Batman Billionaire

Rating: PG

Coupling: BMWW

DISCLAIMER: Don't own Justice League Unlimited or Batman

Summary: In his hatred for the Dark Knight, a villain kidnaps Bruce Wayne and holds him hostage in order to lure Batman to him. Only the Justice League can help get Bats from going six feet under in this ironic situation.

Batman stood atop of the stone gargoyle and stared down at the dark city flaunting with overcast.

In his right hand, the vigilante clutched a small packet of heroin that he had snatched for evidence in the new drug ring. In his left hand, he grasped his cape from blowing crazily in the unsettled breeze. He was a bit satisfied after shunning five machine-gun armed robbers. If only he knew what tomorrow had in store for him.

"Master Bruce, wake up. You're going to be late for work." Alfred gently shook Bruce awake, who rolled over, put the pillow over his head and groaned. The morning was always born too early for him, especially since he hadn't slept properly for many nights.

"Now, now, sir; We can't have you acting like a child." Alfred said, smirking in spite of himself.

Bruce jumped out of bed and dressed quickly.

"I'm not a child," He said, knowing very well the reverse psychology that Alfred had intended.

"Of course not, sir. Breakfast is ready."

Bruce made his way into the sumptuous building known as Wayne Enterprises. His employees greeted him as he took the elevator to his office. He nodded to his petite secretary. Then he bumped into a close member of his faculty.

"Hello, Lucius," Bruce said, shaking his associate's hand.

"Hello," Fox said. He seemed somewhat anxious. "Well, I've got to run. You know how busy it is..." He was off before he finished his sentence and before Bruce could stop him. He shook his head and walked into his office.

Its colours gave the viewer a feeling of relaxation. Dark, wooden cabinets lined the east walls, while large open windows with a tremendous view of the city decked the north wall. Business certificates hung on every inch of the wall, but only half belonged to Bruce. He had forgotten about them.

He sat down at the round desk and took out papers from his briefcase.

I, Bruce Wayne, owner of Wayne Enterprises, hereby...

He just couldn't concentrate. Sleeping was creeping up on him like a lizard. He had to sign something. But he couldn't find a pen. He searched his pockets. No pen. He examined the desk and pulled open the first drawer. A silvery-blue pen sat there, all by its lonesome. Batman would have kicked himself later, being the best detective in the world. Due to his lack of concentration, he didn't pay any heed to the fact that this pen was sitting there waiting for him.

He clicked it, and only a few seconds went by before he realized that he couldn't keep his eyes open, because purple gas was now billowing out from the tip.

His head slumped forward onto the desk.


It was a perfectly normal day at the new and improved watchtower. Our mightiest heroes were running back and forth in their never-ending conquest of ridding Earth of evil. The Flash was annoying everyone with his cheesy quips. The Green Lantern was audaciously criticizing people for some reason. Wonder Woman preoccupied with her ambassador duties. Indeed, it was an archetypal day for the Justice League.

That is, until Superman called the original members to the womb in urgency. They gathered in front of the huge monitor.

"We're live in front of the abandoned Garthwear Clothing Factory. It appears that an unknown suspect is holding a gun to the head of unconscious Bruce Wayne, Gotham's own beloved philanthropist. Police and sharp shooters are also at the scene."

The members looked at each other in shock. But what came next was worse:

The cameraman zoomed in on the incognito. Even the Justice League didn't know who it was.

"Batman! You have five hours before your friend here gets his head blown off!" The attacker screamed, jerking his head towards the victim.

" this is no biggie...he's only one guy...we can take him!" Flash said, arrogantly.

"Look again," Lantern pointed at the huge monitor. About fifty other armed men stood behind the attacker. The attacker then carried Bruce into the building, and the men followed. Meanwhile, the police tried to break down the door, but it had obviously been barricaded from the interior.

"GL, with that little piece of jewelry, you can take all those guys single-handedly!" Flash told him.

"It's not going to be that simple. We have five hours to get to Gotham. We need to contact Nightwing and Oracle," Superman instructed.

"I'll take the liberty of doing that," J'onn volunteered.

"Now, we need to get to Gotham as soon as possible."