Through It All

Chapter 1: The Fight

It was a Friday afternoon and Serenity Wheeler had stayed after school to catch up on work because she had just transferred to Domino High and now she was living with her brother and going to school with him. This brought a beautiful smile to her face. She was presently in the school library packing up her books.

Lifting the heavy bag to her back she made her way to the door looking behind her checking to see if she left anything behind. Satisfied she opened the door and stepped out. She expected nobody to be in the hallway because it was, after all, Friday afternoon. Was she so wrong.

There was some activity down the hall to the right. What she saw made her gasp. There was a tall guy in the middle of a group of tough looking guys. It was getting pretty rough. She could see that the guy that they were bullying already had a cut on his lip and he was breathing heavily, he obviously had just been winded. Taking a closer look she knew the person was Seto Kaiba. The guys around him looked to be in there twenties. What were they doing here, at a high school?

At this point the library door slammed shut, the bang echoing through the hallways. All eyes turned to her. That's is when everything started happening. A guy, who sounded like he was the leader shouted for someone to grab her.

That's when Serenity felt two arms wrap around her from behind. This made her scream in fright, What were they going to do?

"Let go of me" She screamed. She could hear the guy behind her chuckle.

"Why would I let a beauty like you go." This comment made her skin crawl and she was absolutely disgusted.

She wasn't going to hang around and find out what he was going to do to. Letting instinct overtake her, she rammed her elbow into the brute behind her. Winding him, he instantly dropped to the ground clutching his stomach. She finally whirled around getting a good look at him. He was massive and very tough looking. She didn't have time to look anymore because she heard another shout.

"I told you to fucking get her, what is the problem, she is just a girl." She whirled around again. Another guy was advancing on her. Apparently Kaiba had taken her distraction as a cue to start fighting back. He had already taken out two guys, they were just lying on the floor. Things were looking grim because there were just too many of them.

The guy was now right by her and she did the first thing that came to mind. She kicked him in the nuts. He went down too, groaning.

"Fuck, how hard can it be! Just knock her out you shits" The leader shouted again.

She was getting really scared, it was obvious they weren't just fighting Kaiba, they wanted something and this whole thing had been planned. There were just too many of them and they were coming out of nowhere.

Kaiba wasn't doing so well anymore. Right now a guy was punching him over and over again in the stomach.

Another guy came at her, he shoved her against the wall. His hand snaked around her waist, his hand on the small of her back. His other arm was pinning her throat, slightly choking her. She started pulling at his arm with both her hands, but it just wouldn't budge. She wriggled started punching him anywhere, but he just pinned her down harder using his whole body.

"Hurry up and give me the stuff" Her attacker shouted.

What stuff? What was he talking about? A guy came up and put a cloth in the hand that was pinning her throat. He moved his hand up and out it over her mouth and nose. She started thrashing her body. Her eyes going wide. He was sneering at her. She was becoming very dizzy and she couldn't keep her eyes open... it was so hard. The last thing Serenity saw before she passed out was Kaiba drop to his knees...

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