Broken World

Chapter One: The Beginning

My mother always used to say to me, perhaps remind me, that I was born into a new era. Where humans and Saiyans are one. You see, the Earth and Vegeta-sei are allies. It is sort of like a symbiotic relationship - mutualism, they both gain from each other. When the treaty was formed Earth gained the protection it needed, in a sense from Vegeta-sei itself, and Vegeta-sei acquired the much-needed technology from earth. The problem is that Vegeta-sei in a way rules us humans. There are no governments, presidents, political leaders or whatever leaders any more. There are no earth rulers. I would say King Vegeta has the most say, making him very powerful. He doesn't use it unfairly though, yes the Saiyans are fierce and determined in becoming stronger, but in a way this treaty made us free and still restricted at the same time. Of course there are laws that everyone, even the Saiyans, living on Earth have to abide by.

Bulma looked out the window, watching as the thick gray clouds covered what was left of the sunshine. It would probably be raining soon, no doubt about that. She needed time to think, but that couldn't be achieved because her stepfather was watching T.V a little to loudly. Deciding this would be the best time just to take a walk and reflect, she sneaked out, the front door not being very far from her compact room because the apartment they were living in was tiny. She had to sneak because who knew what her stepfather would do if he caught her, she suspected that he had already started drinking.

Feeling oddly free, she made it out of the apartment building and into the still air. 'Calm before the storm' She thought. She decided she would walk to the one and only park left in the city. A couple of blocks away, but she would manage. A lot had changed since the 'new era'. There was just building after building. Looking up she smiled, since it was peak traffic time there were a lot of air cars riding orderly in the sky. It amazed her because there was a vast amount of air space but the cars seemed to know where they were supposed to be, in what line they should be and it was all done orderly. This must be what the people who lived in the 2000' called futuristic, Bulma thought. She herself couldn't wait until she could 'fly'. She would only be able to drive next year. Eighteen, an age she wished to be when she was ten and now here it was fast approaching her. She wasn't in school because it was nearly New Year and schools were out.

So much had happened in this year, so much. Her beloved mother - deceased. This thought began the thin trail of tears down her cheeks. Wiping them away furiously, she reprimanded herself. It had been roughly 6 months ago, but the wounds were fresh, they could still be made deeper...

Realizing she had reached her destination, she quickly located a bench. She liked it here because it was old. Coming into this area was like going back 100 years. Some things would never change. Everything inside this park was...slow. Not like the bustling city surrounding them. There were some old people sitting at even older chess boards made out of stone and perched on a stone pillar, high enough so that you could sit and play. There were people strolling hand in hand, smiling...happy. She hadn't felt that emotion since...for a long time.

She had much to anticipate for the coming year. A new school where she would be having her final year. Her mother had insisted just before she died, that she should attend this school. She also had given her the information to a bank account, which her stepfather didn't know about, so that she could pay the school fees. To put it plain and simple this school was for the rich. She doubted that she would fit in there, but her mother had had faith, faith in the school and faith in her.

"You have so much potential in you, just find it, find you..." Those words echoing in her head. The words her mother had told her when she found out about the school. She believed she did have potential, she could do this. This school had high expectations, which she knew undoubtedly that she could achieve with a little hard work.

Looking up from where she was sitting she sucked in a breath. There was a guy, standing by the fountain, which signified the center of the park. It wasn't the fountain that she had sucked in her breath for, it was because of him.

To describe him in the fullest would be impossible. Even an outline would be plain hard. He had the strangest hair, which was gravity defying. The build of his body was perfect. Nothing was out of proportion. His features intensely handsome and he had this air about him - like he was royalty or something. She could only see the side of him, but still that was enough. Then she saw it, his tail, he was unmistakable Saiyan. He was wearing what Saiyans would call 'earth clothing'. She got up and walked to the other side of the fountain. The patterned water separating them. Hiding him from view when the water spurted up in timed jets, the jets being collected in the pool circling it. He was looking at nothing, he seemed to be thinking.

She focused on the fountain. It was fairly big, but very beautiful. The jets being squirted out in the middle of it, the drops creating patterns which inevitably splattered into the shallow depths of the pool. Looking back to where she last saw him standing, she was surprised to find that he was staring right at her. That was just as a water jet interrupted her line of site and when her view of where he was standing was back, she was disappointed to find that he was gone.

Thinking it time to leave, for fear of getting wet due to the on coming rain and the enveloping darkness she made her way back home. Back to her stepfather. Shivering slightly at the thought. Before her mother had died, he was ok, only a little abusive and only sometimes. It was like she didn't even exist when she was in his presence. When her mother passed, all of his attention was turned to her. His abusing became more and more over the months and she would never forget the first time he had hit her. Then it just continued from there. His beatings worse and worse each time and for no apparent reason.

She vaguely wondered why her mother had married a bastard like him. Why? Also another depressing thing that came with her mothers death was that she had little hope of ever finding out who her real father was. Wrapping her arms around herself she quickly made it home and making it into her room without being detected, she put all thoughts of the stranger at the park to the back of her mind.

There was still hope for her...this was just the beginning of the end. Next year would be different for her - in many ways...