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A Teen Titans/Danny Phantom Crossover

Chapter Three

It was chaos.

In a time span of ten minutes, the robots were fighting the Titans with a full, frontal assault while at the same time were avoiding the invisible attacks from the 'ghosts'. The mysterious boy on the other hand was fighting the ghosts by himself while the Titans against the robots. The boy offered no help to the Titans. In fact, with him fighting the ghosts, he was actually helping the robots by disposing them of the distractions and focus on the teens.

'He could be working for Slade', thought Robin as he swung his bo staff around, knocking a robot off its feet before impaling the machine to the ground. 'He sure isn't helping us with getting rid of these machines!'

"Azarath Mentrion Zinthos!"

"Cyborg, behind you!"

"Take this you stupid bucket of bolts!"

'There are definitely too many' Robin concluded angrily. Pulling the staff out, he turned his attention to the boy. 'If we can get rid of him, then maybe the rest of the robots will remain distracted long enough for us to finish them off'

"Raven!" the Boy Wonder shouted. When he had her attention, he pointed to the white-haired boy, ordering, "Get him!"

Raven looked at Robin questioningly, but said nothing. They were getting desperate now and with Beast Boy still injured…Flying up higher, she matched height with the boy and threw her hands out, her cloak flying behind her. "Azarath…Mentrion…ZINTHOS!"

Once the enchantment left her lips, her black shadows formed around the boy's boots and slithered upwards, entangling him. His eyes widened in alarm, "What the-!?" Surprised eyes looked at Raven, confused. As it curled up around his neck, he shouted out, "Why are you doing this!? Let me go!!"

"Sorry buddy, but we don't listen to anybody who works for Slade!" Robin called out as he took down another robot that was clawing away an invisible enemy.

"Slade? Who the heck is Slade!?" the boy was struggling to break free. "I don't work for anyone!"

But Robin dodged another robot and Cyborg shattered it with his Sonic Cannon. "Sorry, your act isn't working!" Raven, on the other hand, narrowed her eyes under her hood, studying the boy. His eyes were with hers, his thoughts practically screaming to be released from this bind. He was frantic, eyes breaking from hers and darting around, watching the invisible ghosts. She frowned, sensing another emotion from him as he watched the ghosts: hatred.

'This isn't right' she thought, eyes softening a bit. 'He doesn't know Slade…he isn't working for him…' Bring her hands up once more she released the boy.

Robin saw this, his eyes widening behind the mask. "Raven! What are you doing!?"

"He's innocent, Robin," she answered shortly before becoming distracted by four robots ganging up around Beast Boy. He was in the form of a bear, swinging one arm furiously at the attackers while the other remained limp by his side.

Opening his mouth to protest, Robin suddenly found himself in the air, missing being the target of a collision between two robots. They slummed to the ground, sparking. He looked up to see it was Starfire who had saved him. "Are you all right?" she asked, concerned.

"I'm fine, thanks to you, Star," He smiled up at her in which she returned the smile and set him down.

"I do not think he is our enemy," Starfire stated, indicating the boy who threw a plasma ball that destroyed both a now-visible ghost and robot. Casting an uneasy glance at him, Robin frowned for a moment. Already two of his teammates were against his decision…

"All right, leave him be then," He hated to admit defeat, but saw no choice in this small battle. He had to concentrate on Slade's robots.

Slade studied the monitor in front of him, watching the battle at different angles. For once, his interest was not on Robin, but the strange newcomer. His one eye narrowed, not liking this surprise. His careful aims were now becoming more careless, destroying his own robots.

'Who and what are you…?' Slade thought, hands clasped behind his back as he studied the fight. With this boy helping the Titans, he saw they were slowly gaining the advantage, despite Robin's distrust towards the newcomer. 'This is a time for strategy…'

Pausing, Starfire was holding her star bolt in her hand, looking down confused. The remaining robots, which were about twenty or so, had suddenly stopped and turned about, retreating quickly. The star bolt extinguished itself and her hand fell to her side, blinking.

"Um…this is most unusual…" she voiced her confusion aloud. As she landed by Robin's side, Cyborg's cannon shifted back into his arm while Beast Boy reverted back to himself. His eyes were tearing up, the pain in his arm immense. Pulling her hood down, Raven eyed the white-haired boy, who had fired what appeared to be his last plasma ball. He was breathing heavily a little but none-the-less looked relieved. He landed on the ground feet away from them, running his gloved hand through his hair, muttering to himself.

"I can't believe he's this stupid to have them follow me this far…" she heard him say.


Looking over upon hearing Starfire's voice, the remaining Titans watched their leader cross over to the boy, bo staff still in hand. The boy looked up in time to have the staff end right at his throat. "Who are you?" demanded Robin, mask narrowing.

The boy blinked, shocked. "Listen, I'm not here to cause any trouble! I was just-"

"You were helping out Slade's robots," growled Robin. "Why were you doing that!?"

"I wasn't! Those ghosts were-"


"ROBIN! I told you already, he has nothing to do with Slade!" Raven's fists were clenched.

"Then explain why he was helping those robots!"

"I WASN'T!" The boy threw his hands up in the air, aggravated. "Get it through your skull, will ya!? I was getting ride of the octoghosts!"

"The what?" repeated Beast Boy, cradling his injured arm.

Sighing, he replied, "What you saw before, those were octoghosts. They were sent here to follow me."

Resting a hand on their leader's shoulder, Starfire spoke up gently. "Please, accept our apologize for attacking you earlier."

"Actually, I should be the one saying that," Raven nodded her head once towards him.

Robin huffed and was rewarded with a whack in the back of his head by Cyborg. "Chill out, man, he's on our side!" This did not do anything to change their leader's mind. In fact, not only was he still unsure about this boy, but now Robin had a headache.

"Listen…" The kid was noticing Robin's growing suspicion. He jerked his thumb behind him, chuckling a bit. "I hafta get going…my folks are probably getting worried about me. Maybe we can take a rain check on this little gathering we're having now?"

"What's your name, kid?" Cyborg called out just as the kid was taking off into the air.

He looked back and hovered in the air, grinning a bit. "The name's Danny; Danny Phantom."

I want to apologize for taking so long with this chapter. It is very difficult writing a meeting chapter without having the characters tell their whole freakin' life story! ACK! shakes head Happens waaaay to much in crossover fan fictions. Besides, I'm just not pleased with this chapter. Something is bugging me….argh.

Regrem Erutaerc: I know what you're saying and that I understand. In that chapter, the ghosts were invisible the both Slade's robots and the Titans, that is until Danny came in and starting fighting them. And there will definitely be Danny/Sam hints. No questions about it. However, I don't know about Beast Boy/Raven. I mean, I like that couple but I'm also a fan of Beast Boy/Terra.

That's it for this chapter. Stay tuned for the fourth installment!

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