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He likes this country the most so far, even though they have only been here a little while. It's warm. No rain, he thinks, not very often, anyway. And probably not cold rain, the type that soaked through you.

The man Fujitaka-san is speaking to is tall, like Fujitaka-san (he is supposed to call Fujitaka-san Father now, but he never quite remembers), and wears long black robes. He looks down at Syaoran, and Syaoran sees his eyes are gentle and kind, like Fujitaka-san.

"Your son?"

"Yes," says Fujitaka-san, proudly.

He draws back against Fujitaka-san a little, and looks back at the man from behind Fujitaka-san's leg. It isn't that he's scared, exactly, but he feels safer behind Fujitaka-san. The man has eyes that seem to read his past, even the parts that he doesn't remember. Fujitaka-san puts his hand on Syaoran's head.

"When did you adopt him?"

"Just recently."

Did Fujitaka-san tell the man that he'd adopted him? He looks up at Fujitaka-san, and Fujitaka-san smiles at him. Fujitaka-san's smiles make him feel a little braver, he thinks, which is strange.

"What's your name, little one?" says the man, and he looks back at him to see that he has knelt down to look him in the face.

He hesistates, then swallows. "...Syaoran...," he says, looking up at Fujitaka-san. Was that the right thing to say?

Fujitaka-san's hand ruffles his hair briefly.

"A good name," says the man. "Hmm... I think I have something you might like to see." He unfolds his hand to reveal a smooth white stone, just clear enough so that it seems to glow. He takes an uncertain step forward, fascinated. "It's a moonstone," says the man, smiling at him, a friendly smile like Fujitaka-san's. He takes another step forward. The man doesn't move, waiting for him, and he takes the final step to look at the stone.

The man's other hand comes up slowly, carefully, so that he can see it and step back if he wants. He turns his head to track the movement, and it hesitates for a minute before coming to rest gently on the side of his head. "One eye is enough to see with, isn't it?" says the man, still gently. He looks at him and finds no pity in his grey eyes, only friendliness.

"Yes, sir," he whispers.

The man chuckles to himself, not making fun of Syaoran, he decides, but at a private joke. "Touya-ouji isn't going to like you at all, Syaoran-kun."

He looks up at the man, puzzled. The man shakes his head, still chuckling, and rises to his feet.


Startled, he hides behind Fujitaka-san again, and looks out to see a girl about his age, with red-gold hair and a bright smile. Like sunlight, he thinks, and wonders if she'll be frightened of him. He wonders if he's ever seen a girl like her before, and if she played with him.

"Sakura-hime," says the man, smiling at her. A different smile than the one he'd given to him, but he has the feeling that everybody smiles differently at this girl.

He wonders if he will learn to smile at her.
....yeah. Bored and egged on are never a good combination. o.o WHY do I persist in treating Syaoran like a puppy from a rescue place? Is not good. ;o;