Broken World

Chapter 14: Saved

You know how you always have that one fear that always gets to you, no matter what? Sure you have those little fears or the things that gross you out, but you are always able to get over those. I am talking about that one fear that scares the living daylights out of you. The one that is so real and raw. The one you can't bear dreaming about or even thinking about… even briefly. The one that sends shivers down your back and gives you goosebumps. The one that makes you wake up with a cold sweat, but you are relieved when it is not reality. My fear is my reality at this very moment.

Vegeta heard his phone ringing in his back pocket and he answered it in a flash.


"Vegeta…" Vegeta's senses peaked when he heard Bulma call his name. He could tell she was trying not to cry, her voice was hoarse. To any other person it would seem like she was fine and in control, but he could tell that she was scared. He could tell that she needed him more than anything right now.

"Where are you woman?"

"I don't know I…" Bulma was cut off and instead replaced by a male's voice. He immediately recognised it as Bulma's stepfather. Vegeta could literally feel the rage coursing through his body and he did not give that disgusting excuse of a human a chance to speak.

"I am going to find you and when I do, you are going to regret ever taking her."

"Ah ah ah, Vegeta. This time you had better choose your actions wisely or else your little blue-haired whore might, let's say, not be the same once you set eyes on her again... if you ever set eyes on her again." He could tell that Bulma's stepfather was enjoying this. Enjoying mocking him.

"Do not threaten me. No one threatens me and gets away with it…" He was cut off, he could tell the male was losing his patience.

"Listen monkey, either you give me the money I want or Bulma gets hurt. Be at the park with one hundred thousand Saiyan money and we will make the exchange in thirty minutes. Do not mess with me and do not try anything funny because I will not think twice about cutting her throat."

And then the line went dead.

Vegeta sneered. If that man thought he was going to get another thirty minutes alone with Bulma, he had another thing coming. Vegeta took off into the sky, not caring about rules or regulations. He was going to find Bulma and he was going to find her now and then, he was going to make sure her stepfather could never hurt her again.

Bulma could hear the three men in the next room. Laughing and making crude comments like nothing was wrong. Why did this have to happen? Why was her past always catching up to her? Could she not just live a normal boring life? That is all she had ever wanted. Then again, she had never had a normal life…

She tugged at the bindings holding her wrists again and was surprised when it came loose. Were the fates finally on her side? She could not believe her luck. Bulma pulled the rest of the bindings off and got up. Now that she was free, she was going to escape. That bastard had haunted her long enough and there was no way she was letting him get what he wanted. He would not use her anymore. Enough was enough!

Bulma opened her former bedroom window. This probably was not the most genius plan in the world but it was either climb out the window or go out there and face her three kidnappers. Bulma knew what she had to do.

She climbed up onto the windowsill and shifted half of her body out of the window when she felt someone grab her wrist. She almost screamed but then realized who it was. His hand was warm and gentle.

"Vegeta?" She whispered, tears of relief coming to her eyes. She would have bawled like a baby but now did not seem like the most appropriate time. She could feel the relief wash over her body. She was safe!

"Woman, why do I always end up saving your ass?" He smirked, gently putting his hands on her waist, getting ready to pull her towards him.

"You can insult me all you want forever and ever, just please get me out of here." Her voice was strained and urgent even though she was trying to joke. Bulma screamed.

Before he knew it, she was out of his grasp and back in the room, he immediately went after her, climbing through the window, he was met with a site that made his heart sink. Why had he not been faster?