a. The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.
b. The inevitable events predestined by this force
2. A final result or consequence; an outcome
3. Unfavorable destiny; doom.
4. Fates Greek &Roman Mythology. The three goddesses, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who control human destiny. Used with the.

1. The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one's lot.
2. A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control.
3. The power or agency thought to predetermine events: Destiny brought them together.

1. In accord with reality, fact, or truthfulness
2. Unswervingly; exactly: The archer aimed true.
3. So as to conform to a type, standard, or pattern.
4. To position (something) so as to make it balanced, level, or square.
5. Truth or reality. Used with the.
6. Proper alignment or adjustment.

1. To cease to sleep; become awake.
2. To stay awake.
3. To be brought into a state of awareness or alertness.
4. To stir, as from a dormant or inactive condition.
5. To make aware of, alert.


The Four Planes, and the Great Cataclysm

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water; the four elements of the planet. Mind, Body, Soul; the three elements of the body. Several more exist upon the Human world, Netherworld, Spiritual plane, and Demon plane. Two dimensions, holding two galaxies; one filled with a variety of human kind, another with a variety of demon kind with each holding a spiritual plane for collected spirits departing from the worlds. The Human world held the spiritual world, holding positive spirits, while the Nether world received the Demon plane, which held negative spirits. All for planes were forced to hold a constant balance in order to keep the structure of time and space in existence. A tilt of balance in any location could result in any sort of catastrophic cataclysm, from a minor change in winds, to the destruction of a planet, always dependent upon the discrepancy.

A long time ago, a very powerful demon attempted to enter the existence of the Human world, and succeeded. With a demonic aura powerful enough to open a rift from the Netherworld into the Human world, the disproportion of spirit and demon energy was enough to banish the world of Demons from existence entirely. All demon spirits were sent to the Demon plane, which resulted in another catastrophic imbalance between the Demon plane and Spiritual plane. With negative energy completely dominating over positive energy, the Spiritual world was in desperate need of positive souls. Ironically enough, the tyrant that had started the event that was later known as the Great Cataclysm started his adventures in the new dimension by conquering the planet he had landed upon, and completely destroying its inhabitance; a planet filled with many souls, and strong mages of both dark and light arts, a planet once called the planet of shadows, Azarath.

Not much was recorded about the Great Cataclysm, though some believed the powerful demon to have been a God of sorts, who had judged that the sorcery and dark arts of the people of Azarath to be evil. Others thought it to be the work of an evil creation, brought from the darkest, deepest parts of space, with its first target the planet at the end of the universe, and simply continue its way until it reached the center of the galaxy. The demon's reign continued for what many came to believe was far too long. The demon gained in strength by creating followers to do his bidding, following any and all commands delivered by the tyrant, furthering his hold over the Human world. These groups, or Cults if you will were gifted by the demon lord with a small portion of his powers, with each cult holding a different portion of special abilities, all of which held the powerful elements of the spiritual and demon worlds, though mostly leaned toward the darker elements, some of which were completely unknown to even the wisest of the human world.

Different races throughout the galaxy of the Human world were brought together to form a resistance against the demon and fought against his powerful control over neighboring planets. Countless battles were brought forth, with many lives lost. In the end, balance was created throughout the three planes, and the demon was sent away to the furthest part of the Demon plane, his soul to forever remain in a dormant state. In prevention from such catastrophes from happening again, the spiritual world gifted the wisest of the human world with special abilities, one of which was to foresee partial events of the future. These special people dubbed Prophets of the Human World shared their visions with each other, creating prophecies in prevention or preparation of such events as the Great Cataclysm. Prophecies were passed along from planet to planet, some varying from prophecies to legends, or simple fairy tales while others were collected into a book of stories, passed down from prophet to prophet. With the three remaining planes back into balance, and slightly more prepared for such events in the future, it seemed balance would hold itself until another disaster would find itself into one of the three planes.