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Just a quick note here: "::Meep::" would be the dialogue made by only Kirara, and only Sango could understand her for now.

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Chapter 2 - Encounter

"Kirara, I'm back!" a female voice rang out.

"::That was quick, Sango,::" the mononoko commented.

"Yeah well, they were everywhere and easy to reach," the young woman stated.

She carefully dropped the collected nuts and berries into a small pile at a corner of their cave, and sorted them out.

"There should be enough berries and nuts to last us for a day now," she said when she was finished, standing up. "And now for the real hunt: deer meat and fish."

"::You're so energetic,::" Kirara chuckled. "::I haven't seen that in other humans your age.::"

"Well, they take everything for granted," Sango sighed. "They don't know what a real hard life is unless they've gone through this…"

A moment of silence was exchanged between them.

"But then again, I'm free living like this," Sango suddenly grinned, "right, Kirara?"

"::That's true.::"

"And now that I got that over with, I'll really go hunting now. I'll be back in a bit."

She grabbed the giant boomerang that was leaning against the grey stone wall and ran out into the daylight.

"::Poor poor Sango,::" Kirara sighed as she shook her head. She stood up and started walking out after Sango.

"::I should also go and help her.::"

Sango quietly made herself around the trees in the green forest and hid herself in the bushes as she had finally found her target…


The young man and his horse quietly cut through the light forest, in search for food. They do have a few berries and nuts, but those were just not enough.

"Master Miroku, look," the horse whispered to his master, nodding his head at the deer in front of them, only about 20 feet away.

"Yes I know that," the man replied. "But can't you sense it? There's also a youkai nearby, and something else, too."

"It's a human. A human girl, to be exact."

"A human girl? Just a girl?" Miroku questioned.

The horse glared at his master with disgust, and then he turned his attention back to the wild animal.

"But think about it," the horse said, "that this could be the only one for a long time."

"I think I get the message, Hachi," Miroku whispered.

He cautiously tiptoed closer to the animal, making as little noise as possible, but he was stopped short when something large whizzed by right in front of him, and it separated the deer's head from the rest of its body as it was returning to its owner.

The wild young woman and mononoko leaped out from the bushes and made off with the flesh.

"H-hey! Wait!" Miroku called out, running after them -well, the young woman, to be exact. (-.-;)

Noticing this, the woman leaped onto the mononoko's back, and they flew off, back to their home.

The man stopped running so he could catch his breath, and stared off after them. His eyes automatically squirmed as the sun shone into them.

"Hachi, we're going after them," Miroku said, determined to chase after the woman and the youkai.

It wasn't the food he was interested in. It was something else; something that he couldn't take his eyes off of.

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