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Ch 3

By Raphangela

The day seems to be turning into evening, the oranges and pinks are slowly blending into violets and blues. Jade and Drago are still sitting in the same places before, both giving each other staring contests. Neither of the two felt comfortable at first, considering that both have grudges against one another and also having a similar nervousness about the situation. However, the edginess of it all faded some as the day went on until now. As funny as it may sound, the two do speak to each other, even though most of the times it started early out as witticism. But even now, their harsh words against one another has cooled down and still seems to be cooling down even further. As even weirder, the two had started feeling comfortable around each other and began to rarely snap at one another.

However, as much as Jade doesn't want to admit it, she still is scared of what Drago might do to her, especially when she has no clue of what that is. She keeps on guessing in her mind of what Drago is planning to do. Having many things, even unspeakable things, coming up in her head, and neither of them seems to be pleasant. She stares at Drago, seeming to be locked up in a trance, especially with his scarlet eyes and the way he looks at her. His smile with his pearly teeth, he has an unusual grin that seems to match him. Something about him seems to capture her; whether it is his wild eyes, his maniacal grin, his voice, or he himself, she does not know. There just something about him, something. But no matter how much she studies him, what scares her even worst of all is this mere simple fact: She is oddly attracted to him.

Jade gulps silently to herself and closes her eyes, finally ending the extensive staring contest. Drago chuckles at this and reaches his right hand over to caress her head. She gasps and opens her eyes immediately when upon feeling his sensual touch. She looks up at him questioningly, hopefully looking for an answer of why he's doing this. All she gets from him was a simple, yet, soft smile, something she has never seen him do before in her life. She lowers her head and then closes her eyes as she softly whimpers, feeling how oddly his gentle caresses are against the top of her head. She feels him playing with her raven locks and the feel of him teasing his fingers carefully in them. He then takes his fingers, carefully avoiding using his sharp talons, and traces down her left cheek and all the way to the tip of her chin. He gently touches her lips with his index finger, caressing them as well, but abruptly stops for some reason that's unknown and quickly moves his hand away from her.

Jade opens her eyes and looks up at him again, this time even more puzzled than before. 'What was that all about?' She asks herself in thought, seeing that he had turned his head away from her. Well, as much as she could for nighttime has finally fallen. She looks outside, the night sky is quickly turning almost pitch-black and seeing this makes her gulp nervously. Thankfully the moon and the stars are giving her some light to see, for now she fears the worst of what could happen. She looks up at his direction and sees his red eyes glowing like bright red Christmas lights in the dark, staring directly at her.

"Drago." She whispers out to him, fear sneaking out at the tips of her voice. A greater fear begins to swell up inside of her, a terrible fear that she has experienced mostly in her teenage years— Abandonment. She's more afraid now of being left all alone in the dark and being defenseless than being alone in the dark with the Demon Prince himself. She begins to whimper more and calls out his name again. He turns his head away from her, his glowing eyes no longer visible for her to see. She whimpers even more and begins call for his attention. "Drago…Drago…Drago, its dark."

She then hears him get up and barely even sees the dark figure move away from her. "Drago, don't leave me alone. Please, Drago." She begs him. She hears him slowly walk toward the sliding door, stopping right at it and blocking most of the little light she had. She whimpers, feeling like she could cry at any moment. 'He's gonna leave me. I know it.' She watches as the dark figure opens the door more widely, making everything seem to be more unbearable for her.

She watches as the moon's light spills in and everything seems to become much more visible to her eyes. She looks at Drago, who stares outside for a few moments and then looks back with his still glowing eyes and smiles widely at her. She gulps, feeling what she dreads most will happen, but to her surprise it doesn't. Drago walks away from the door and stretches right in front of her.

He yawns and says to her, "I bet you're tired." She doesn't answer him, only looking at him as he stares at her strangely in return. How could she sleep or even really think about sleep? She's in a strange place and with a most wanted enemy from her past, who could ditch her at any moment. So, how could she sleep? "Well, maybe you're not, but I am." He says with a smile, knowing exactly what's going on through her head.

"Well, I probably could fall asleep if you didn't have me tied up, ya know." She finally retorts at him and then grumbles to herself about how he's an insensible jerk. Drago frowns at her, sighing as he pops his knuckles and other joints. He walks over to her and kneels down in front of her.

"Oh, I will my dear, but not now." He says to her, a smile plastered onto his face. "No. You'd run away and do something far too stupid, like jumping off of a speeding ninety mile an hour train. Besides, we wouldn't want to ruin my plans of revenge upon you, now wouldn't we?"

"Oh, please, like I'd jump off!" She scoffs and rolls her eyes at him. "Just untie me or something! It's so damn uncomfortable being tied up like this!"

"That's the point." Drago says with an evil smirk. "You're my most hated enemy, why should I care if you feel comfortable or not?"

"Because I'll never give you a single ounce of rest until you do!" She howls menacingly at him, growling identical to that of an angry feline.

Drago growls back at her, looking perturbed by her and what she said she'd do. "Fine!" He groans to himself. "But you better not pull a fast one on me or I'll make you suffer terribly!" He then begins to free the girl's legs by using a drop of his fire power to burn the ropes off, which he curses himself for having to. He has no choice but to burn them off, he tied her up too well and the knots are super tight. Once that was done, he looks up at her and gazes into her eyes.

'You better not pull a fast one on me, girl.' He says into her mind.

She gasps and replies back inside her head, 'How'd you do that?'

'There are a lot of things you don't know about me.' He simply answers. 'A lot of things you'll never know and are best unsaid.'

He hesitantly pulls her body close to his, in order to free her hands. Once they were free, he gently pushes her up from him and looks at her. "There. Happy?"

"Yes." She says; a smile begins to spread upon her lips. "Yes, I AM!!" She immediately pushes him down and tackles him.

"YOU WENCH!!" He growls and snarls loudly underneath her. He quickly gains control over her when he pushes her up and then tackles her down onto her back with using only an ounce of his strength. Not expecting this, she gasps out loud in utter terror. "I told you NOT to pull a fast one!" He roars angrily at her and closes his eyes in disgust. 'Why in hell did I believe her?' He thinks sadly to himself, completely hurt by the move. 'Why did I tell myself otherwise when I knew the truth that she'd do that?'

He quickly opens his eyes when he hears soft whimpers underneath him. He looks at Jade and sees the terror he's caused her in his eyes. Unwanted sadness swells up inside of him, making him not want to look into the frightened girl's eyes anymore, so he closes them and gets up and away from her. He knows now by the look she gave him that she won't pull another move like that, possibly never again. As much as Drago seems to hate her, he can't help but feel sad and horrified by both of their endeavors of trying to hurt one another. He doesn't understand and completely hates the indescribable feeling he's been feeling ever since he had kidnapped the poor girl. He doesn't know what it is, but he's most definitely afraid of it. It is the same feeling he felt that drove him to not kill but kidnap the girl to begin with and the same feeling he felt when he started to caress her not too long ago. 'What the hell is wrong with me?!'

Jade stares intensively at the young dragon, she unknowingly, too, feels the same thing he does. Her heart has been pounding ever since she first gazed at the prince and she does not understand why. She frowns sadly to herself when realizing the sad and miserable look on his scaly face; his eyes had dimmed down a great lot as well. She watches him as he lowers his head, looking down at the hard and cold wooden floor beneath them. His shoulders slack down at first, but then appear to be trembling. She feels bad for some reason. She doesn't know why, though, he's her enemy. Why should she feel so bad, guilty even?

"Drago." She calls out softly to him.

Drago covers his face with his hands and says, "Stay back."

'Okay, something's not right here… Is he crying?' She thinks to herself in disbelief. She decides to see if she could talk to him. "Drago."

"Just stay back!" He answers.

She tries again to reach him and crawls closer to him; "Drago."

But before she could even move an inch near him, he yells, "STAY AWAY!"

She moves in a lot closer, only being several inches away from him now. She then speaks in her kindest voice, "Drago."

"Leave me…alone..."

She reaches out to touch him. "Drago, please-"

"Just… leave me alone."

Jade sighs out loud as she watches him quickly back up away from her and moves to the darkest side of the car, hiding himself from her. Jade pouts softly and sits down where she's at. She is completely confused with Drago's reactions to her, with her reactions to him, why he truly kidnapped her to begin with, and pretty much everything else. Like life couldn't get any worse for her and knowing far too well it will. Jade sighs out once more, laying herself down onto the cold floor. Jade simply knows that sleep will definitely not come easy tonight, if at all. All she could think about is how she missed the good life with her uncle Jackie and the rest of the family. She thinks of Section 13, Captain Black and the rest of the squad. She even starts to think about her horrible job at the pizzeria, actually wishing that she was there now. But most of all she keeps on thinking about Drago and finding it really hard to take him off of her mind.


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