Fate Be Told

Chapter 1: Revealing the situation.

"Father I do not wish to go to planet Vegita-sei." A stubborn 16-year-old girl said.

"You have to understand Bulma, you are needed there, I do not wish for you to go there either, but I have no choice." Dr. Briefs said.

"But why?" Bulma replied.

"We have an allegiance with them and they have more than often helped us out, now it is time to return the favor." Dr. Briefs said.

"Father, please. Why can't you send some other scientist? Why does it have to be me?" Bulma asked pleadingly.

"They need the best and that is what you are, the best, you know that." Dr. Briefs said, trying to make his daughter see the importance of the situation.

Sighing Bulma asked, "What does mother think?"

Dr Briefs chuckled "She also thought it best after some convincing. Bulma you have to understand that your mother and I do not want you to go. Our daughter light years away, do you think we want that? But the situation is becoming critical, Frieza is growing more and more powerful with each day and he must be stopped. The time is advancing where even our technology won't be able to hold him back and I dread to think of the day that he will break through and nothing, nothing will be able to stop him. He must be controlled, destroyed even. The Saiyans have the fighting ability and adequate technology, but they need the best technology of which you can provide. It is the only way. You need to go to Vegita-sei. Do you understand Bulma, sweetheart look at me."

Bulma lifted her chin and faced her father. "I understand father, I see the importance."

His little girl was so brave, he could see she was fighting with herself inside, fighting her emotions. "Bulma remember that I am proud of you and you will always be my little girl."

She smiled at this and hugged her father.

"Now go and spend what little time you have left with your family and friends. You have a week before your departure. I am sorry to say that I won't be seeing you much during this time, there is a lot that needs to be done. You know this. I am truly sorry.

Bulma nodded at that.

"I will meet with you in a couple of days to discuss in more detail the arrangements for your departure and what you will need to achieve once you land on Vegita-sei.

Bulma nodded curtly and hugged her father saying "I love you." before leaving the room.

Dr. Briefs smiled after his daughter, she was strong for her age and she would have a lot to deal with once she arrived on Vegita-sei. Chikyuu was still lucky; Frieza hadn't made their part of the galaxy a living hell…yet. Once she arrived on Vegita-sei he dreaded to think what would happen to her. Over there it was war. It was unsafe, especially for a girl. He shuddered. She would have to be very strong. But there was some light in the darkness. He knew King Vegita very well, having been allies for quite some time; Bulma would be in good hands. Right now he couldn't think of Bulma's future, he had meetings to attend.

Once Bulma had left the room she let her tears fall. How could this happen to her? But she knew why. She just didn't want to admit it to herself or think about it right now. Wiping her fallen tears away, she headed for the training chamber, where she knew she would find one of her closest friends. Just as she predicted there was her beloved friend. Throwing kicks and punches into nothing. Once she entered he immediately stopped and turned towards her, a smile erupting on his face.

"Hey Bulma, what's... wrong?" Concern was now written all over his face now.

"Hey Krillen." Turning away from him, her tears now falling again, stupid tears. What was wrong with her?

"Whoa, Bulma you are crying, something bad must have happened."

Wiping her tears away yet again, she dropped to the floor suddenly feeling very tired. Krillen came and sat next to her.

"Yeah Krillen, things are worse than bad. My father wants me to go to Vegita-sei to help out with their technology because of Frieza. I am leaving in a week."

Krillen looked utterly defeated. Bulma laughed at this.

"Krillen the expression on your face seems as if I am going to die." Bulma stated.

"Bulma" Krillen said seriously. "You do know what happens on that side of the galaxy, I'm sure you have heard the stories, seen the evidence."

Bulma stopped laughing and now she had the same expression as Krillen had. She had heard about everything, her father deeming it important that she knew about every occurrence going on in the universe, especially if it included Frieza in some way. She knew of the destruction of whole planets and the many lives lost at the cruel hands of Frieza. She knew, all right, and she dreaded to think what it would be like to live on Vegita-sei. Her father wouldn't send her straight into the heart of the death and destruction, would he? King Vegita and her father were close acquaintances; she trusted he was putting her in good hands.

No longer wanting to feel this way, depressed and defeated, she playfully hit Krillen over the head.

"Hey what was that for?" he shouted. It seemed as if she had interrupted his thinking.

"My amusement." She said getting up and laughing.

"You are going to pay!" He said, but he had a smile on his face. Understanding his long time friends' need to feel some joy in these bad times.

"Oh, am I now?" Bulma said mockingly.

"We both know for a fact you have never been able to catch me and never will!" She said smiling. She was now floating up and away from him

"One day Bulma one day." Krillen said following her actions.

"In your dreams." Bulma stated putting a devilish smirk on her face.

"Dreams do come true you know!" Krillen said, but didn't sound too convincing.

"Not yours though. Enough of this, where do you want to race to?" Bulma said readying herself.

"Chi Chi." As soon as those words had left his mouth they where both out of the training room doors and on their way to the kitchen, where they both knew she would be.

Krillen looked behind him while he was flying swiftly, the kitchen doors just around the next corner. Bulma was no where in site. He had left her in his dust, a grin spreading across his face.

As soon as he had made it around the corner, the grin instantly dropped. There she was laughing; obviously she had seen the smile. He kicked himself for being so stupid.

"Hi, there Krillen. I'm happy you finally made it, I was getting rather bored." Bulma said a friendly sarcasm in her tone.

"You don't have to rub it in, I will admit to you Bulma, you are faster than me." Krillen replied, putting on a sulky face.

"Why thank you Krillen, but why the face, you aren't jealous of little old me now are you." Hitting him playfully on the head again.

Krillen just laughed at this. Opening the kitchen door and motioning for her to enter.

"Hey!" Chi Chi instantly greeted them, beckoning them to join her over at the table, where she was preparing food.

Chi Chi was her closest friend aside from Krillen. She smiled at her, getting a smile in return. Chi Chi was head chef in her father's mansion. They needed a kitchen staff, because many of her father's employees lived with them. Actually now that Bulma thought about it, they all lived here, because of the chaos and terror happening to other planets. Many of the employees found it easier to be close to their working places, because of the long hours they worked. Her father agreed and let them stay; she too found it no problem. It was the easiest solution. Every employee was a crucial aspect to Capsule Corporation.

"By the look on Krillen's face, you Bulma obviously beat him here." Chi Chi said smiling innocently.

"Chi you obviously know a winner when you see one." Bulma exclaimed. They both started giggling at this.

"There is nothing wrong with the expression on my face" Krillen shouted.

"Krillen calm down, before your face turns a shade of red on top of the green." Bulma replied, both Chi Chi and her now laughing hysterically. Poor Krillen looked so hopeless.

After their laughter had died down. Bulma decided it would be a good time to tell Chi Chi what was going to be taking place.

"Hey Chi do have a moment to spare, I kind of have something serious to talk to you about." Bulma asked.

"Actually, I am finished here. What is going on?"

Bulma looked over at Krillen and pointed towards the door with her eyes.

"Ok, ok I get the point. I'm leaving." Krillen said saying good bye to them.

After walking outside into the gardens, Bulma sat down on a bench, with Chi Chi following her example.

"What is going on Bulma? You seem so distant and sad." Chi Chi asked concern in her voice.

Bulma sighed, her friend knowing her all to well. Deciding to just spit it out, she told Chi Chi everything.

After some tears, mostly from Chi Chi, Bulma hugged her and since neither of them wanted to think about not seeing each other for however long it may be, they didn't talk about it anymore. After Bulma had excused herself, she headed to her chambers and straight to her bed for some highly deserved sleep.