Guardian Guy:
by Ryuu-sama
a ReBooted filk of American Pie
(With apologies to Don McLean)

Long, long time ago
I can still remember when
My antics used to make you smile.
I knew if I only could
There wouldn't be a Guardian half as good
And you'd be proud for more then just a while.
But then the Web came into our sight
And though the city united to fight
Megabyte double-crossed you.
We thought that we had lost you.
But, I knew that you'd be back someday.
Until then, I would fight on and say
I'm gonna make that virus pay
As soon as we find Bob.
We were singin'

Bye-bye, Mr. Guardian guy.
I'm missin' you so bad that I think I could cry.
I hope Mainframe's still here when next you come by.
Don't want this to be the day that I die.
Oh, don't let this be the day that I die.

Did you know my Guardian protocol
Makes me go in game cubes when they fall
With AndrAIa and Frisket by my side?
Megabyte tried to keep me away
But, a Firewall holds him at bay.
Now the Mainframers no longer have to hide.
Then I found a game I couldn't win.
Mainframe lost its Guardian again.
My sister got the blues.
More family she had to lose.
The three of us were lost in the games.
We grew and never were the same
And Megabyte was all to blame.
I swore I would find Bob.
We were singin'


The three of us hopped from game to game
Trying to save the systems to which we came
Teaching sprites and binomes how to play.
AndrAIa and Frisket both could see
How my hurt and failure were affectin' me
I became more bitter and angry day after day
Until a golf ball conked me on the skull
Let me see how I was losing my control.
I was becoming that which most I hate.
I had to find Mainframe before it was too late.
We joined with Capacitor and his crew
And Ray Tracer allied with us too.
Now I knew what I had to do.
It was time to go find Bob.
We started singin'


We found Bob with the Webriders
Who are kind of ugly but fearsome fighters.
And then we turned our ship back home.
We got caught up in Mouse's trap
But GlitchBob solved it in a snap.
We returned, never more to roam.
The Firewall had been destroyed by Hex
The city and the P.O. both were wrecks.
Her brother tried to delete Phong.
It was time to show him he was wrong.
I fought with Megs and made him pay.
Bob restored Mainframe and saved the day.
Now we're all together and I want to say
I'm so glad that we found Bob.

Chorus 2X