Through It All

Chapter 14: Through It All

A week had passed since he had last seen Serenity in the hospital. He had kept himself busy with work to try and get his mind off of her. It hadn't really helped, even though he had spent the whole night at the office…just working.

Kaiba leant back in his chair, rubbing his eyes. His phone ringing interrupted him, though.


"Kaiba, sir, someone is here to see you."

"I don't have any appointments for this morning."

"Yes, sir."

He put down his phone, wondering why his secretary couldn't do her job correctly.

He got angrier when he heard his office door open, turning in his chair, his voice a low whisper.

"I told you I didn't want to be bothered…" He let the sentence hang in the air when he saw who it was.

"Hello Kaiba." Serenity looked at him uneasily. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have come, I should have known you would have been busy. I just thought I would come see how you were, since school is out…"

"I have a few moments to talk." He got up out of chair and went to stand over by the office window, which offered a view of the whole city. He wanted her to go, but he wanted her to stay even more.

Serenity came to stand next to him and he got a good glimpse of her. She was wearing a white soft looking top, quite elegant, with a denim skirt. Her hair was left flowing.

"Kaiba… I don't mean to be rude, but you look terrible… what happened to you?"


Serenity ran her fingers through her hair, looking out the window. If he could guess, she was probably thinking.

She then turned to him and he could see she was taken aback since he was looking directly at her.

"Do you want to take a short break? Take a walk with me in the park, we can get some coffee on the way."

"I don't…" Serenity cut him off.

"Please Kaiba?"

He sighed, grabbing his trench coat and walking out the office, Serenity followed.

Once they were in the park, both holding a steaming foam cup of fresh coffee, Kaiba turned to Serenity.

"I should go."

"No, Kaiba! Wait!" She looked at him, in her eyes he could see she was hesitant about what she wanted to say.

"Why did you come?" Kaiba asked looking away from her, instead, he looked straight forward.

"Why do you always run away from your feelings?"

They both stood in silence for a couple of moments and Serenity didn't say anything at first; she just walked over to a spot that gave a beautiful view of the lake. She waited until Kaiba was standing next to her.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing…" She didn't look him straight in the eye. Kaiba knew she wasn't telling him the whole truth. He lightly took hold of her chin and turned her face so that she was looking at him.


"I needed to know for sure." Serenity whispered. Kaiba looked down at her, searching her eyes for what she really meant.

"Know what?" Serenity didn't answer; instead, she moved her lips up to meet his. She was fearful of his reaction, but she needed to know for sure that what she was feeling, wasn't just a crush. He didn't do anything at first; she was about to pull away, but stopped herself when she felt his hand on the small of her back, pulling her closer.

He deepened the kiss, letting his tongue slide over her lips and explore her mouth. She put her arms around his neck, bringing herself even closer. Kaiba didn't know what came over him, he just needed her and he needed to touch her. He couldn't stop himself from kissing her back even though a part of him was telling him to stop.

Serenity's fear turned in to joy. She loved the feelings he gave her and how it felt when he kissed her.

They both knew at that moment, that even through it all, they were meant to be with one another. They went through something together, that brought them to a level of closeness that cannot be described. That left them wanting to get to know each other even better. He wanted to protect her and she wanted to be there for him. Deep down they knew in their hearts that what they were experiencing, this moment and these feelings, was love.

She pulled her lips away from his, still holding him. He smirked down at her and she couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. She could tell, by the look in his eyes, that he knew.

The End

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