The Troubles of Love

Warning: Well this is a shoujo ai fic between Rikku and Yuna so any body that doesn't like this pairing should get the hell out of here.

Summary: 'I don't know why I feel this way, but why am I? She's has her heart set on another so I can not claim it. But why do I feel like I might have a chance? No that's impossible.... Is it?' RY, shoujo ai

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(Translations from Al Bhed to English)

Chapter 1: Questions deep in one's heart

Rikku sat out on the deck of the Celsius. Her knees brought up, wrapped by her arms, resting her chin on her knees. Her green spiraled eyes, glassy and had a far away look in them. Her blonde hair whipped around her as the wind went past. She didn't even notice that some body was coming up behind her.

"Wow, your not like your hyper self, something must be troubling you," said a voice, still standing behind Rikku. The shadow of the person loomed over Rikku's almost bare back. "But since I like this new you, I'll give you 5 respect points."

Rikku turned around only to see black leather boots, which only belonged to no other that Paine. "O, hey Paine," said Rikku as she turned her back towards her again. Once more in deep thought. To her surprise Paine sat beside her, one a knee brought up, her arm rested on it. "Thanks for the respect points by the way."

They sat in an awkward silence that is until Paine broke it, "What were you thinking about?" She asked, her crimson eyes staring at Rikku, questioning.

Rikku was silent for a moment or two before replying, "I think..... I think that I might have feelings for some one...."

"That's not hard to believe coming from you. Who is it? Gippal?" asked Paine, who by now was interested in the current topic.

"I can't tell you," replied Rikku. She was still staring at the ground that was passing by them in a green-blue blur. "I don't even know if I like the person or not."

"Well then," sighed Paine. "How do you feel when this person is around you?" She asked, her eyes scanning Rikku's face for clues to whom this person might be.

"How am I supposed to know how I feel?" said Rikku in frustration. "Really, how am I supposed to answer that question when I don't even know if I like them in the first place?"

'Whoa, is it just me or is Rikku starting to act her age? Let's see she has feelings for some one and can't seem to place it, and she's asking a logical and thought provoking question and she's being sensible. . . . Hmmmm . . . She's maturing.' Concluded Paine. As Paine was about to voice out her thoughts, and tell Rikku that she's maturing, the sound of the lift doors being opened came from behind her.

"Yunie!" squealed Rikku, as she jumped up and began jumping circles around Yuna.

'Never mind,' sighed Paine. 'I wonder what made Rikku so mature a second ago?' A glove covered hand waved in front of Paine's face and Rikku's voice could be heard.

"Spira to Paine!" yelled Rikku. "Buddy says that's he's found a sphere in Besaid."

Paine sighed once again, caught Rikku's hand in a mid swing, and as she was getting up she pulled Rikku down. Mumbling could be heard as Paine looked over her shoulder to look at Rikku. "Now that's what I call fun," stated Paine the corner's of her lips curving up into a smile. Yuna tried her hardest not to laugh but a few giggles escaped her mouth.

"I am so going to get you back Paine," mumbled Rikku as she got up and dusted her self off. Fixing the blue bandana on her head.

"What was that? You're going to get me back, as if," said Paine as she turned around and headed for the lift. Inside was Yuna, still giggling at Rikku and Paine's antics.

'I can hear her getting up. And still mumbling by the sounds of it. Hmmm, the bottom of her shoes are soft padded, but I can still her them. Let's see, 5,4,3,2,1,' thought Paine as she counted down in her mind. As soon as she reached 1 she quickly side stepped out of the way. As she did that a blur of Rikku's out line past her.

"Wha-?" said a surprised Rikku, as she turned her head towards Paine. Her body was so caught up in the momentum of her run, added by the wind pushing her, Rikku couldn't turn around and get near Paine.

"Rikku!" yelled Yuna, Rikku turned her head towards Yuna's voice, "Wha- CRAP!" yelled Rikku as she crashed into Yuna. A thud could be heard, Paine walked calmly towards the lift, and as soon as she was in view she was a hard time not trying to laugh.

Rikku landed on top of Yuna, her arms around Yuna's neck. Yuna's arms were around Rikku's waist, her legs sprawled on the floor. Rikku gasped when she saw the closeness of their faces, she blushed a deep red and pushed her self up, nearly tripping in the process.

Yuna on the other hand had a pinkish hue around her cheeks, her mouth open as Rikku got off her, she too stood up, and she leaned against the wall panting for air.

Paine stepped in trying very hard to keep a straight face but she couldn't stop smirking. She took a good look at Rikku, and noticed her blushing like mad. 'I wonder why Rikku's face is so red.' Thought Paine, her attention soon came to Yuna, still panting for air and on her face was the pinkish hue, though it was more reddish now. 'Ok, now, why is Yuna's face almost like Rikku's?'

Yuna leaned more on the wall, her breathing slowing down into an even pace, 'Man, that took a lot of the breath outta me. Note to self: get out of the way next time. My back hurts.' "Can one of you check if there's any sign of bruising on my back?" asked Yuna as she turned around.

"Hmmm," said Paine as she bent over to look. She took her gloved hand and poked at a random part on her back, Yuna gave a little 'ow'. "One there, let's just hope that there ain't a lot of them."

"I'm so sorry Yunie," said Rikku. "E ys cilr yh ycc! Huf Oihea'c kuhhy ryja pniecac!" (I am such an ass! Now Yunie's gonna have bruises!)

"Lyms tufh Neggi! Ed'c hud ouin vyimd," (Calm down Rikku! It's not your fault) said Paine, perfectly in Al Bhed. "Dyga y lremm, oui yht E lyh fydlr ran pylg frah yho veahtc yddylg, cu dryd cra fuimth'd kad rind. Ug?" (Take a chill, you and I can watch her back when any fiends attack, so that she wouldn't get hurt. Ok?)

"Veha," (Fine) said Rikku. She turned to look at Yuna. Yuna had a confused look on her face, she still didn't know that much about Al Bhed. 'You know Yuna looks sorta cute when she's confused like that. Wait what am I thinking!?' thought Rikku.

"You'll be fine Yuna," stated Paine after looking at Yuna's back. "Only 2 bruises. Seeing as you look confused, Rikku was worried about you so I just told her to calm down."

"Awww, that's sweet," said Yuna, as she came over to Rikku. She then gave Rikku a hug, "Nice to know that you care Rikku."

"Well you are family," shrugged Rikku, as she hugged back. Careful not to touch Yuna's bruises. Her cheeks slightly pinkish. "Can't you use the White Mage dress sphere to heal your wounds?"

"I can but seeing as there always is a fiend when ever we find a sphere. I think that I best save it, I'll Heal myself after," said Yuna as she pulled away from the hug. While Rikku and Yuna were hugging Paine had tapped on the computer to take them to the bridge. The doors opened the three made their way to Buddy.

"As you know we're going to Besaid," said Buddy.

"I think we got that down right Rikku?" said Paine, once again a smirk gracing her features.

"I believe we did Paine," said Rikku, pouting, her arms crossed.

Buddy raised an eye brow, he asked "What's that about?"

Yuna giggled, "Oh nothing. Just the usual Paine and Rikku antics or as I like to call it their way of fun." Yuna giggled some more as she finished her statement.

"O so that's why Paine and Rikku we putting emphasis on some of their words," stated Shinra. "So what happened?" He asked eagerly.

"Let's see, Paine and Rikku were both sitting on the deck, Rikku as usual got up and greeted me, Paine just sat there thinking. Rikku waved her hand in front of Paine's face and calling her name. Paine grabbed Rikku's hand pulled her down while she was getting up. Rikku mumbling, usual talk between her and Paine. Rikku running behind Paine, Paine dodged, and Rikku collided with me. Hmmm, I think that's about it," said Yuna as she finished. Paine smirking giving Rikku glances. Rikku pouting, sticking her tongue out at Paine. Shinra laughing he's head off. Buddy chucking, Brother driving while muttering some thing in Al Bhed.

"Du ramm fedr drec," (To hell with this) mumbled Rikku in an uncharacteristic moment.

"You do realize I know what you're saying Rikku," reminded Paine. "Your not the only one here who knows Al Bhed, remember?"

Rikku pouted again, and sat down on the opposite side of Brother and put on the head phones and listened to music. (AN: Did that make sense?)

And the rest of the trip to Besaid went like this, Rikku listened to music, Paine kept quiet and said a few remarks here and there, Brother acted weird as usual, Shinra was on the computer still and Buddy kept them updated. Yuna on the other hand went back to her cabin and took a nap.

When they finally reached Besaid, they were welcomed by on other then Wakka. Rikku was as usual her hyper self, Yuna was happy and Paine was some what silent for the most part. Rikku kept on telling Wakka that he was getting fatter. And Wakka was rambling on about some thing and didn't hear what Rikku was saying.

They made their way to Wakka and Lulu's house. There Yuna and Rikku talked on and on about Lulu, Wakka, the baby and sphere's. Lulu seeing as they had a lot to catch up on invited Yuna, Paine and Rikku to stay a while and they of course agreed.

In the middle of the night a figure got up from their bed and went out side. Paine of course being a light sleeper heard this and her curiosity arose so she got up and followed the figure.

'Who would be up at this hour?' thought Paine, as she silently followed the shadowed figure. Paine and the mysterious figure made their way to the beach. There the figure sat down, Paine's eye brow's went up as the moon light showed who the person was.

"What are you doing here?" asked Paine.

"Huh! What?" said the person as they jumped up quickly. The person asked, "Whose there?", at that moment the moon light showed thorough the clouds. It's Rikku. At this moment Rikku was wearing sweat pants and a tank top. That was the most Paine has ever seen Rikku covered up.

"It's me Rikku," stated Paine as she walked out of the bushes she was hiding in. Paine was wearing sweat pants and a shirt, with sleeves that reached just past her elbow.

"Don't scare me like that Paine," said Rikku as she sat back down on the cool sand.

"Well you shouldn't get up in the middle of the night," stated Paine. "Don't you remember that I'm a light sleeper? I would have thought that you'd have known that it was just me."

"It's hard to see at night," shrugged Rikku. "Besides I didn't know that you were a light sleeper, I'll keep that in mind next time."

"You should," said Paine as she once again sat down beside Rikku. "So why are you here?"

"I just needed to think that's all," stated Rikku as she lied down on the sand, her hands behind her head, staring up at the sky.

"You've done a lot of thinking these days," said Paine as she looked down at Rikku. "What's with it all?"

"Well, you remember right?" asked Rikku her eyes now staring at Paine. "I told you that I think liked some one and well as you know, I'm not really sure about it."

"O right," said Paine as the morning came back to her. "So have you figured it out yet?"

Rikku shook her head, meaning a 'no'. Her attention was again, back to the stars glittering above the two.

"Can you at least tell me just who this person might be?" asked Paine.

Rikku again shook her head, "I can't. You'd think I was crazy and shun me away." When Rikku had said this, her eyes began to water, a few tears fell as she tried to blink them away.

"No I wouldn't do that to you or any body," said Paine, her crimson eyes softening.

'So this is the side of Paine I never knew of. I wonder why she's asking me, does she car about me?' "Paine, do you care about me?" asked Rikku, her eyes slightly watery.

"Of course I do, you and Yuna are like my family," said Paine. Her voice genuine. "Over the time that we spent with each other, I guess that I sorta think of you guys now as like my sisters or some thing. I just don't really show it, I'm not really used to showing this side of me. So I help others in a way that doesn't really show that I care, but I do."

"Good to know that you at least care," said Rikku. She sat back up and scooted closer to Paine, her to surprise Paine didn't object. "But why don't you want to show it? It's not like that we're going to stop liking you or any thing."

"No, it's not that," said Paine. Who now lied down just like Rikku, with her hands behind her head and staring up at the sky. "I'm just now used to showing my soft side, I never had any one to show it too any way. . . ." Paine at the end trailed off, knowing that Rikku got the idea.

'She never had some one to comfort, or be there for them? Poor Paine, that's why she acts so cold, that's how she's been like for how long?' "Oh Paine," whispered Rikku as she hugged the older girl around the waist. Her eyes watering once again.

"Wha-?" said a startled Paine. She sat up slowly and out her arms awkwardly around Rikku. Her hand brushed Rikku's face, to her surprise she felt some thing wet. 'She's crying. . . . for me?' "Why the tears Rikku?"

"You never had any one didn't you?" asked Rikku, sniffling. She wiped her eyes with the back of one of her hands, but she still kept her other hand around Paine's waist. "You know you can always talk to me and Yuna."

"Yes I know," said Paine. "But you didn't answer me, why the tears?"

"I'm crying because you never had any one to comfort you," said Rikku as she rested her head on Paine's shoulder. "You and Yuna were always there for me, so I guess that this is one of the ways I had to repay you. I'm supposed to be the one comforting you right now, but it ended up with you comforting me."

Paine chuckled, "Yes, true."

A sound then was heard from behind the two, Paine quickly got up, ready for anything. Rikku stood up too in a defensive stance.

"Paine? Rikku?" called out a voice. It was Yuna. She walked out and into the moon light. She was wearing a shirt and pj bottoms. "I heard some thing, so I got up and I found that you two weren't in your beds. And I got worried, so I started looking for you guys, then I found a few foot prints on the ground and I followed it. And so here I am." Finished Yuna.

Rikku and Paine sat back down on the sand. Yuna sat down with them, her eyes only half open.

"You should go back and sleep Yuna," suggested Paine.

Yuna shook her head, "No. I don't want to go to sleep just yet, I feel a lot better in you and Rikku's company."

At that moment Rikku yawned. "Do you want to rest your head on my lap Rikku?" suggested Yuna.

Rikku waved her hands. "No that's ok Yunie, I'm fine!" Silently thanking the night and its darkness, for it had been during the day, you would've seen that Rikku was blushing like mad.

"It's fine with me Rikku," said Yuna. "Fine then, how about just resting your head on my shoulder instead?"

Rikku didn't answer, instead she yawned some more. Yuna of course saw this, and took her chance of pulling Rikku towards her and resting the other girl's head on her lap.

"You should have seen that coming Rikku," chuckled Paine. Her eyes showing her happiness and merriment. Unknown to Paine, Yuna and Rikku had noticed how Paine's voice had changed, it no longer had a tone of coldness in it. Paine didn't know it herself but Yuna and Rikku knew, Paine's guard was down.

"What were you and Paine talking about?" asked Yuna as she shifted so that Rikku wouldn't get a neck cramp. Yuna had her left arm across Rikku's chest so that she couldn't get up and Yuna was using her right arm to support her.

Rikku looked to Paine before talking, "Well, we were talking about how Paine. . . . How Paine had no one to show her true feelings to. . . ." Rikku's hesitant voice trailed off as she looked towards Paine.

To her surprise Paine didn't get mad at her, instead she sighed. "I don't want to talk about it. . ."

Yuna took her arm off Rikku and gave Paine a one-armed hug. "If you ever need any one to talk too, look us up."

Paine nodded and stood up. 'This is going way too deep for my liking.' "I have to go to sleep. You know we have that sphere to look for, and I want to be in top condition when we face the sphere guardian. So I'll be going." With that Paine left off, leaving Rikku with her head still on Yuna's lap.

"Yunie?" mumbled Rikku, sleep evident in her voice.

"Yes?" said Yuna as she looked down.

"Can we sleep out in the stars tonight?" asked Rikku. Hoping that Yuna would say 'yes'.

Yuna giggled, "Thought that you might ask that. So I brought a blanket with me."

Rikku smiled. She lifted her head so that Yuna could get the blanket. She then put her head down on the sand, thoughts racing through her mind. About Yuna, and Paine. But before she could answer any of the questions in her head Yuna came back, blanket in hand.

Yuna sat back down, beside Rikku and draped the blanket over them. Rikku then rested her head on Yuna's shoulder, content to be where she is. In response Yuna rested her cheek on top of Rikku's head.

"'Night Yunie," said Rikku. A thought came to her, "Yunie can you sing to me?" She asked her words slightly slurred together.

Yuna hummed quietly the melody of '1000 Words.' Rikku fell asleep near the ending, with a smile on her face.

Yuna smiled as she finished, she looked down and saw Rikku. She kissed her cousin on the fore head and slowly wrapped her arms over her shoulders. To Yuna this some how felt right to her.

"Ashiteru(sp?) Rikku," whispered Yuna. She had not known that some one just so happened to over hear her say it.

A pair of eyes, watched as Yuna rested her cheek once again on Rikku's head and fall into a dreamless sleep. "I wonder what she meant when she said that. . ." said the shadowed person, as they quickly left off into the dark of the night, like a shadow.

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