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Transylvania 1887

"It's alive! It's alive! IT'S ALIIVE!!!!!" Dr. Frankenstein shouted. He glanced at his niece. She was a beautiful girl of fourteen with his own brown hair. She smiled at her Uncle. For the past two years he had shut himself up in his laboratory and only had time for his work. His obsession with his work had driven everyone away from him, even his bride to be, Elizabeth. His niece was the only one who stayed, her and Igor. They were the only friends he had left besides the Count. His niece never trusted the Count one bit but stayed by her Uncle's side at all times. He was the only family she really had left after her parents died when she was young.

Frankenstein looked at his new son.

"Come here." he said ushering the girl over. She came over and stood next to her Uncle. She fiddled with the charm at her neck. On her wrist, she wore a bracelet. She and her Uncle had the same lab coats on except he wore a casual suit under his and she wore a casual dark green shirt with a navy skirt and boots. Frankenstein's creation opened his eyes and looked at them.

"Meet your cousin." he said. The girl's loving eyes looked at her Uncle's creation. He wasn't exactly the best looking thing in the world, but to she and her Uncle, he looked beautiful.

"You shall be the son I never had." her Uncle whispered.

The girl heard murmuring outside the window and rushed over, her curiosity getting the better of her. What she saw shocked her.

"Um, Uncle, this isn't good." she said. Frankenstein came to his niece's side. There was a mob outside the window. They wielded torches and pitchforks and other things that would normally be used for farming.

"Success!" a voice said behind them. They turned and both let out a shriek of surprise.

"Oh count…. it's only you." Frankenstein said. The girl looked into the Count's eyes and saw nothing but emptiness. She shivered slightly and made her way over to her new brother.

"I was beginning to loose faith Victor. A shame your moment of triumph is being spoiled by a little thing like grave robbery." the Count said darkly. The girl shuttered. That was the one part of her Uncle's work she didn't really approve of. But it was like the Count had some hold over her Uncle and he couldn't say no. All in the name of his work. She made her way to the other side of the table so she could watch her Uncle and the Count talk.

She looked up to see the panic in her Uncle's eyes. "I…I must escape this place." he said. The Count appeared high up on the catwalk.

"Where are you going to run, Victor?" he asked. She jumped at where the Count now was. That was impossible. No one can move that fast, no one human anyway. "Your peculiar experiments have made you…unwelcome in most of the civilized world." the count said almost coldly.

As usual, the Count forgot about her. She liked it that way and didn't want any attention from this strange man. Now he was pacing on the mantle piece as her Uncle packed his trunk. He appeared there as if by magic. What ever it was, she didn't like it.

"I'll take him away, where no one will find him." Frankenstein said as he packed.

"I'd take him to Rome." she said quietly not wanting to be noticed by the Count.

"No, the time has come for me to take command of him." the Count said giving her Uncle a manipulating stare.

"What do you mean?" her Uncle asked resisting him for once. The Count appeared behind the trunk and slammed the lid shut. She jumped at the sound.

"Why do you think I brought you here? Gave you this castle? Equipped your laboratory?" the Count said very angrily. Her Uncle backed up.

"You said you believed in my work." he said.

"I do. But now he must serve my purpose." the Count said. The girl's thought came out of her Uncle's mouth. "What purpose?" he asked.

The mob outside had finally had success in breaking down the door to the castle. Torches raised high, they headed to the north tower where the three were.

"My God, I would kill myself before helping you in that task. I could never allow him to be used for such evil." Frankenstein said standing over his son.

"I could." the Count said smiling evilly. The girl had hid away in the shadows as the Count spoke of his task. "In fact, my brides are insisting upon it. Actually Victor, now that you have success, I don't need you anymore. I just need him." the Count said backing her Uncle up against the mantle. Frankenstein's niece could tell her Uncle needed help, and if she didn't get her new cousin free, he would suffer greatly.

"Igor, help me!" she heard her Uncle shout. She wasn't paying attention as she rushed to her cousin's side and started to undo the straps that held him. Igor spoke and her cousin could tell it's creator was in trouble. It started to fight against the straps as she set him free. Finally, she had the straps gone and her cousin was free. But it was too late. She looked up to see the Count at the edge of her Uncle's blade.

"You can't kill me Victor." he said as he stepped into the blade and it came out his back. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

"I'm already dead." he said his face close to her Uncle's. The girl watched in horror as the Count bit her Uncle in the neck. She put a hand over her open mouth and backed into the shadows. He dropped her Uncle and whipped blood off his mouth. Suddenly, something flew across the room and knocked the Count into the fire.

She saw the creature pick up her Uncle's dead body and head for the door following Igor. She tried to follow but her coat was caught on a machine. She tugged but couldn't get free. She took off the jacket but found her skirt was caught as well. Suddenly, something flew out of the fireplace right at her. She ducked but it hit her on the back of her head and all went black.

Dracula stepped from the fireplace and saw a girl on the floor. She was dead. She had to be or she wouldn't have stayed around this long. After a moment of concentration, he took his bat-like form and lifted off into the night.

Vatican City, Rome. One year later

Mara had her nose buried in a book as usual. She had nothing to do till she was given her next assignment. Her straight dark hair went halfway down her back and her eyes were deep blue with specks of mother of pearl. She sat and fiddled with her locket. It was a silver heart with her name and a cross engraved on it. She wore a bracelet as well with alternating round red stones and black diamond-shaped ones. The stones had a silver bead between each one and a silver cross at the center of the band. On her other hand she wore a silver ring with a diamond on it.

"Faster, faster, faster." she could hear Carl saying. Mara looked up to see the man on the bike getting shocked.

"Almost had it." Carl said.

"Give it a rest Carl. That's the third time this week and it's not even Thursday yet." Mara told him annoyed. They heard a door slam above them.

"Van Helsing's back." she said and rolled her eyes. Mara could always tell when he came around. The whole abbey could. Mara straightened her red sleeveless shirt with silver trim she wore with a black jacket with a tail that rested at her ankles. She also wore a pair black paints and black boots. Mara returned to her book. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the Cardinal (dressed in his usual red robes) enter followed by a man in his late twenties. He had dark hair that went to his shoulders and had about a day's bed on his chin. His eyes were dark, like all of his black clothing. As they passed her, the Cardinal motioned for her to follow. She set her book down and did so.

The Cardinal had the projector brought out and the lights dimmed.

"We need you to go to the east." he said. Mara was a bit confused. Was he talking to her or the man next to her, who she recognized as Van Helsing.

"Who do you mean by 'you' exactly?" Van Helsing asked.

"Both of you." the Cardinal replied casually.

"What?" the two said in unison.

"You're sending a kid with me?" Van Helsing asked.

"You're sticking me with him?" Mara said pointing to Van Helsing. The Cardinal ignored their complaints as if they never happened.

"We need you to go to the east, to the far side of Romania, an accursed land terrorized by all sorts of nightmarish creatures. They are controlled and are servants of Count Dracula." the Cardinal said. A picture of a man in his thirties appeared. He had a golden hoop on his left earlobe and looked of European birth.

"Dracula, I would guess?" Mara asked staring at the painting. The Cardinal nodded. Her deep blue eyes studied the painting. She looked into his eyes. Those eyes, it was like she had seen them before. She wouldn't know of course. About a year ago, she had gone to Rome to pray that she might find her family. That's when the Cardinal put her in his service. She studied hard with the motivation that she might find her family, and her memories of them. Mara had lost her memory of what her life was like after an accident, she never could remember of what. She only knew her name from it being engraved on her locket. Her studying paid off and became the youngest field officer they ever had, which she was extremely proud of.

She stared at his eyes, they were empty and cold. It was like looking into the eyes of death. She shivered slightly, even though the room was plenty warm. The painting changed to an old knight who looked to be of Spanish birth.

"Four hundred and fifty years ago, Valerious the Elder promised God that his family would never rest (not enter heaven) until Dracula was vanquished from their land. They have not succeeded, and they are running out of family." the Cardinal said.

"Well, that's not good." Mara mumbled quietly. The picture of a man appeared. His eye patch made him look robust.

"Boris Valerious, King of the Gypsies. He went missing a little less than a year ago." the Cardinal explained. Mara stiffened. Could his disappearance and Mara's past be linked together? After all, they were both in Transylvania and both things happened around the same time. Mara thought that was a huge coincidence.

"His son, Prince Velkan, died last week during a werewolf hunt." the Cardinal said as a new picture showed a young man. Mara raised her eyebrows. In her opinion, he was rather cute. However, she kept these thoughts to herself.

The picture changed to a woman on a horse. Her hair was long and fell to her side in rings. She looked to be around the same age as Van Helsing.

"Princess Anna, the last of the Valerious. If she is killed, nine generations of her family will never enter the gates of Saint Peter." the Cardinal said. The lights came up and he continued. "For more than four centuries this family has held down out left flank. They gave up their lives. We can not let them slip into purgatory." he said.

"So you're sending me into hell." Van Helsing replied. Apparently, he shared Mara's feelings in this assignment. The Cardinal patted his back.

"In a manner." he said.

"Oh, great." Mara said following them to a table. The Cardinal took out a piece of torn cloth. It had Latin inscribed on it.

"The old knight left this here four hundred years ago. We do not know it's purpose, but he would not have left it lightly." he said and then deciphered it. "In the name of God, open this door." he said and revealed more of the cloth. There was a dragon on it. Van Helsing looked at the ring on his right hand.

"The insignia matches your ring. I think that in Transylvania you will find the answers you seek." he said and left the two alone.

Van Helsing glanced at her.

"And you would be?" he asked.

"Mara. And of course, you are the legendary Van Helsing." she replied.

"And you must be the youngest agent we ever had at, what, thirteen?" he said as they walked toward the lab.

"I'm fifteen." she said.

"Right, still to young. What do you do when your in the field? Scream at the creature till it's head splits?" he asked.

"No. I may be young, but it allows me to do things even you can't do. If you think about it a second, I look like the least likely person to be dangerous. They end up underestimating me and it gives me an added advantage." Mara explained to him. They saw Carl run up in his brown friar robes.

"There you are." he said to Van Helsing. "Did you bring him back or did you kill him?" Carl ask.

"Carl." Mara said trying to get him to shut up. Van Helsing glared at him.

"You killed him, didn't you? That's why they get so annoyed. When they ask you to bring someone back they don't mean as a corps." Carl said.

"Carl." Mara said more firmly this time. Van Helsing gave Carl a look that said 'shut up or I'll kill you'. Carl backed off.

"Alright, you're in a mood. Well, I've got a few things that will but the bit back in your mouth." Carl said. As they passed the swords Van Helsing and Mara eyed them with interest.

"Oh any idiot can make a sword." Carl said.

"Hey." the smith said meeting Carl in the face with a glowing sword in his hand.

"Sorry Father." Carl said and dodged him as quickly as he could. Mara had to smile just a little bit as they followed Carl.

Carl turned and realized she was there.

"Go along Mara. Van Helsing and I have business to tend to." he said.

"Not alone. I'm going with him, not on my own free will of course." she replied. Carl gave them a strange look and handed Van Helsing a bag.

"Rings of garlic," he said putting the things in the bag in turn. Mara made a face. She didn't like the smell of garlic. "holy water, silver stake," he said as the end shot out of the handle and pushed it in the bag. "crucifix." he said.

Loud shots like thunder went off as the saw the testing for a multi-barreled firearm. It fired shots rapidly.

"Why can't I have one of those?" he asked.

"Knowing your reputation, you'd bring it back in pieces or not at all." Mara said. Van Helsing shot her a look. She shrugged slightly. "You asked." she replied.

"You've never gone after vampires have you?" Carl asked.

"Vampires, gargoyles, warlocks, they're all the same." Van Helsing said.

"Or start acting like it at least." Mara added.

"No, they are not all the same. A vampire is nothing like a warlock. My granny could kill a warlock." Carl asked.

"How do you know about vampires. You've never been out of the abbey." Van Helsing stated. "

"I read." Carl said.

"Carl, if you saw a vampire, you would soil yourself." Mara stated. Van Helsing smiled slightly. They both knew it was true.

"No I wouldn't." he said trying to protest but was unconvincing. Then moved over to something.

"Now this is something new. Glycerin forty-eight." he said and a small drop gently landed on his pinky. He flicked it on the ground and it exploded into a ball of flame and disappeared. Immediately boxes tumbled everywhere. There were several angry voices shouting things like "Knock it off, Carl!" "Warn somebody." "Stop it, Carl." and "For the love of Allah man!".

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" he said sheepishly and turned to them. "The air around here is thick with envy." he told them.

"I'm sure it is Carl." Mara mumbled and made a face to show she didn't believe him. Carl handed Van Helsing an interesting looking crossbow.

"I like this." Van Helsing said.

"It's gas propelled. Capable of catapulting bolts in rapid succession at tremendous velocity. Just pull the trigger and hold on." he said. Mara picked up a strange looking gun. She picked a point on the far wall and aimed.

"Fire in the hole." she said. Carl saw what she was holding.

"Duck!" he shouted and everyone did. A silver stake sot put along with a small ball of flame. The stake hit the wall and rooted itself at the corner where four bricks met.

"I like that." she said and tossed it in the bag. The men rose and Carl looked at Van Helsing.

"Are you sure you two haven't met before?" Carl asked.

"She reminds me of me." Van Helsing mumbled.

"I've heard the stories coming out of Transylvania. Trust me, you are going to need that." he said and put the crossbow in the bag.

Van Helsing looked around and found an odd looking glass object. He picked it up. Carl saw him.

"I've been working on that for twelve years. It's compressed magma from Mt. Vesuvius with pure alkali from the Gobi Desert. It's one of a kind." he said. Carl started to try and get it. Van Helsing kept backing away and holding it higher so Carl couldn't reach it. Mara decided he was having to much fun when Van Helsing started to laugh slightly.

"What's it for?" Van Helsing asked.

"I have no idea." Carl said. They were both shocked.

"Twelve years and you don't know what it does?" Van Helsing said finally letting Carl have his experiment.

"I didn't say that. I know what it does I just don't know what it's for." he said.

"What does it do?" Mara asked.

"It creates a light source equal to the intensity of the sun." he said putting it in a little box and putting it in the sack.

"And this will come in handy how?" Van Helsing asked.

"Oh I don't know. You could blind your enemies, charbroil a charging herd of wildebeests, use your imagination." Carl said.

"No Carl, I'm going to use yours. You're coming with me." Van Helsing said.

"Oh the hell be dammed if I am." Carl said quickly. Mara stood there a bit shocked.

"You cursed. Not very well mind you, but you're a monk. You're not supposed to curse at all." Van Helsing said.

"It's so ironic with this speech coming from you." Mara said.

"Actually, I'm just a friar, so I can curse as much as I like," he said. " damn it." he added rather proudly. Mara rolled her eyes at Carl's pathetic attempts.

"The Cardinal has ordered you to keep me alive, for as long as possible." Van Helsing said. He turned to go and Mara quickly followed him and soon was walking next to him.

"I don't want to go to Transylvania. Mara, Van Helsing!" Carl said his voice getting thin. This will be an interesting assignment. Mara thought to herself. It would be.

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