Tamaranian princess held Beast Boy, still in his hawk form, who was whimpering in pain, blood coating his feathers.

"I thought you wanted to have a little chat with me?"

Yes, yes he did. So much did Robin want to see Slade; to connect his fist with his mask. To watch it shatter as it the ground and reveal Slade's face. Just thinking about it, his fists clenched, impatience rising.

But Beast Boy is injured! We weren't prepared for this force of an attack! His conscious screamed at him. Don't be such idiot!

"Well then, I guess we will have to reschedule?"

For a split second, Robin was furious at Beats Boy for getting so badly injured. But then guilt replaced this as he thought that it was the changeling's fault.

"Screw you, Slade!"

- - -

A low, soft chuckle escaped Slade as he stood there, arms folded behind his back and his feet at shoulder-width apart. Head titled just a fraction back; he studied the screen glowing before him. He watched as the Teen Titans fled the scene. No feeling of victory filled Slade. In fact, he was disappointed. In Robin. Yes, the group had put up a struggle to keep his androids from stealing what he wanted. However, he did expect the team to retreat so soon as the defeat.

"But then again...perhaps this is a sign of you beginning to show patience?" he chuckled, his eye narrowing. "Yes, you are changing Robin. And I cannot wait till the day I can reveal everything to you. For now..."

The image on the screen shifted to a new one. It was a group of his remaining androids. The on in the center was carrying some sort of mechanical device under its arm. It was a ring with a power base connected to it. The ring itself was an inch thick and dotted with green plasma lights. These plasma lights were dull, not activated. Zooming the camera in on the device, Slade chuckled darkly.

Now he was feeling that sense of victory.

Well, hello there everyone! How was this prologue? Did I manage to keep everyone in character? sheepish laugh I'm slowly putting this story together, but that is because I want to make sure everyone will stay in character and that this story will be written so that it could actually be real. I mean, I know it won't be, but...you know what I mean?

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Mae Crawford