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Warning: The story, as always, contains plot spoilers


PART ONE: Hinoto's lair under the Japanese Diet building.

Hinoto floats in dream state on a mirror. "It's all so horrible! I can see an awful future for the earth but there's nothing I can do to change it. If only someone would come along and take this dreadful responsibility away from me."

From out of nowhere theVoice From The Mirror intones, "I will!"

Hinoto thrashes agitatedly. "Who is there?"

An image of Hinoto appears in the mirror, comes to life, and sits beside her. "Tis I! Your evil twin!" says the Voice From the Mirror.

"Waitaminute!" exclaims Hinoto. "I don't have an evil twin. All I have is a bratty younger sister named Kanoe. Hey, she didn't put you up to this did she?"

The Mirror Hinoto giggles. "Heavens to Betsy, no! I didn't mean I was your literal evil twin, I meant only that I was the selfish twisted part of your psyche. I'm your dirty little schizophrenic secret."

Hinoto frowns, puzzled. "What are you talking about? I'm the official dream seer of the Dragons of Heaven, I don't have a selfish side! I'm not mentally disturbed, I'm one of the good guys."

"Just keep telling yourself that, honey. Maybe you'll believe it some day."

"You're not a part of me and I won't listen to you." Hinoto puts her hands over her ears. "See? I can't hear you anymore. La la la la la. Nope. I don't hear a thing. La la la la la...

Mirror Hinoto sighs. "And she says she's not crazy. Sheesh!"

Meanwhile, on a Tokyo street leading to a park where Yuzuriha and spirit puppy Inuki wait patiently, Kusanagi ambles along the sidewalk.

Fuma appears out of nowhere at Kusanagi's side as he walks down the street. "Surprised to see me, Kusanagi?"

Unperturbed, Kusanagi glances at him, and continues to walk on. "Not really, bad pennies like you always seem to turn up."

"And here I thought you liked me." Fuma pretends to be hurt.

"Nice day isn't it?" asks Kusanagi, adroitly changing the subject.

"Enjoy the scenery. It'll all be gone soon. The earth cries out for the death of all humans. Soon this will all be a wasteland, empty of humanity."

"Uh, Fuma? You're a member of humanity."

Fuma gestures impatiently. "Don't bother me with petty details! I'm off to torture, mutilate, and destroy. Plus, I think I'll play a few mind games with you and Nataku, like ordering him to kill your sweet young friend just to see what you'll do." He flashes an evil grin and leaves.

Kusanagi stuffs his hands in his pockets and sighs. "I'm really beginning to think I picked the wrong team to play on."

PART TWO: A girder of a bridge high above Tokyo. Sorata pines there.

"Here I am pining away for love of Arashi. Oh where, oh where has my Arashi gone? Oh where, oh where can she be?" wails Sorata like a hound dog.

Kamui appears suddenly on the girder. "Sorata. We must protect the world. We need to talk."

Sorata breaks off his impromptu version of the song,'Oh where, Oh where has my little dog gone' and responds. "Sure, talking. I'm good at that! I love to talk. Want to talk about Arashi? I love Arashi! I miss Arashi so much I..."

"Sorata! Focus." Interrupts Kamui, brusquely.


"I think Princess Hinoto is not on our side anymore." Kamui intones dramatically.

"What do you mean?"

Kamui begins pacing on the girder. "Did it never occur to you to wonder what happened to the earthquake Hinoto said was going to level Ginza if we didn't stay there to protect Ginza the day Arashi and Yuzuriha were attacked in Inugashira? Well I did. And this paper spell that Hinoto left behind has an evil aura written all over it." He whips out the bit of trash he rescued from the street in Ginza.

"Evil aura? Where?" Sorata snatches the paper from Kamui and begins turning it upside down, then right side up, presumably looking for the aura.

Kamui sighs. "It's a figure of speech, Sorata. Now, let's go talk to Hinoto calmly and reasonably about this."

"You mean you don't want to just attack first and ask questions later?" asks Sorata.

Kamui lifts his chin and poses dramatically. "I am the new and improved Kamui. I now attempt to reason with both friend and foe."


PART THREE: The park where Yuzuriha still waits for Kusanagi, who arrives at the park entrance just as Nataku shows up by Yuzuriha's bench.

Nataku confronts her. "I am a Dragon of Earth. I am here to kill you."

"No way!" Yuzuriha cries.

"Yes. It's true. I'm a mindless drone. I kill without question."

"Bummer," responds Yuzuriha, sympathetically, then continues in a more chipper voice, "I've got a cool spirit puppy who turns into a sword. Want to see?"

"Er..." Natuaku begins uncertainly.

Yuzuriha transforms Inuki puppy into a spirit sword and begins whaling away at Nataku, who spins his fabric strips into dagger-like projectiles and fights back. During the fight, Yuzuriha creates a big green barrier field.

Seiichiro appears, walking down the street at the edge of the park, lost in thought. "I have just put flowers on Karen's grave. Maybe one day I'll bring my wife and kid to visit and tell them the whole story. We can have a picnic, and I'll say, 'Honey, there was this Christian prostitute I once knew that...Hmm. Maybe not." He looks up. "What's this? A barrier field? It looks like Yuzuriha's! I must go help." Turning toward the park entrance, he finds his way blocked by Kusanagi, looking quite imposing in his military fatigues. "Hey! Soldier guy, get out of my way!"

Kusanagi raises his hands sheepishly. "I can't do that. I'm a Dragon of Earth. Though to tell you the truth, I'm not exactly thrilled about it lately."

Seiichiro frowns. "Then I'll remove you by force, thrilled or not!" He jumps into the air and attacks Kusanagi with a wind spell. Kusanagi also leaps up and counters with a forceful blast.

Dangling in midair, Kusanagi begins to pontificate. "Can't you hear it? The earth crying tears of agony, screaming for revenge against the humans who have polluted it?"

"Huh?" asks Seiichiro, also still in midair.

Kusanagi adopts an earnest expression. "The earth has been devastated by humans. DDT in the streams, carbon monoxides, sulfer oxides, and hydrocarbons in the atmosphere - the list goes on and on."

Seiichiro folds his arms and responds thoughtfully. "True, but other humans protect the earth. Look at all the tree-huggers! Greenpeace! Save the Whales! The E.P.A.! And then there was that nut a while back who climbed up an oak tree in California and chained himself to its trunk to stop a housing development. Besides, the earth is an inanimate object. Strictly speaking it can't scream. The only beings that can cry from grief are the humans you Dragons of Earth keep trying to kill."

Kusanagi looks down and realizes he's still floating. "Er, do you think we could finish this conversation on the ground? We've been talking midair for the past five minutes."

"Sure." Seiichiro lands. "Now will you stop all this nonsense and just believe that there is good in humankind?"

Kusanagi jumps forward, knocks him out, and pounds him. "Love to, but then there wouldn't be enough dramatic conflict."

Meanwhile Yuzuriha lies on a rooftop, exhausted from her battle with Nataku. Kusanagi leaps up to stand below her under the eaves. "Mr. Kusanagi? Is that you?"

"Yes. I have a confession to make. I am a Dragon of Earth." Replies Kusanagi, shamefaced.

"Oh, I knew that." Says Yuzuriha airily.

Dumbfounded, Kusanagi responds. "What? How?"

"You could see Inuki, silly! Only Dragons can do that, and since you didn't show up for the Dragons of Heaven meetings with Princess Hinoto, It was pretty much a no-brainer! I knew you were on the enemy team and that you want to destroy everybody."

"Then why did you want to hang out with me?"

Yuzuriha giggles. "Because I love you of course! And just because you want to murder every living person doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. Anyone who likes Inuki-puppy is A-OK in my book!"

Kusanagi shrugs. "Makes sense to me."

Nataku leaps up on the rooftop. "Stand back, Kusanagi, while I slaughter your innocent young admirer who just confessed her love for you."

Kusanagi snarls, "Like that's going to happen!" He leaps in and scoops Yuzuriha up in his arms and carries her away from Nataku, saving her.

From out of nowhere, Arashi leaps at Kusanagi and slices partly through his torso with her sword. He lands, dropping Yuzuriha, and collapses in a pool of blood.

Sorata shows up at the park gate in time to see Arashi strike down Kusanagi for trying to save Yuzuriha, and cries out, "Arashi! What are you doing?"

Yuzuriha shrieks and kneels by Kusanagi's prone figure. "Arashi! Why did you try to kill Mr. Kusanagi after he saved me? Whose side are you on, anyway?"

Arashi holds her sword threateningly in front of her as she replies. "The Dragons of Earth, of course. I have switched sides."

Crushed, Sorata's eyes fill with tears as he asks, "But...why?"

Arashi replies, monotone, "So that I could save you, Sorata. Now you can't possibly die to protect me. Since we are fighting on opposite sides, you won't want to protect me anymore. Thus you will live."

"Anybody else besides me think that's just plain stupid?" asks Yuzuriha.

Sorata approaches the sword-wielding turncoat warily. "Uh, Arashi? Didn't it occur to you that in switching sides you are now taking orders from that psycho, Fuma, who half the time thinks his name is Kamui? And that he'll probably order you to kill me, and if you do I'll be just as dead as if I'd died protecting you?"

Yuzuriha jumps up and places her hands on her hips. "And what about me? By trying to save your one true love, you've just nearly slaughtered mine, and he was the only NICE Dragon of Earth left!"

Arashi swishes her sword angrily. "Stop trying to confuse me! The wonderful part about being a Dragon of Earth is that we don't have to care about silly things like love or loyalty or friendship. We just want to kill pretty much everyone on the planet. Besides, now I get to redeem my reputation as a cool unapproachable beauty. No more mushy stuff for me. I will now jump behind a train and disappear." She makes for the train.

Yuzuriha stamps her feet and glares after her. "I don't like you anymore! Your pleated uniform skirt makes you look fat! Eat glass and die!"

Sorata stands rooted to the ground, muttering in a disbelieving voice, "My one true love is a..."

Yuzuriha comes up beside him and tugs on his sleeve. "I think the term you're looking for is the same one used to describe Inuki-puppy's mommy dog."

Sorata glances down at her. "Uh, thanks, but I was trying to say 'Dragon of Earth'."

PART FOUR: Hinoto's lair under the Japanese Diet building where Hinoto sits in a dream state.

Kanoe slinks up to her in the dream. "Hello, sister dear. I'm here to taunt you again."

Hinoto sighs. "Don't you have anything better to do?"

Kanoe shrugs. "Nope. I will now attack your hair." Grabbing a tendril of Hinoto's hair, she squeezes it with all her might. "Take that!" She steps on locks of Hinoto's hair lying on the ground. "And that!" She grinds her heel into the hair. "That too."

"Uh, Kanoe? That doesn't actually hurt. Hair doesn't have nerve endings."

Kanoe tosses aside Hinoto's lock of hair in disgust. "There you go again. You just have to prove how smart you are. Well I'm sick of it, do you hear? Mom and Dad always did like you best, but you're in my clutches now. Soon the world as we know it will end, and I'm going to keep you alive just so I can watch your reaction as you see your worst dreams come true. Bwahahah."

Hinoto shakes her head. "Are you NEVER going to get over your childhood?"

"And miss this wonderful opportunity to torture you psychologically? I love to see you suffer. I wake up in the morning thinking of clever new ways to make you writhe in agony. I even have an "I hate Hinoto" website! Which reminds me, I have to go update it. Ciao, big sister!" Cries Kanoe mockingly as she slinks away on high-heeled pumps.

Mirror-Hinoto grins. "Ah ha! I knew that stupid woman would want to keep Hinoto alive to torture her some more. That means I get to live too! My plan is working. The Dragons of Heaven shall perish, but I'll live on. Bwahahaha."

"Shut up!" Shrieks Hinoto as she plunges a knife into Mirror-Hinoto's chest. "I hate that laugh. It sounds bad enough from Kanoe, but I draw the line at hearing it from myself."

Mirror-Hinoto gasps. "But...but....How can you do this? I was supposed to live forever! And besides, in killing me, your evil-twin psyche, you just plunged the knife into your own chest as well."

Hinoto looks down at her blood soaked torso. "Whoops."

Kamui rushes into Hinoto's shrine room and picks her up. "Hinoto! What happened?"

Hinoto's sightless eyes turn toward him blearily. "I'm dying."

"Check out the blood pool, Oh stupid one." her attendants chorus in unison.

Kamui grimaces and smacks himself on the head.

Hinoto grabs Kamui's sleeve piteously. "Kamui, there's something I have to tell you before I die. My death means that the seal on the Shincan swords will be broken. I also regret to inform you that your powers have not fully awakened yet, even though Fuma's have. I thought maybe you'd be able to change the fate of the world and its destined destruction, but I guess I was wrong. I think I'll die, now that I've done my best to depress the heck out of you. I wish it could be otherwise." She dies.

"Thanks loads."

Meanwhile in her secret hideout, Kanoe wakes up in her sumptuously decorated bedroom. "Hinoto just killed herself! But why? Sure, I made her life a living hell by devoting mine to making sure her worst dreams came true, but is that any reason to off yourself? I will now sob with hysterical grief, even though I hated her guts." She sobs melodramatically.

At the same moment, deep beneath the CLAMP school inside their top-secret storage facility, Kamui's Shincan sword quivers as its chains dissolve.

PART FIVE: Much later, Kamui and Sorata stand near a small burbling fountain in the courtyard of CLAMP school, eyeing it gloomily.

"Sorry to hear about Hinoto dying." offers Sorata.

"Sorry about Arashi turning on us and becoming a Dragon of Heaven bent on the destruction of humanity." Counters Kamui.

Sorata shrugs. "Yeah, well what with Subaru being all clinically depressed and catatonic over killing Seishiro, and Seiichiro still unconscious from Kusanagi pounding him into the pavement, and Karen being dead, and Yuzuriha refusing to leave Kusanagi's side, and Arashi betraying us, it looks like it's just you and me, kid. What say we go attack the Dragons of Earth and punch their lights out?"

Seiichiro looking pitiful in a neckbrace, wheels himself up to the pair in a wheelchair. "Sorata! I have something important to tell you."

"Hey, I thought you were still out cold." Sorata responds happily.

Seiichiro grimaces. "I got better. But I must tell you, Sorata, that Arashi really loves you."

Sorata stares in disbelief. "Dude! She SWITCHED SIDES! She's now our enemy, out to kill us all."

Seiichiro waves a hand, dismissively. "Don't let that bother you. She only did it to protect you."

"How do you know?" asks Sorata, unconvinced.

"Karen told me before she died. Chicks know these things. Mere mortal men like us will never understand them."

Kamui clears his throat. "Ahem. That reminds me. I must go check on Yuzuriha. She refuses to leave Kusanagi's side."

"Women!" Kamui, Seiichiro, and Sorata sigh together, silent for a long pause to ponder the complexities of the female gender.

Sorata snaps out of it first. "So, you wanna go eat pizza and watch basketball on TV?"

"Sure." The boys follow Seiichiro back inside.

Meanwhile, in Kanoe's lair, Fuma sits caressing his Shincan sword. Nataku and Arashi attend him.

Fuma addresses the girl in a serious tone of voice. "Arashi. The time is coming for the cataclysmic battle for earth. In order to save Sorata's life, you must kill Kamui, the Dragon of Heaven."

Arashi nods obediently. "Of course. I will kill the kid that Sorata considers his best friend. I'm sure he'll understand."

Fuma starts, and holds out his Shincan. "Aha. My sword is going all shimmery. That means that Kamui has picked up his Shincan. I will now send out a mental dog whistle and call him to me."

Nataku immediately grimaces and claps his hands over his ears. "Owie!"

PART SIX: A deserted shipyard. Fuma and Arashi wait for Kamui.

Kamui walks dramatically alone, Shincan sword in hand, and draws near to them. He stops several feet away and says his opponent's name. "Fuma."

Fuma does the same. "Kamui."

They glare at each other.

Suddenly, Kamui attacks Fuma with his sword. Fuma blocks it with his, then leaps away.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I've another sparring partner in mind for you." Fuma says mockingly and gestures above to where Arashi begins leaping down on top of Kamui. Kamui moves aside, but loses his sword as Arashi knocks it out of his hand. Both leap up onto a crane's girder.

"Arashi! Don't do this." Pleads Kamui.

Unaffected by the plea, Arashi growls and attacks again, nicking Kamui on the face and arm, forcing him to back up until he reaches the end of the girder.

Sorata shows up unexpectedly. "Arashi! Knock it off! I have sworn to protect Kamui." He shoves her off the girder with an energy ball, then leaps down on the ground to join her. "I will kill you if I have to." Winding up like a pitcher, he prepares to ram another energy ball down her throat.

"I must kill Kamui, no matter what." Arashi assumes a defensive kendo pose and prepares to ram the tip of her sword into Sorata's throat. Both stop before impact, and stare at each other for a long moment.

Sorata is the first to break the silence. "Aw, snuggle-bunny. I knew you couldn't kill me."

"Muffin-cake! I knew you couldn't kill me either." responds Arashi.

From his perch up above Kamui calls out plaintively, "Could someone get me down from this girder before I throw up?"

"Glad to oblige." says Fuma, and slices the crane off at the base so that it topples, forcing Kamui to jump off it, and Arashi and Sorata to jump back in separate directions to avoid being crushed. Fuma grabs Arashi and throws her to the ground.

Fuma growls at her. "So, you would betray the Dragons of Earth, would you? Die!" He attempts to plunge his sword through her chest only to find that Sorata jumped in the way and took the blow meant for her.

Arashi shrieks. "Sorata! Darn it, Fuma! I joined you because you promised this would never happen if I did!"

Fuma shrugs. "So I lied. I'm the king of evil who loves to kill; it's his destiny to be killed. What did you expect? Besides, I refuse to allow any human to live who uses the word 'snuggle-bunny', and as for that 'muffin-cake' comment? I will now kill you too."

Sorata grabs at the sword in his chest and sends an energy ball careening up its length to hit Fuma full in the face. "I don't think so Mr. word critic. Destiny works two ways. That means if I die, I get to save her life. You really should read more Manga!"

Face melting, Fuma staggers back. "Argh!" He disappears in a flash of smoke.

Arashi cradles Sorata's body in her arms and sinks to the ground. "Oh Sorata, Why? Why?"

"Dramatic irony, of course!" responds Sorata. "Now promise you'll live for me, and the memory of our love. Promise too that every time you chop onions, you'll think of me." He dies.

Arashi, sobbing, agrees. "Yes, darling. I'll eat onions with every meal, just so I can chop them."

Kamui makes a face. "Remind me not to sit next to you in the CLAMP school cafeteria anymore."

PART SEVEN: Kanoe's lair. Fuma, face half burnt off, lies splayed across Kanoe's throne, gripping his Shincan sword and grimacing in pain. Nataku attends him.

Fuma's face, the un-crisped side, assumes a thoughtful expression. "Natuaku. Remember that wish of yours?"

Natuku nods eagerly. "You mean the one where I wish that we could be together forever, master?"

"Well it's your lucky day. I'm going to disintegrate your body into tiny globules of bloody flesh, which I will graft onto the wounded portions of my body, thus stealing your life force in order to heal my wounds. By the way, I'll also have to disintegrate all your clothes off too."

Natuku jumps up and down. "Oh goody."

Meanwhile, behind the throne room, Kakyo, the Dragons of Earth's dream seer pulls Kamui's consciousness into his dream state.

"Kamui, you chose to be a Dragon of Heaven, but even if you'd chosen to be a Dragon of Earth, the earth would still be toast. The future has been decided. The Dragons of Heaven will lose. All the barriers that are keeping the Dragons of Earth from destroying humanity are gone except one. Tokyo Tower. When that barrier falls, all is lost." Kakyo intones the words dramatically.

Kamui growls. "Don't you dream seers ever have any good news?" He leaves in a huff, to go perch on Tokyo Tower.

PART EIGHT: Kusanagi's sickbed in the CLAMP school. Yuzuriha sits by his side. Arashi enters.

Arashi coughs to get her attention and says, "Sorry I sliced up your boyfriend."

Yuzuriha twists around in her seat to look at her. "S'OK, I'm sure he'll understand. He's the nice Dragon of Earth."

Seiichiro wheels himself in, ensconced in a wheelchair, neck-brace, and cast. "We may be banged up and we may have lost all our Dragon powers, but all is not lost. At least we can wish for Kamui's success."

Yuzuriha cocks her head to one side questioningly. "You mean like in Peter Pan when all the children clap for Tinkerbell so she'll live?"

Seiichiro's face brightens."Yes! Let's all clap for Kamui." He claps his bandaged hands together a bit too enthusiastically. "Ouch!"

PART NINE: On top of Tokyo Tower. Kamui stands guard, nobly alone, dressed in black, and looking cool.

Fuma appears on the other end of the girder Kamui is standing on. "You are in the way. Fighting destiny is useless. I'm gonna win!" Whipping out his sword, he spars with Kamui.

"No! I can win." Insists Kamui as he fights. "Despite being told since day one by both dream seers that I would fail and that earth will become a barren wasteland no matter what, I am the new and improved Kamui, so I will fight you."

Fuma plunges his sword through Kamui's shoulder, forcing him to drop his now-broken sword. "Foolish boy! When you challenged me, you signed your death warrant."

Kamui gasps in pain. "Impossible! This can't be. I'm the new and improved Kamui. I'm one of the good guys. I fight to protect the ones I love."

Fuma grins sardonically. "Don't you know that if you wield the Shincan sword to protect others that you'll lose? Who do you think you are? Rurouni Kenshin? That sort of sentimental claptrap only works in Shonen Jump Manga and anime series. Face it, this is a CLAMP story, and you can't win. I'm evil incarnate." He pulls his sword out of Kamui's shoulder. "Ooh, looky there! I just destroyed the last seal keeping the earth together."

The earth rumbles and fissures appear, tinged with pink, in cabalistic designs. Fuma draws back his sword to finish off Kamui.

Subaru swoops in to snatch Kamui out of harm's way. He lands and collapses dramatically. "Kamui! Follow your own path, the path you chose." Subaru faints.

Kamui stares into space. "I will now have a poignant flashback." He flashes onto a memory of his mother, Kotori, Hinoto, and Sorata all urging him to grow strong to protect the ones he loves. "OK, I'm over it." Kamui shakes himself like a dog after a bath. "I think I'll go back and let Fuma make a shish-kebob out of me some more." He staggers over to Fuma, who plunges his sword through Kamui's chest.

Fuma grins. "Hee hee hee! I win! I nailed you in the heart. Now you die in vain! It's good to be the Dragon of Earth."

Kamui, still talking even with a punctured aorta, speaks. "But I'm not going to die. This is all part of my clever plan to make you feel so guilty that you will snap out of it and turn back into the lovable basketball-obsessed teenager you used to be. You see, even though your sword has pierced my heart, I'll always live on in yours." He places his hand gently on the center of Fuma's chest.

Fuma's jaw drops. "Wha...? Hey! No fair touching!"

Kamui continues to talk even though he's lost enough blood to fill a Red Cross blood drive quota. "You're always bragging about being able to grant wishes. Well my dying wish is that you'd stop being such a jerk!" Kamui explodes and dissipates into a ball of light that expands into a barrier field which covers the whole earth.

Fuma stands alone atop Tokyo tower holding his chest with a befuddled look on his face and says, "Ah crud! And I was having so much fun being the bad guy."

EPILOGUE: Kakyo's voice over. "And thus it ended. The final battle was over. Kamui's great sacrifice saved the world as his wish, and the wishes of all those who died in the conflict, will live on in Fuma's heart forever. The future was not already decided. From this day forward, there will be as many futures as there are wishes."

Kanoe pipes up, irritated. "Excuse me! How come Kakyo got to do the epilogue? I should have been the one chosen to do it. I'm the only one in the whole story who didn't get the snot kicked out of them. Unlike other people I could mention, I don't have a scratch on me. I'm still a knockout."

Arashi sniffs. "You're not even a Dragon. Besides, I'm the cool unapproachable beauty of the series. If the decision was to be based on looks alone, I should have been the one chosen for the epilogue."

Yuzuriha jumps in. "Hey! Did someone mention wishes? I wish for ice cream, lots of ice cream, right now! Plus, I think Mr. Kusanagi should have done the voiceover. He's swell!"

Kusanagi blushes. "No, you should have done it, Yuzuriha. You're the youngest and most innocent of it all. You'd be the perfect voice of hope for the future."

Kanoe asks, in a dangerously mild tone, "Are you calling me...OLD?"

Seiichiro attempts to placate her. "Children, children, you mustn't quarrel. I'm the oldest and wisest of you all. My whole role in this entire series is to give sage advice and counsel when it's most needed, and I think..."

Everyone else cries out in unison, "Oh shut up!"

Incomprehensible babble breaks out. "I want ice cream! How DARE you call me old? Children, please! Uh, I've got to be getting back to the army base. Ruff! Ruff! Down, Inuki-puppy! I'm going to go chop onions, this argument is distasteful."

Kakyo's voiceover continues. "And thus it ends. Earth and humanity leaves on. The future is what you make of it."