Title- Broken

Author- Major Claire

Season- future A/U
Category- Angst
Rating- PG13
Spoilers- none

Content Warning- swearing
Disclaimer- don't own them and don't wanna make money out of them so please don't sue me

Authors note: Thanks again to my wonderful beta Colonel Matt (Promotion lol ;)) your great.

Feedback: Apriciated as always


"Mr and Mrs O'Neill?" said the doctor as he walked in to the private waiting room.

"Yes" said Jack nervously, looking up while attempting to comfort Sam.

"I'm sorry but...."

A heart wrenching "Nooooooooooooo" was all Sam could manage.

"Shhhhh honey Shhhhh"

"Yes doctor" said Jack in the detached manner he'd been in since this started.

"Grace died a few minuets ago as we were trying to resuscitate her. We suspect it was a cot death but the coroner will determine that. There was nothing you could do. Would you like to see her now?"

"Yes please"

Slowly Jack rose, helping a distraught Sam to her feet. As he led her to the door he whispered "Come on honey we need to say goodbye"

Walking in to the paediatrics room with Sam was one of the worst moments in Jack's life, on a par with seeing Charlie after he shot himself, all calm and normal, looking as though he was just sleeping.

Sam walked over to the small incubator that held the tiny six month year old baby that was her child and bent down to kiss her tiny forehead.

"Good bye Grace Janet O'Neill you were sunshine in our lives for the short time you were with us" whispered Jack as he took Sam's hand and rubbed it gently, while holding her close and watching the tears run freely down her saddened and broken features.

His Sam, weary, broken and distressed... but yet... still beautiful.

5 days later

Aptly the rain was falling on that fateful April day as the small coffin was lowered slowly in to the ground. Jack was thankful for the rain as it disguised his tears though he knew that Sam felt the small shakes of sorrow that ran through his body.

Standing around Sam and Jack were Janet, Daniel, Cassie, Teal'c and General Hammond. Daniel and Teal'c both in a respectful grey while Cassie wore a plain dark blue dress, as did her mother and General Hammond in his dress blues. The couple had refused to let people wear black, this new age had no time for traditional mourning.

Turning and leaving the grieve couple at the grave of their first and only child, Cassie said to Daniel "will they try for another do you think?"

"Cassie you know they can't, the Str-aiff won't allow it. One child per woman, that's the law." sighed Daniel.

"But surly they would let them, they have to! Considering their firstborn died it wouldn't affect the population!" asked Cassie anger rising in her voice and tears forming in her eyes.

"Cassandra Frasier the Str-aiff are very strict on these matters it is on her record as having one child if is detected to have another she will be imprisoned" said Teal'c.

"....and executed" muttered Daniel under his breath.

Cassie fell silent, knowing how much the two had wanted a child and now their one chance had been taken away.

The Str-aiff kept this fact from the general population though it was well known among those who had had friends arrested.

"Sometimes I wonder if all the Str-aiff have done for us is worth the price we have to pay" said General Hammond.

They continued out of the graveyard, in to their cars and on to the wake at Sam and Jack's house.

end prologue