Travis held his pounding head lightly in his hands. He groaned at the pain, and slowly lifted his head from his fingertips. The darkness of the chapel extended over his head. The stands he sat in we're dirty and wrecked, and it seemed the whole area around gave him a feeling of unease.

"Where am I?" He mumered.

Slowly he stood up and was greeted by a wave of dizziness.

"My head hurts..." He mumbled to himself.

Holding his throbbing head he walked slowly out of the stands absorbing his surroundings. It was a small area, with double doors on one end, and a picture hung at the front of the other end, with a large jagged hole before it. 'What a strange place.' He thought before his foot kicked something. Turning his gaze back he gasped stumbling back. Lying before him was a mans dead body.

"What the hell?"

There was a knife plunged in to the mans heart. He lay there lifeless blood dried on his cheek from his mouth. Covering his mouth Travis felt another wave of dizziness and an even greater sense of forbidding. Stepping over the body he tried his best to ignore it, turning his gaze to the portrait at the front of the chapel. With a hint of curiosity he moved closer to the front trying to get a better look. But then he found himself more interested at the hole before it. The metal flooring was bent inwards, and dried blood graced its tips. It was as if something had fallen in to it. Travis feared what may be beyond it, but his curiosity was greater then his fears and he stepped closer. He wanted to glance down the hole.

Stepping up to the edge he leaned over looking down the hole. He could hear voices coming from it, laughing, crying, and screaming. Blinking he thought he saw something move. He squinted trying to get a better look, something was down there, something he couldn't make out. Suddenly he felt two hands press hard against his back, shoving him forwards. Travis let out a cry of surprise his hands darting out in vain trying to grab on to something to catch himself. But it was to late. Screaming he plunged in to darkness.

((Yes I know it's short for my first post, but I would like to hear your opinions on it . This is my first time posting on Fan Fiction, and I was greatly inspired to do my own dark silent hill tale. The next chapter will be longer I hope you'll all enjoy thank you . ))