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Senior Augusta

By: Neptune Butterfly

Prologue: History Blast!

Friday, September 10, 2004, 10:47a.m.


There's nothing else to describe it. Normally, history would evoke mild interest from her with slight variations depending on who's teaching. In this particular case however, interest had left the building with Elvis. There's just no way in this massive Universe she was gonna make it through an hour a day, five days a week, two hundred sixty-something days to the end of the school year with this drone machine. Wait a minute, it's two hundred forty-something days. It's been three weeks since school started. But that provided little comfort.

Meryl's stomach growled in anticipation. Only three minutes to go until the bell rang. Good thing she had first lunch this year. She felt sorry for those who will have to wait another hour and a half to eat.

For a private school, Augusta High had a huge student population, probably because it was less expensive and easier to get into than others were. It was also run by the local convent, which also runs an orphanage. Many of its inhabitants either taught or attended the Augusta private schools.

And that's the reasoning behind the four lunch periods. The rest of fourth period was spent in class or 'study hall.' Having thirty minutes of study hall right after lunch meant that she could take her time getting to class for the last hour of the period.

'Lord save me. Only two more minutes to go,' Meryl thought using one of Wolfwood's lines. Her head was propped up on her left hand and arm while she continued to stare off into space. The other hand played with the short blue skirt of her Augusta Archangels cheerleader uniform. She never understood the point of wearing the uniform every Friday other than providing the boys a better view. As if the regular school uniforms weren't enough.

One minute. Just one more minute. Then she'd be free to enjoy the rest of the day. Any class would be better than this one. Meryl's lavender eyes concentrated on the clock above the chalkboard, strategically placed to taunt students.

Thirty seconds. Sounds of backpacks being unzipped filled the room while the teacher rambled on about dates, apparently oblivious to the recent activity in the room. Meryl herself opened her bag and quickly dumped everything into it. Fifteen seconds...

She glanced out one of the windows to her right. It was a beautiful day. No clouds, just sky. Ten seconds...

Meryl had a clear shot of the door. She could reserve a bench for her and Milly before they're all taken. Good thing they always brought their lunches. Five seconds...

Her legs were in position to eject her out of her seat. Those specially made cheerleader shoes were good for one thing: to jump. Four, three, two, one...


Everyone fell to the floor just as the bell rang following the explosion. Murmurs of confusion, like 'What was that?!' and 'What's going on?!' grew louder as the entire class picked themselves up and slowly made their way to the windows that lined one side of the room.

Meryl searched the portion of campus that was visible from her third story classroom. Someone spotted smoke and pointed it out to the rest of the class. It was the ground floor of the science wing.

"Oh no," she mumbled in painful recognition to herself. Her face matched her voice. "Not again..."

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