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Vatican City, Rome

"Bless me father for I have sinned." Van Helsing said kneeling in the confessional. The curtain rose.

"Glad to see you have returned Van Helsing. I assume you have defeated Dracula?" the Cardinal asked.

"Yes, and it wasn't easy." Mara said.

"It only took a werewolf." Veta said.

"Carl, get your elbow out of my hip." Anna told him. It was a little tight with five people in the confessional.

"Did you find what you were looking for Van Helsing?" the Cardinal asked.

"We both did." Mara smiled at Van Helsing.

"Tell me, who are you Van Helsing?" the Cardinal asked.

Van Helsing turned to him. "I'm a father."

"Excuse me but, um, it's a little tight in here." Veta remarked.

The Cardinal hit the lever that raised the door.

"So tell me Van Helsing, who are your companions?" The cardinal asked.

"This is my friend, Veta Frankenstein and Anna Valerious." Mara replied.

"I don't believe you are Van Helsing." The cardinal said.

"No, but I am a Van Helsing. Didn't we tell you? Gabriel's my father." Mara said smirking as she lowered her hat over her eyes.

"Oh great, another one." the Cardinal said and rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, you get used to them." Anna said smiling as Van Helsing took her hand.

Mara looked around. She finally knew who she was…and it felt great. To top it all off, she knew who her father was, who just happened to be the Left hand of God. Life would be very different from now on.

The End

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"There are those who go through the front door, then there are those who live just a little bit longer.")