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By Raphangela

Several years have passed since the Chans and Section 13 have had any trouble with The Dark Hand, The Demons, Daolon Wong, or any other foe, especially that of Shendu. For years, dark forces have seemed to have quieted down to such a minimum that you could barely even notice. Things have grown quiet, so quiet that the now nineteen year old Jade Chan can't stand anymore. Ever since she hit her early teens, things were not the same anymore. There is no more life threatening threats, not the ones that her Uncle Jackie and she fought against. They, the villains and criminals, had either changed to being good, been destroyed, done away with, or put into prison. Some villains vanished without a trace and some are still lurking somewhere out there in the world, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

One villain, the son of Shendu himself, Drago, was not only once, but twice captured by Section 13 and put into prison. He did not stay there for long, for he had broken out two days later and had gone somewhere neither Section 13 nor herself knew. When Drago had escape, he, unfortunately for them, knew what he was doing. He left without a trace, without even setting off any of the alarms. He was good, too good, and it scared them. He scared them so much that for three long years they had searched for him, but could not find hide or scale of him. After three years of searching, Section 13 started to settle back again, seeing no real reason anymore to push all of their efforts into finding the dragon demon. Besides, what possible could he do now? Section 13 had locked up everything that Drago could possibly use against them. So, knowing that they hold everything, their only mission is now is to safely protect the demon chis, the talismans, and the rest of what's guarded from the likes of Drago or anyone who seeks after them.

Jade sighs as she unlocks and opens the door to her apartment, which wasn't much because of her low budget. Jade had just graduated three weeks ago from high school. She graduated at age nineteen because she had failed a year of school, due to complications with her family and life. She had failed the eleventh grade; the year Uncle had passed away, which was two years after her uncle Jackie was sacrificed so that she could live to be an adult. She missed Jackie tremendously, and upon losing Uncle made everything much worse. Her parents wanted her to move back in with them, but she refused because she wanted to stay in the United States where the real opportunities lie. Her family hesitantly agreed and allowed her to stay.

Fortunately for her, Section 13 allowed her to stay with them only until she can get on her own two feet and have a job and a place to stay. She remembers Captain Black and the rest of the Section 13 crew. She misses them, too, and can't help but wish she could go back. But sadly, that isn't allowed and would never happen, that is until she goes to college so she could secretly work for the government. Captain Black had sort of been like a father to her, since Jackie and Uncle had died, and Tohru was like an older brother. However, Tohru moved in back with his mother after Uncle had passed away and Jade has not seen him since, but they have kept in touch through letters.

"Honey, I'm home!" Jade calls into the nearly empty apartment, her voice echoes back to her. "Silly me, I forgot that I'm not married!" She jokes as she enters into her small living quarters, she shuts and then tightly as possible locks the door behind her. She gazes around the room and the smile that she once had on her face quickly faded away. The place, being old and worn-out, is falling slap apart. It has only been three weeks since she's lived there and already she wants to leave. It is, at the moment, the only place she can afford, which is bad because it is located in a bad neighborhood.

Jade sets her belongings she's carrying onto the floor where all of her other belongings are. She has no furnishings, all she could afford with the little money she has was a bed to sleep on and it's not comfortable one bit, due to the fact that is was cheap and it is on the floor. Also the apartment only has one room, meaning that the living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom are combined into one. Jade doesn't know which is scarier: The fact that she's all alone in an apartment is in a dangerous neighborhood filled with criminals, pill-heads, and drunks; the fact that it is falling apart all over the place, looking like the place would collapse any moment; or the fact that the apartment was poorly designed and the colors don't match and everything clashes? Whatever it may be, Jade doesn't fill one ounce of comfort in any of it. The toilet is the worst of the apartment. When flushing it, every time it shakes so violently, like it's about to explode, and overflows its russet water onto the torn and shaggy green carpet.

At times she wishes she could just stay at her job, delivering pizzas all over the residential area she is assigned to. However, even her job is terrible, mainly because of her pushy and slave-driving boss and lazy, rude, and obnoxious co-workers. The customers aren't any better; most of them are deadbeat losers looking for any possible means of causing trouble that they can cause havoc about. Other than the people she puts up with, the place is always filthy, teeming with vermin; primarily rats and roaches of all kinds. Ants are another problem, she has been bitten a lot on occasions, especially when she has night duty and is left to clean the dishes that the overly plump, messy, spiteful, and unsanitary cook would purposely leave for her. She hates the cook's guts for that, and also because Tony, the cook, would hit on her every time he sees her. The scary thing is, he's in his early 30s and is married with several children of his own. Just thinking about him makes her want to puke. To her, he is a much worse threat than the evil Shendu himself. She completely hates the guy.

So, she dreads being at home and being at work, that is if you could call them that. Both of the places feel like a war zone, prison, or a correctional facility. She doesn't know which, she was never sent to any of them places, but they still feel like it. Heck, you can evil refer it to be Hell on earth; it would probably fit it more. Speaking of Hell, that is the definition of her life. Her life is nothing but pure Hell, always miserable and depressing; she doesn't know how she keeps a smile on her face. Completely paranoid, she feels like someone out there is out to get her and she tries desperately to not let it bust her cool.

"What a perfect life I live." Jade says sarcastically as she flops down onto her unmade bed. She had woken up late this morning and had to quickly get ready for work, which was definitely not the first time she did that. She really couldn't help it, the work hours at her job are crazy and she always finds it hard to sleep at all night and even in the day because of the ruckus that goes around where she lives. Right now it is near midnight, today she was scheduled for the nightshift and had delivered pizzas all over the dreadful areas of her town. "Whoever heard of ordering and eating pizza at eleven or twelve o'clock at night?" she asks no one in particular.

Jade moans to herself and shuts her eyes tightly, feeling a headache rising. "God, I hate my life!" She groans, feeling that she could cry at any moment. She quickly wipes away the warm and salty tears that threaten to fall from her eyes. She feels lonely, having nobody, no real friend to talk to. She even misses all of the foes she went up against in her preteen years, even Shendu's son and his threats of coming after her. "Why can't things turn out to be the way I want them?" She pouts, feeling the loneliness of the room replying to her. "It's not fair!"

Just then she hears a knock at her door and then some tapping noise soon afterward. She ignores it at first, thinking that she was just hearing things, but the noise still continues and she finds herself wanting to go check it out. She gradually gets up onto her knees and then pushes herself up until she is standing. She creeps over toward the door thinking, 'Who could it be at this hour? I don't know anybody coming over, least knowing anyone living here at all.'

Once reaching the door, she cautiously asks, "Who is it?" She doesn't get an answer, everything falls quiet for a second and then something starts scratching at her door. 'Rats,' she thinks to herself. 'Probably rats.' Sighing in relief, she goes to lie down again, but stops when she hears knocking again and something trying to open the door. Now, this catches her attention for she knows that rats can't do that. She gulps and creeps on over to the door again.

"Who is it?" She asks again, still nobody answers her, except the scratching gets louder and more violent and that the door begins to quake. A bad and sinking feeling fills her heart with fear, but her curiosity overcomes her and wins her over. The shaking comes to a halt as she tentatively grabs the doorknob with her left hand, using her right hand to lift up and open the locks from the door. She slowly twists the doorknob and vigilantly opens the door.

She looks outside to find that nobody is there, not even rats. She steps her left foot out and looks in all directs in means of finding what caused the scratching and shuddering of her door. Ten seconds pass and Jade still doesn't see any sign of anyone or anything, so she shrugs it off saying; "It must've been my imagination playing tricks on me." She sighs and closes her eyes and goes back inside. She closes the door behind her and says, "Man, what a—" But never finishes, due to not expecting someone to hit her hard or anyone being in her apartment but her. The hit sends her against the hard, cement wall and then she falls onto the floor. Jade moans in pain and falls unconscious.

A dark figure stands before her and chuckles evilly. "I told you that I will come for you, Jade Chan." The figure kneels down to see if she is still alive and seeing what damage he has caused to her, which is only a bump on the back of her head. Satisfied with himself, he grabs her and picks her up into his arms. He looks at her with his glowing red eyes and grins. Kicking the door down with just one swift kick, he then goes outside and sprints off, carrying her with him.


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