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Summary: Amira is a friend of Hilary's who comes to visit from Canada. She comes just in time for the holidays, and there is bound to be a lot of mistletoe. Also, she seems to catch the eye of a certain bladebreaker (won't tell who! Hahaha)

Meet the Bladebreakers!

"Yum, this stuff is really good." A young girl exclaimed, sipping her hot chocolate. She and her friend Hilary had been walking through the neighbourhood, admiring all the Christmas lights.

"I know Amira. I love this time of year." Hilary pointed to all the carolers strolling along the street. "I can't wait until you meet my friends."

"Oh? Well I can't wait either." Amira exclaimed, pushing her auburn locks behind her ears. "From what you have told me in your letters, they sound like a very interesting bunch." She smirked as she said this, watching Hilary go a slight shade of pink. Amira had found out a while ago that her friend had the tiniest crush on this "Tyson". Hilary always told her that they always fight, but you know what they say: opposites attract. She had also been told about Rei, a Chinese boy who had the features of a cat. Next was Max, the hyper, jolly American. Kenny, from what she heard, was very intelligent and knew his stuff about beyblading. Tyson, of course, was the pig, but she would have to learn to like him. Lat was Kai, the cold-hearted arrogant leader of the team. Amira wanted to make sure that she avoided him as much as she could.

Now Amira was not what people would call normal. She was Hilary's pen pal who she wrote to frequently, and had met quite a few times in the past. Amira, known by most, was known for her appearance. She was average height for her age (I'm making her 16 in this) and she had auburn hair that fell a bit past her shoulders. She also had these sparkling hazel eyes that turned green every once in a while. She lives in Canada and is way too used to the cold weather.

"Oh my god Amira! I'm so excited to be spending Christmas with you! This is going to be so much fun!" Hilary exclaimed, embracing her friend in a warm hug. Startled, Amira hugged her friend back. "Well, we are almost there." She pointed out a small dojo that stood at the end of the snow-covered street. Amira noticed that a few boys around her age or a bit older were all outside, having a snowball fight.

One boy was trying to run for cover, but got ambushed by two others boys, once with raven hair and one with two-toned slated hair. Just then, she heard Hilary scream because she just got in the face with a snowball!

"TYSOOOOOOOON!!" She screeched, making her way to the dojo where the boys were hiding out. Amira wanted to avoid contact with the boys at this point in time. She knew that Hilary wouldn't be pleased with them if her good friend got hit in the face too. Sge didn't mind a good snowball fight, she might as well join in. Amira was about to make a snowball, when another one cam in contact with her face!

"H'ok! Who threw that?!" She yelled, making the boys cower in fear, except for the slate haired boy, who just stared back at her. Just then, the raven haired boy got up and raised his hand. He was cowering a bit, because it didn't want a Hilary-like outburst from this new girl. "So it was you then? Well, get ready for the pummeling of a lifetime!" With that, she grabbed a snowball and aimed it at the boy, with one shot, it hit him right between the eyes. After that, all hell broke loose and it was a very exciting snowball fight. Afterwards, while everyone was panting like crazy, Hilary came up to her friend, pulled her to her feet, and dragged her over to the boys.

"Guys, this is Amira, my friend visiting from Canada. Amira, these are the Bladebreakers: Tyson, Max, Rei and Kai." She said, pointing out each of them.

"Hey Amira. How's it going?" Rei said cheerfully, holding out his hand to shake. All of the others waved to her in agreement, but Kai just stood there and stared, like his eyes were transfixed on something. But Amira came to expect this, from what she was told from Hilary.

"Hey guys! It's great to meet you all, but can we go inside? It's freezing out here!" Amira exclaimed, pointing to the door. All of the boys nodded and lead her into the dojo.

"So, how do you like it here so far?" Max asked cheerfully, handing her a hot cocoa.

"Oh, it's great. Thanks a lot." She thanked him, and started to sip the mug.

"Well then, do you blade?" Tyson asked, getting rather excited about the idea.

"Well, not really. But everybody in the town where I live, they all do. It's like their obsession." Amira smirked, sipping some more hot cocoa.

"Well, it is getting very popular these days." Ray pointed out. "It's a passion of ours actually."

"Will you show me then? I would love to see some really competitive bladers at their best ya know."

"Sure, we will show you soon enough."

"Thanks." Amira started to look around the room. She noticed all the wonderful Christmas decorations. It looked so festive. All of the boys were chatting away about beyblades. Amira noticed that Kai was leaning against a wall, not wanting to join in on the conversation. She decided to go over to him, and try to make small talk. She got up from her seat and went over.

"Uh..hi Kai." She stuttered.

"Hn." Was all she could really get out of him at the moment.

Amira gave up and took her spot on the floor again. She started to chat up with Max, and didn't notice that Rei had gone up to talk to Kai.

"So Kai, what do you think?"


"About Amira, I mean."

"...." Once again, his eyes were transfixed on the girl with the auburn hair.


"Uh? Oh, she'alright, I guess."

"Well suit yourself." With that, the Chinese boy left the cold Russian to stand alone as he went to go re-join the group. Soon after, Kai was lost in deep thought once again.

'There's something about that girl..'

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