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Summery: Hermione loves horses. Every summer, she rides at a stable near her. But one day, she meets someone there that she never expected, Draco Malfoy! Little did she know, he was a horse nut too! What lay in store for these now fellow riders? Read on to find out!

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Chapter 1
Average Day

"I'm going to the stable Mom!" Hermione called through the house, grabbing her keys on the table and walking briskly towards the front door.

"Just be back in time for dinner!" Her mother called back from upstairs, "Be careful! Ride safe! Remember to wear a helmet!"

"Don't worry Mom, I always do!" Hermione called before closing the front door behind her.

Hermione Granger, just out of her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, took a deep breath of the fresh morning air as she unlocked the shed and grabbed her bike, then headed for Juniper Stable.

Hermione peddled quickly. She wanted to get there early so she could give Vixen a thorough grooming before they set off for a day of trail riding.

Skidding to a halt before the bike-rack, Hermione quickly chained her bike to it, then dashed into the stable.

"Hey there beautiful girl!" she called to Vixen.

Vixen replied with a loud, friendly whinny, poking her head out of her stall.

Hermione gave her horse friend a big hug, burying her head in Vixen's mane and inhaling that wonderful, musty, horse smell.

"You ready to go for a ride girl?" Hermione asked the horse, stroking her forelock lovingly.

Vixen bobbed her head excitingly, seeming to say, "You bet! Let's get going!"

Hermione laughed and kissed the horse on her velvet nose before scurrying of to the tack room to get her grooming supplies and tack.

After carefully brushing Vixen's coat to a shine, Hermione quickly but carefully tacked her up. Finally, she began leading her down the isle of stalls.

"I will never understand that horse!" someone called to them as they past the tack room.

Hermione paused at the doorway and looked to see who had spoken. It was Sandy.

"Hey there Sandy. How are things?" she asked cheerfully.

Sandy Walker was the owner of the stable, and a very cheerful guy. Twenty-two years old, he had just recently inherited the stable from his father. He was a quite attractive young man; his hair was a shinny wheat-gold, and he had the bluest eyes Hermione had ever seen in her life. Many of the girls that rode there had a crush on him, and some girls just hung out there to see him, never mind the horses. Sandy's only loves at the moment however, were his horses. He had spent his whole life around them and this stable, and loved every horse there.

"Can't complain," he said shrugging, "Except that damned horse you got there. She nearly bit my ear off the other day when I passed to closely to her stall! I swear, if you and her didn't get along so well, I would've sold her to a glue factory by now." He said sourly.

"Sandy!" Hermione cried, "You wouldn't do that! Especially since Vixen was your father's favorite horse."

Sandy smiled and laughed, "Oh you know I wouldn't do that! I could never do that to any horse, not even Vixen, as tempting as it sounds sometimes. Anyway, where are you two going to today?"

"Don't know yet," Hermione replied truthfully.

"Well, just be careful. See you around 'Mione." Sandy said cheerfully before ducking back into the tack room again.

"See you around Sandy," Hermione said with a small wave, continuing towards the open back of the stable and towards the forest that concealed the many interesting trails of the Juniper Stable land.

Hermione turned to her horse.

"You get yourself into all kinds of trouble, don't you?" she asked the big mare.

Vixen bobbed her head again and Hermione laughed.

Vixen was a legend at Juniper's. Known for her meanness, temper, and stubbornness, no rider, save Hermione and Alexander Walker (Sandy's father), had ever been able to ride her with out being bucked off or bitten at some point or another. Standing about 16 hands high, the thoroughbred was a deep chestnut color with a white star on her forelock.

Once outside, Hermione mounted and petted the big horse's neck and asked, "So girly-girl, where do you think we should totter off to today? What do you say to a pass through the Apple Grove and then on to Lyra Lake?"

The horse whinnied and nodded, and Hermione laughed.

"On to Apple Grove then!"

A/N: This is just an introductory chapter to show you all what Hermione's day is usually like, just so you get the feel of the setting. I also couldn't figure out how to tie-in the next part of the story into the first chapter, so I just put it in the second chapter and posted them both at the same time. Go me.

Stable/Horse Terms Used Thus Far:

Grooming- brushing/combing a horse's mane, tail, and coat.

Tack Room- a room that holds riding equipment.

Tack- bridle and saddle. (Therefore, to 'tack up' is to put the tack on the horse, and to 'un-tack' is to take it off. Catching the trend?)

Hands- the measurement used to measure the height of a horse/pony. A horse/pony is measured from the ground to its withers (shoulder). One hand is equal to four inches, (10.2 cm) and a horse must be at least 14.2 hands or taller to be considered a horse. Anything below that and it is termed a pony.

Forelock- Section of mane that falls forward between the ears. (Like bangs, otherwise known as fringe.)

I think that's pretty much all the harder terms, any others I think you all know. If you do have any questions, relating to horses or otherwise, just leave it for me in a review. Tootles for now then.